Aniracetam Review: Effects, Dosage, Safety & Where To Buy

Nootropics are brain drugs that can enhance cognitive functions and are often seen as miracle workers in the stress of modern life. Aniracetam reviews always seem to conclude that it’s one of the best, safest, and most powerful smart drugs out there.

The what’s the truth about Aniracetam? Is it safe, are the effects worth it, and are there better options out there?  I’m going to answer all those questions for you now in this detailed Aniracetam review.

Plus, I’m going to tell you how to take it, how to create a productive Aniracetam stack, and also where you can buy Aniracetam that is pure, affordable, and reliable.

What Is Aniracetam?

Aniracetam is from a group of synthetic drugs known as racetams. They all have a similar structure, and similar effects in the human brain, but with subtle differences in those effects, and the strength of them, depending on the racetam used.

You may be surprised to know that the mechanism of action is not understood in any racetam. That’s right, a complete class of drugs works in our brains, but because of the complexity of our brains, scientists don’t actually understand how the drugs they have created work.

However, that’s not to say that they have no idea at all, because that would be crazy. But it is important to say that Aniracetam is not licensed in the USA by the FDA, but it is available on prescription in some European countries. So it isn’t unsafe, but it is still not certain entirely how it works, or what the long-term effects of using it are.

Aniracetam side effects

Aniracetam Benefits

If you’re thinking about finding some Aniracetam for sale, then it pays to understand what the effects of Aniracetam are first, so that you fully understand how it works, and what it can do for you, both good, and bad.

Now I’m not going to bore you with a hugely scientific explanation of how Aniracetam works, but to give you the basics, it’s the mechanism of action is as follows, in layman’s terms.

Aniracetam interacts with AMPA receptors and glutamate in the brain.  Aniracetam is a modulator of these excitatory AMPA receptors, which leads to prolonged stimulation and amplifying of their response to glutamate.

In addition, Aniracetam binds to a class of glutamate receptors that increase the effects of glutamate stimulation, meaning that it creates a loop where more glutamate becomes available. Glutamate is the key receptor in the brain that deals with memory and learning.

Aniracetam also increases acetylcholine transmission, which is associated closely with learning, memory formation, and memory recall. It also is linked to quick thinking and quicker transmission between thought and speech.

Overall, the generally positive effects of  Aniracetam are:

  • Can help to improve the symptoms of dementia
  • Can improve mental focus and clarity
  • Can improve sleep patterns
  • Has mild anti-anxiety effects
  • Enhances mood through increased serotonin and dopamine levels
  • May enhance the growth of brain neurons
  • May reverse some traits of an aging brain
  • Can lower feelings of depression and anxiety

Aniracetam review

Now it has to be said, a lot of the science backing up these claims has been done with lab rats. However, the studies relating to improving dementia, with improved cognitive abilities noted, have been carried out on human study groups

And although it was in rats rather than humans, the increase in acetylcholine from within the hippocampus, which is key for many functions, was clearly observed, and evidence pointed to the same potential in humans.

In terms of the key effects a human would want as a smart drug, Aniracetam was found in rats to “…reverse choice performance impairment”, basically meaning it improved their mental focus and clarity.

So although the evidence is slightly sketchy, in terms of how Aniracetam works, and whether observed benefits in animals transfer to humans within the most available scientific studies, the evidence is clear that traits we would want as a smart drug are definitely present.

Aniracetam Dosage Advice

Aniracetam comes as powder or capsules. If you get loose powder then you need to find out where to buy Aniracetam that is pure, and available at a good price in bulk. It’s easy with capsules because you can dose yourself very easily, without weighing it, or worrying so much about what’s in the powder.

Clinical trials on humans have tended to focus on around 1000 mg, up to about 1500 mg per day. In trials we’ve investigated to write this review of Aniracetam, 1500 mg has been the maximum per day for people with cognitive problems, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Interestingly, the half-life of Aniracetam is quite short, around two hours. This means that one dose won’t last all day, which is why most people using it as a nootropic, tend to dose morning and afternoon.

The problem is that hardly any studies have ever been done into the effects, and dosage, of Aniracetam in humans with healthy brains, which is why dosing advice is so difficult.

But with the studies available, you should see 1000 mg as the upper limit, and a great starting point would be closer to 300 mg as a single dose, see how it goes, and around four hours later, add another 300 mg dose.

Aniracetam DosageHow To Take Aniracetam

Taking Aniracetam is pretty straightforward, as it can be a capsule, or powder, both of which are easy to deal with.

Capsules are the easiest format, and powder just needs to be weighed to get the right amount. So I would always recommend capsules over powder if you can find it, because you will need a micro scale to get the right amount of powder.

It’s easily taken with water, although if you are taking the powder, some people find the taste and powdery nature of it quite unpalatable. A good tip is to mix it with something thick and sweet, like fruit juice instead.

However, one thing to take note of, that a lot of Aniracetam reviews fail to mention, is that it is fat-soluble. So it is best taken with a fat source, meaning you should take it on an empty stomach, but then eat fatty food immediately afterward, to aid digestion. Obviously, you could do this the other way around, or at the same time, but absorption will be quicker when initially on an empty stomach.

Aniracetam dosage

Creating An Effective Aniracetam Stack

 To get the most out of smart drugs, many people stack them, meaning they take more than one type alongside each other, to enhance the effects, balance subtly different effects, or create a synergy between two different drugs, or even a group of drugs. This is really common with people utilizing the benefits of racetams, as each can produce slightly different effects.

The first Aniracetam stack is to stack it with a choline source, such as Alpha-GPC. The reason for this is that Aniracetam is cholingeric, which means that choline is required to boost levels of acetylcholine. If this source is deficient, it can lead to headaches.

A far more complex Aniracetam stack involves taking it with other racetams, alongside a choline source, to maximize every aspect of that type of smart drugs effects. An example stack and the dosage is:

  • 1000 mg Piracetam
  • 300 mg Aniracetam
  • 300 mg Oxiracetam
  • 300 mg Alpha GPC

Side Effects Of Aniracetam

As we have just discussed, because Aniracetam requires a choline source, if this is deficient, when it tries to increase levels of acetylcholine and can’t, that deficiency can cause headaches, from mild to severe.

Other common side effects of Aniracetam include anxiety, insomnia, vertigo, diarrhea, and skin rashes.

However, these are mostly observed at high doses, around 1000 mg or more, and most people taking doses below this don’t generally experience much of these side-effects.

But having said that, if you already suffer from anxiety, then you should steer away from using large doses of Aniracetam. Although again, this is at higher doses, and at lower doses, Aniracetam has actually been found to lower anxiety and depression levels.

The other most common side effect is insomnia. But that is mostly due to taking too much, too late in the day. A dose first thing in the morning, taken with a fat source (Aniracetam is fat-soluble), will see it digested rapidly, and working quickly, often within 30 minutes. Then another dose four hours later will mean that you are clear by evening, and more able to avoid insomnia.

Piracetam Vs Aniracetam

Both Piracetam and Aniracetam were developed for the same purpose, to potentially treat people with serious cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. However, none of these drugs have been fully licensed for use under prescription, which is why clear comparisons between them are always anecdotal.

Piracetam has a longer half-life but is not as potent as Aniracetam which finds it easier to break through the blood-brain barrier.

Many people say they can “feel” Aniracetam, where they can’t so quickly, or intensely with Piracetam. This is partly due to it being faster acting and the fact that it is more potent.

Finally, Aniracetam is linked to reducing anxiety and improving mood. So alongside both increasing focus and memory benefits, Aniracetam can also slightly lift the mood and reduce anxiety.

Piracetam Vs Aniracetam

Oxiracetam Vs Aniracetam

There’s not a lot to choose from when it comes to a straight-up fight between Oxiracetam Vs Aniracetam. They are both newer, and more potent developments of Piracetam, and although they share some of the same characteristics, they are also more beneficial.

Both improve mood, as well as cognitive performance. There is also some evidence that both of these can repair neurological damage, helping to reverse memory loss.

However, some people using Oxiracetam report a more improved attention and concentration span, than when they are using Aniracetam. But, conversely, more people using Aniracetam report better mood. This is why many people stack Aniracetam and Oxiracetam with a choline source, to create a more rounded nootropic experience. For more info on Oxiracetam, check my review here.

Where To Buy Aniracetam

where to buy AniracetamIf you’re looking to buy any type of racetam or supporting choline supplements, then there are two places that I have found are brilliant to buy from. In fact, they are brilliant for buying any type of nootropics.

Both have free postage in the USA, money-back guarantees, both of them have discounts on combination packs, and the pricing is just superb.

The first place is In terms of Aniracetam, they sell it in powder form. So if you’re looking for Aniracetam for sale, it’s a brilliant place to start, no matter which format you want.

50 grams of aniracetam powder will cost you $19.99.

I’d actually advocate cutting those capsules in half, and taking them morning and afternoon, as we talked about earlier, especially if you are a beginner.

The second trusted source when it comes to finding where to buy Aniracetam, is the smart drug superstore, Absorb Health.

They sell every type of racetam, in fact, every type of everything smart drug, to be honest. Specifically talking about Aniracetam, they sell 100 capsules, each of 750 mg, for $27.99. So it’s slightly more expensive than the other trusted retailer, but it depends on what else you want to order, where you are, and your perception of trust.

Aniracetam Review: Conclusion

So the bottom line, in line with most Aniracetam reviews, is that there is not a lot of clinical evidence out there the relates to human study groups. However, where they do exist, and with rats, they point to immediate, and longer-term cognitive benefits.

You might find it’s better to create your own Aniracetam stack, particularly using a choline supplement, to ensure you ward off headaches and maximize the production capacity you’ll need.

Plus, when we are talking about where to buy Aniracetam, it’s affordable. In common with all racetams, you can get a couple of months supply for around $30, often less.

I wouldn’t advocate you take them over a couple of months though, as you should have more days a week not using smart drugs than using them if you are sensible. The benefits seem to be worth the potential side-effects though, and they are definitely worth exploring.

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