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2010 Annual Meeting

April 26, 2010


Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Office Building

77 West Jackson Boulevard

Chicago, Illinois

Lake Superior Room (12th floor)


Attendees:                                                                                            Via Phone:


Mike Baker – Ohio                                                                              Ian Parrott, Ontario

Jill Jonas - Wisconsin                                                                          Jaafari Maher, Missouri          

Wayne Farrand - Iowa                                                                         Roy Ney - Iowa

Jim Cleland – Michigan                                                                       Terry Kirschenman - Iowa

Pat Carroll – Indiana                                                                            Gene Soderbeck - Minnesota

Roger Selburg – Illinois                                                                       Kevin McLeary - Pennsylvania

Jerry Kuhn - Illinois                                                                             Ron Furlan - Pennsylvania

Randy Ellingboe - Minnesota                                                                          



Added Topics:


UV Light & Membrane Filtration – Roger Selburg


Minnesota – Record Minutes & send out to everyone




1.  Review of Membership List

·             Make changes or corrections and send via email to Bob Smude within next two weeks.

·             Retirements: 

A.         Wayne Farrand & Roy Ney (IA); Jennifer Bunton will continue as Iowa water supply representative; Board member will be decided in due time;

B.         Roger Selburg retiring in July; Jerry Kuhn (IL) will fill in thereafter on Board.


2. Review of 2009 Minutes

·     Motion to approve made by Mike Baker, seconded by Roger Selburg, approval unanimous.


3. Financial Report

·     Roger indicated there is currently $470 cash in the fund.  There also are three $10 checks payable to GLUMRB for a total of $500, if the checks counted.  Since there isn’t an account for GLUMRB, cashing the checks will be difficult.

·     Roger says we aren’t in need of these funds, so he suggests donating the money to a worthy cause.

·     Motion by Mike Baker, seconded by Jim Cleland, to dispose of the $30 in checks since they can’t be cashed; passed unanimously.

·     Motion by Mike Baker, seconded by Pat Carroll, to donate the $470 in the water fund to Water for People since there has not been any expenditures since 1985; passed unanimously.  (Roger will write checks & reimburse himself $470)

·     Roger said he will draft a letter to Water for People, write the check, and copy both to GLUMRB Board.


Committee Reports


4. Water Works– Roy Ney

·     Water Supply Committee met in Lansing, MI, on October 14 & 15, 2009.

·     7 of 11 attended

·     Agenda topics – see Committee Report dated April 26, 2010.

·     Next meeting scheduled for mid-October 2010 in Missouri.

·     2007 Edition of standards is being reviewed by committee with chapters split up among members for updating.  Standards are reviewed every five years.

·     2012 Edition first draft will be presented to GLUMRB next year at this meeting, with final drafting to take place between 2011 & 2012 GLUMRB meeting; approval requested at April 2012 GLUMRB meeting.

·     Missing four states that hoped to be able to attend the meeting in October – most states are on travel restrictions.

·     Motion by Cleland, seconded by Carroll to approve Water Works report; passed unanimously.



5. Sewage Works – Terry Kirschenman

·     Wastewater report sent via email on April 21, 2010.

·     Chose last year not to meet because of travel restrictions (normally would meet in November).

·     2009 meeting was to be in Indianapolis.

·     When states can’t travel, it is difficult to make progress.

·     Decided to have phone meetings not lasting longer than 2 hours.

·     Suggestion for future meetings to meet via conference call and watch/do document editing on-line.

·     Email document doesn’t work very well for communicating committee concerns, so phone & WEBEX for document is next best option to meetings.

·     Committee decided no face to face meeting in 2010, only via phone/WEBEX.

·     Jerry Novotny (WI) is very valuable member, but hasn’t been able to attend.

·     Want to get draft of revised standards done next year for approval in 2012; last version in 2004.

·     Chapters assigned one by one to state for work then collectively reviewed after that.  Ron Bell (OH) coordinated getting concurrence on chapter at end, like water supply does.

·     Motion by Roger Selburg, to accept report, seconded by Mike Baker; passed unanimously.



6. Individual Sewage Systems – No participants

·     Delay in committee work because of other work going on with NEHA & National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association on environmental health issues.

·     Roger will check with Chad Moorman as to status of committee work.  Other states should also check on status in their states.  Roger will send status to board members via email, to Terry.

·     Interests in SSTS growing, not decreasing – concerns:  cluster systems, nonpoint problems, industry technology developments, rules.

·     Discussion:  Take small SSTS (e.g., cluster) into Wastewater Committee work?  What is needed?

·     Suggestions:  Each state go back and check on these questions (after GLUMRB hears back from Chad)

a.       How adequate is 10 States Standard for small systems design?  (Small system up to 25 people.

b.      Is an organization filling design standard needs for these systems?

*For CWA folks we meet with on Wednesday do they have a concern over these systems?

c.   Next year discussion for GLUMRB – What is the need for guidance on small systems?

·     Conclusion of Discussion:  Wastewater systems don’t have to do anything new.



7. Swimming Pools & Beaches

·     Hold off on developing guidance document since CDC is doing a guidance document.

·     Consumer Product Safety Commission is asking for inspections on pools after Baker act.



8. Status Report on Publication of New Document for Pools & Status of ISS & Swimming Pools Committees

·     No other business   



9.   Officers for 2011

·     Chair – Roger Selburg will be chair until July, when he’ll pass it on to Vice Chair.

·     Vice Chair – Minnesota – Randy Ellingboe

·     Secretary – Missouri – Jaafari Maher

·     Motion by Roger Selburg, to vacate treasurer position until needed, seconded by Mike Baker; passed unanimously.




11. Certificates of Appreciation for Roger Selburg, Wayne Farrand, Roy Ney, & D.S. Patel

·     Ask Bob Smude to prepare for Chair’s signature.

·     New chair for Water Supply Committee

-   Roy Ney will notify Roger (as Chair) and Bob Smude, of who the new Chair is. 


12. Other Issues


A.         NY had written letter to NSF on contaminated hypochlorite that resulted in a “Do Not Drink” order.  NSF is now working with ASDWA on safeguards to prevent this in the future.  NSF acted on this in December on Standard 60.

                        Bromate and perchlorate can both be contaminants in chlorine products.


B.   UV Light (Roger) – How to measure effectiveness?

·     New bacteriophage being brought in to model inactivation, but not on EPA approved list for modeling.

·     New organisms being brought in as inactivated, but not on EPA list.

·     EPA not dealing with it; states are on their own.

·     The nature of the monitoring is different from other measurements (logic controllers) and can’t measure parameters like turbidity or chlorine residual.

·     A third party reviewer of effectiveness of UV technology will be helpful.

·     Main Concern – Uncertainty of effectiveness; WI – 99.9% (see WS notes).

·     All systems that have to disinfect also have to maintain a residual.

·     UV can add to log removal credits and reduce disinfection by-products, so this is the reason for using it (plus inactivation is instantaneous).

·     Other concerns:  Difficult to review claims of effectiveness relative to equipment used, although there are companies that can assess effectiveness.

·     Some interest in NSF reviewing.


C.   Water Treatment & Monitoring for Single Family Systems Using Surface Waters  

·     Jill will see what she can find out on level used in Wisconsin.

·     Lih-in Rezania (MN) has been working on this information.


D.  Membrane Filtration (Roger)

·     Membranes wearing out early (1 – 2 years instead of 8 -10 years), especially for surface water treatment systems.

·     They are plugging up sometimes because of coagulant being used and had to go back to alum as coagulant.

·     Common design flow – flux rate cut in half in wintertime.

·     Design consideration – use worst case scenario to design flow capacity.

·     Manufacturers may replace membranes and not tell states.


E.   Wayne Farrand (IA)

·     See IA DNR information share sheet.


F.   Mike Baker

·     OH & AWWA approved capacities document, adopting it into rule.

·     Recommended & mandatory planning; maximum day and maximum capacity requirements are on their webpage.



13. Next Meeting

·     April 25 in Chicago is the Boards first choice.  Final date and location will be worked out with R5 staff to coincide with the R5 PWSS State Directors meeting.



14. Adjourned

·     Motion to adjourn made by Wayne Farrand; seconded by Pat Carroll.  Passed unanimously.