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2013 Annual Meeting
April 15, 2013

2012 Annual Meeting Minutes
April 16, 2012

Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Office Building
77 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois


Attendees                                                                                                                                    Phone Attendees
Randy Ellingboe                                                                                                                           Bob Smude
Pat Carroll                                                                                                                                    Terry Kirschenman
Jill Jonas                                                                                                                                       Stephanos Habtom
Mike Baker                                                                                                                                  
Dave Cook                                                                                                                                   
Dave McMillan                                                                                                                                          
Carrie Monosmith                                                                                                                     
Brian Noma                                                                                                                                                

1:00 pm – Monday, April 16, 2012





Brian gave a brief background report about his time as a member of the committee and the committee itself and thanked the Managers for allowing their respective Water Committee members to attend the scheduled meetings.  Also, appreciation was given to WI for the use of their Live Meeting software which the committee used at the last meeting to accommodate those who could not attend in person.

This past year the committee worked on finalizing their proposed changes to the Standard.

Two policies were moved to interim standards, they pertained to unattended treatment and Anion Exchange.

Language was clarified about flow meters, methods of measurement, and collector well houses.

There is still formatting to be completed before it can be finalized.

J. Jonas asked specifically how the UV portion of the standards was received by the committee.  B. Noma replied that most members had concerns because of unknowns related to surrogates.

M. Baker made note that Ohio finally had a representative.

J. Jonas noted strong appreciation for the work performed by the committee and by B. Noma as the chair of the committee.

P. Carroll asked what the timeframe was for finalizing the revisions.  B. Noma expects it to be done within 4 weeks as a staff member from Illinois, who is doing most of the formatting, will be leaving at that time.

The next committee meeting will be in Minneapolis/St. Paul in October.

Motion by R. Ellingboe:  Adopt the revisions with the provision that the standards will be finalized and distributed to Board members within 60 days.  If there are no objections the standards will automatically be approved.  Second by J. Jonas.  Passed unanimously.

Note:  P. Carroll will contact Health Education Services to coordinate the timing of the posting of the standards onto the website and to make sure they don’t have a lot of copies of the 2007 edition in stock.


The Committee has been meeting via teleconference for about 90 minutes each month.  Chapters were divided among states as indicated in the report sent previously to the Board. 

Ontario is working on Chapter 90, Nutrient Removal.  The committee expects this portion of the standards to receive extra attention in the future.

The Committee has tried to address Land Application but has determined that it is too difficult

due to regional variability in geography, topography, climate, etc.  Also, these standards are written mostly for municipal wastewater systems.  Many systems that land apply are actually
industrial systems.  There is consensus from the committee that it will not be able to be addressed in these standards other than to say that it is to be addressed by each individual state.

For this revision, seven portions have been reviewed and have been sent back.  Not all have come in with recommended potential changes.  Six portions have not been reviewed yet but it is expected the recommended changes will come in soon.   After all portions have been reviewed and recommendations sent back, the committee will convene to discuss the recommendations and finalize language.  The goal of the committee is to finalize it this year and have it ready for the 2013 Board meeting.  The committee hopes to meet face-to-face but may have to utilize electronic meeting technology.

The Wastewater committee is concerned about not being able to continue to meet face-to-face.  They haven’t done so in quite a while.  The concern is that the group may eventually run out of steam, which raises concerns about future standards.

R. Ellingboe asked if there was a national wastewater standard similar to the national standards for swimming pools.  T. Kirschenman mentioned there were not but many states use something called TR 16, where states use contractors to help write their standards.


No one present to report.  Committee has not been active.  Present standards are from 1980.

Things are happening at a national level.  The current representative from WI is retiring and it has been determined that they will not be able to assign committee work to another person.

                              (See motion in Swimming Pools and Bathing Beaches report)


No one present to report.  Committee has not been active. Present standards are from 1996 and 1990 respectively.

Communications with Paul Sisson, MI, brought up the fact that Pool revisions were presented to the Board in 2007 but were never finalized.  Since that time the US Centers for Disease Control has started and nearly completed the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) for swimming pools.  The MAHC has been developed by 12 technical committees consisting of approximately 150 pool industry professionals and regulators from all over the country.  Ten of the 12 committees have completed their work and these modules have been published or are nearly ready for publication. 

The MAHC consists of design, construction, and operational standards as agreed by each technical committee with the goal of having the science available to justify each standard.  The MAHC also has an Annex for most standards to discuss the science and intent behind each standard.

It is Mr. Sisson’s opinion that all of the content of the draft GLUMRB Pool Standard is now

included in the MAHC.  He recommends that it is no longer necessary to publish the 2007 draft.

Motion by M. Baker:  Officially inactivate the Individual Sewage Systems, Swimming Pools, and Bathing Beaches Committees.  Pull the standards from the website and note that these committees are inactive and have no current standards.  Also, cease distribution of standards by Health Education Services.  Second by D. McMillan.  Passed unanimously.

Recommended providing a link to MAHC codes pertaining to Swimming Pool standards.  MN will
discuss with their Pool representative to verify this is the correct approach.






Bob Smude will send the printed certificates to Pat Carroll for signature.