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Recommended Standards (Ten States Standards)

Wastewater Supply

Swimming Pools

Individual Sewage Systems


2008 Annual Meeting

April 21, 2008


Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Office Building

77 West Jackson Boulevard

Chicago, Illinois

Lake Superior Room (12th floor)





In Chicago: By Phone:


Ian Parrot, Ontario Al Fuchs, New York

Karla Peterson, Minnesota Mike Montisko, New York

Mike Baker, Ohio Dana Aunkst, Pennsylvania

Roy Ney, Iowa Roger Selburg, Illinois

Jim Cleland, Michigan Randy Thorson, Minnesota

Jill Jonas, Wisconsin Terry Kirschenman, Iowa

Pat Carrol, Indiana

Bob Smude, Minnesota


1.       The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by chair Ian Parrott


2.       Attendees introduced themselves.


3.       Current Officers were confirmed as:

    1. Chair Ontario - Ian Parrott
    2. Vice Chair Pennsylvania Dana Aunkst
    3. Secretary Wisconsin Jill Jonas
    4. Treasurer Illinois Roger Selburg


4.       The agenda was reviewed and approved.


5.       Bob Smude asked that all members review the list and submit any changes to him. He will then make sure that the updated information is posted to the web page.



6.       The 2007 minutes were reviewed. There were no comments.


Motion by Mike Baker to approve the 2007 minutes. Second by Pat Carrol. Passed unanimously.



7.       Roger Selburg reported that the Board still has $500 in the treasury.



8.       Committee Reports

  1. Roy Ney presented the Water Supply Committee report.

The Water Supply Committee met in Albany, NY on October 2nd and 3rd, 2007. All members except Michigan and Ohia were present. This was a standard meeting with no revisions taking place this year.


A copy of the revised Standards was submitted to Health Education Services (HES). Copies of the Standard can be obtained from HES for $15.00. Copies of the Standards are also posted on the official 10 State Standard website ( and the State of Indiana website, to name a few.


In regards to the CDC fluoride meetings that were mentioned at the last Board meeting, there has been no activity over the past year.


Ohio is scheduled to host the 2008 Water Supply Committee meeting this coming October but since they do not currently have an active member on the committee Iowa will be hosting it instead. Mike Baker indicated he is having trouble filling the engineering position but indicated he will name someone to the committee even if he does not fill the position by the time of the next meeting.


Motion by Jim Cleland to approve the Water Supply Committee report. Second by Mike Baker. Passed Unanimously.


  1. Randy Thornson presented the Wastewater Committee Report and Terry Kirschenman added information when he joined the call.


The Wastewater Committee met jointly with the Individual Sewage System Committee in 2007. Both groups had low attendance.


Land application had been taken out but most likely will be added back in the next revision.


ISS hopes that the WW committee will address low pressure/small diameter system issues.


Ontario stated that their revised standards are available to all members for comment.


MSA Consultants and Iowa DNR have won an award by the ACEC for small community alternative systems. Minnesota mentioned that a similat effort along with technical guidance manuals and design guidelines was recently completed with the help of MSA.


They hope to meet in Indianapolis in 2008 and start the update of the 2004 edition. It is expected that a biological treatment chapter will be added.


Terry K. expressed the need for New York and Illinois to be present for the meetings as they and was happy to hear that New York plans to attend in 2008.


Ron Bell from Ohio will be retiring and Brian Hall will be the new WW representative. It was noted that Ron was instrumental in moving the standards in to Word.



  1. Individual Sewage Systems (Gary Flentge)


There were no attendees from the ISS Committee. Roger Selburg informed the Board that Gary Flentge is no longer employed with the state. Chad Mormon is the acting chair of the ISS committee.


Concern that a number of the ISS Committee members are not registered engineers. Feel awkward writing design standards. It was felt that the Board members or Wastewater Committee members would have to help by checking and/or approving the standards.


Jim Cleland had a question about thelow pressure systems. The concern is that there will be an increased strength of waste and the use of conventional ISTS system might be an issue to watch.


  1. Swimming Pools and Bathing Beaches (Michael Magnant)


There were no attendees from the Pools and Bathing Beaches Committee and no report was forwarded to the Board.



9.       Other Business

    1. Standards on the internet




10.   Officers for 2009

    1. Chair Pennsylvania Dana Aunkst
    2. Vice Chair Wisconsin Jill Jonas
    3. Secretary Illinois Roger Selburg
    4. Treasurer Illinois Roger Selburg


11.   Certificates of Appreciation


Doug Mandy received his certificate upon is retirement on April 1, 2008. Ron Bell, from Ohio, will be retiring soon and will need a certificate from the Board. Bob Smude will send the template to Ian Parrot for signature. Ian will then send it on to Mike Baker for presentation to Ron.


12.   Other Issues


Announcement from Board to states encourageing particiapation


Use the website send out announcement and keep information updated.


Great Lakes compact. Seem to be overlapping issues. Would 10 State Committees work to address GLC issues?


Efficiency and Conservation should be addressed when Committees make next round of revisions.



13.   Date and Location for 2009 Meeting (April 20 or 27, 2009?)


Which date works for Lee?


14.   Adjourn