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2009 Annual Meeting

April 27, 2009


Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Office Building

77 West Jackson Boulevard

Chicago, Illinois

Lake Superior Room (12th floor)





In Chicago:                                                                           By Phone:


Ian Parrot, Ontario                                                              Dana Aunkst, Pennsylvania

Karla Peterson, Minnesota                                                                Greg Danneffell, Michigan

Mike Baker, Ohio                                                                Rebecca Shugget, Ohio Health

Randy Ellingboe, Minnesota                                             Nathan Johnson, Ohio Health

Jim Cleland, Michigan                                                        Amy Mills, Ohio Health

Jill Jonas, Wisconsin                                                            Terry Kirschenman, Iowa

Pat Carroll, Indiana                                                            Roy Ney, Iowa

Roger Selburg, Illinois                                                         Bob Smude, Minnesota

Chad Mormon, Illinois                                                       Gene Soderbeck, Minnesota PCA


1.      The meeting was called to order at 1:00 by chair Dana Aunkst


2.      Attendees introduced themselves.


3.      Current Officers were confirmed as:

    1. Chair – Pennsylvania – Dana Aunkst
    2. Vice Chair – Wisconsin – Jill Jonas
    3. Secretary – Illinois – Roger Selburg
    4. Treasurer – Illinois – Roger Selburg


4.      The agenda was reviewed.  It was requested to add Leland Neher, Missouri wastewater committee representative, to the list to receive a Certificate of Appreciation.  It was also requested to add general discussion topics about H1N1 preparedness, UV disinfection, and Insituform watermain lining.


MN will provide administrative support for preparing the minutes.



5.      The 2008 minutes were reviewed.  There were no comments.


Motion by Roger Selberg to approve the 2008 minutes.  Second by Jill Jonas.  Passed unanimously.






6.      Review of Membership List


A membership list will be sent out with the minutes.  Corrections will be sent to Bob Smude (MN).  Changes will then be updated on the website.


Chad Mormon (Il) had volunteered the previous year to be the chair of the ISS committee and agreed to continue as such.



7.      Roger Selburg reported that the Board still has $500 in the treasury.



8.      Committee Reports

  1. Roy Ney presented the Water Supply Committee report.


The Water Supply Committee met in Des Moines, Iowa on September 30 - October 1, 2008.  Ohio was scheduled to host the 2008 Water Supply Committee but since they did not have a member on the committee Iowa hosted it instead.    The committee is still looking for a representative from Ohio.  Copies of the report were sent to Board members and handed out as needed.


Roy indicated that he has seen the history of design standards evolve from most states using 10 State Standards, to most states creating their own standards, and now back to most states using 10 State Standards.


The committee is considering moving UV and membrane systems from policy and interim standards to actual standards. WI has studied some UV systems.  Most other states have limited experience in UV technology.  One known issue with UV is trying to figure out how to measure effectiveness.


At last years Board meeting it was asked that the committee examine adding a portion pertaining to energy efficiency and green technology.  Roy indicated that the committee agreed to examine these issues for the next revision.


WI asked that the Water Committee report be amended to indicate that they do not have fees.


Motion by Jill Jonas to accept as corrected the Water Supply Committee report, seconded by Jim Cleland, passed unanimously.


The next meeting is scheduled for October 2009 in Lansing, MI.



  1. Terry Kirschenman presented the Wastewater Committee Report


The Wastewater Committee met in Carmel, Indiana on November 18 – 20, 2008.  Terry indicated that Wisconsin's committee representative remains active but budget reductions restrict travel to within the state and that they have 2 representatives from Indiana.


The committee seems to be in a state of transition with many new members.  They used the past meeting to get to know each other , learn how other states operate, and learn what 10 States and their specific committee is about and what their future goals should be.


Terry recommended that the committee look at developing guidance for land application of wastewater since so many states have their own guidance.  Some possible elements for design standards would be length of storage time needed (120 – 210 days, depending on state), only municipal wastewater, effluent limits (EPA sets criteria for water quality being land applied), etc.


MI indicated they are having trouble with food processors causing release of metals.  WI voiced concern that there are pathogen effluent limits in wastewater land application process but not for septage, manure, or industrial wastes.


The Board suggested that potential ground water contamination issues being considered.  Some R5 states are seeing elevated radium in wastewater sludge due to water treatment system treating to remove radium discharging their waste to the wastewater plant.


Currently the standards and guidance do not deal with biosolids.  This will be examined during this round of revisions.  OH developed a document for land application of biosolids which could be a useful place for the committee to start.


Other issues that were suggested by the Board were water reuse and recharge.  These are difficult subjects to prepare guidance for as the information needed is not necessarily in the technical operations area as it is in the soil types, pumping rates, and human health risks.


The committee assigned chapters to the states for the next revision and set a goal to try to publish an update every 5 years. 


Motion by Jim Cleland to accept the Wastewater committee report, seconded by Jill Jonas, passed unanimously.


The next meeting is scheduled for October 27 – 29, 2009 near Indianapolis, IN



  1. Individual Sewage Systems


Chad Mormon presented the ISS committee report.


The ISS committee did not meet in 2008 but hopes to meet in 2009.  The most recent guide is from 1980.  Most states are working with National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) as they provide a variety of services for its members.  NOWRA has a meeting in Atlanta this year for technical transfer and technical research pertaining to ISS.


The Board indicated it would be a huge process to change and update the language of current 10 states document and wondered if it is worth it if another entity is developing the guidance.


Motion:  Chad Mormon and Board members will check with ISS Committee members to see if there is any interest in continuing with the committee format in GLUMRB.  Chad will make a recommendation to the Board at the next meeting on the future direction of the committee.  The motion was passed unanimously.



  1. Swimming Pools and Bathing Beaches (Michael Magnant)


There were no attendees from the Pools and Bathing Beaches Committee and no report was forwarded to the Board.


Discussion of the Board indicated that they do have a group that has been meeting to revise a guidance document and will have something out in this next couple of years.  This is also confirmed from the 2007 minutes.  Their last document is from 1996.


The Board is wondering if this topic should be a forum of discussion at GLUMRB Board meetings instead of a committee within GLUMRB.  If it is decided to continue the committee we need to contact people within each state.


As an action item, the Board would like a status report from the Pools/Beaches Committee on the publication of new document for the next meeting.



9.      Other Business


Should GLUMRB move toward disassociating with ISS and Pools/Beaches since it seems that standards are being developed elsewhere?   Based on the information from the requested reports from each committee the Board will further discuss whether or not they move toward eliminating the committees at the next Board meeting.



10.  Officers for 2010

    1. Chair – Wisconsin – Jill Jonas
    2. Vice Chair – Illinois – Roger Selburg
    3. Secretary – Indiana – Pat Carroll
    4. Treasurer – Illinois – Roger Selburg



11.  Certificates of Appreciation


Breck Summerford, Water Committee, MO

Leland Neher, Wastewater Committee, MO


Certificates will be sent to Committee Chairs for signature.  The wastewater committee has in the past provided retiring members’ ball caps of the person’s favorite team, signed by committee members, and sent it along with the certificate.  Dana indicated he will look into something similar for the water committee retirees.



12.  Other Issues


    1. H1N1.   Deferred discussion until Thursday as it is on the agenda for the R5 Drinking Water Administrators meeting.
    2. UV disinfection.  How are other states approving this equipment, what are the issues, and what information is needed for proper approval?  IA has none yet but will have one soon.   WI has the most experience with this technology.  In brief, there seems to be no way to monitor effectiveness of UV.  Also, the equipment only has to be operational 95% of the time.  If unit was shutdown 1 ˝ days a month it would still meet operational criteria.  Roy will bring the issue up to the water committee and ask them to take all of this into consideration when designing a UV standard.
    3. Insituform watermain repair.  Now that this product is NSF approved the questions was asked if anyone has had any experience with it.  MN informed the group that they have reviewed and inspected installations in Duluth and Edina and that it seems to have worked fine.  The technology is such that contractors can find the service line takeoffs and valves and cut out the material blocking these areas while also providing an adequate seal. 



13.  Date and Location for 2010 Meeting


Committee Chair and/or administrative support staff will communicate with EPA to determine the date of the next meeting.  Administrative support has found that the date has been set for Monday, April 26, 2010.  The location will be the Metcalf Federal Office Building, Chicago.


14.  Adjourn