Aromasin PCT: How To Use, Dosage & Where To Buy Aromasin Online

Some people are surprised when they realize the most widely used PCT (Post cycle therapy) options out there are not specifically designed for that purpose at all. Aromasin is one of those PCT options so why are Aromasin PCT supplements so widely used if it’s non-specialist?

Well, let’s dig into the details right now by telling you everything you need to know about using Aromasin as post cycle therapy, including dosage, side effects, and why Aromasin for gyno works scientifically.

Plus, I’ll tell you where I buy SARMs, and also where you can get your hands on 100% pure Aromasin PCT that’s guaranteed quality, and available post free.

Using Aromasin For Gyno

Let’s look at why using Aromasin for relieving gyno symptoms is an option so many bodybuilders using SARMs (and some using steroids) take.

Aromasin is what is known as an aromatase inhibitor. It contains an active ingredient called exemestane. This ingredient works in the body by inhibiting the production of aromatase, which is the hormone in the body responsible for producing estrogen

What makes Aromasin so good is that it doesn’t fight against estrogen once it’s been produced, by blocking its interaction in the thyroid gland, instead it actively stops its production in the first place.

In fact, at higher doses, it can completely cut off the production of estrogen, not just lower it. On top of that, Aromasin is thought to help elevate the production of the growth hormone in the body IGF-1. Because the main growth hormone we produce is central to muscle development and repair, it makes Aromasin a potential double win.

So how does all that make Aromasin good for gyno?

Well, the lowering of estrogen production means that gyno symptoms are less likely to appear. Gyno symptoms include the development of breast tissue, shrunken testicles, lower sperm count, mood swings, basically lots of different symptoms related to depressed testosterone and elevated estrogen levels.

So using Aromasin after a cycle of SARMs, or even using Aromasin on cycle, can really help to minimize the chances of developing “man breasts”, something which cannot be removed without surgical intervention once they have developed.

Using Aromasin During PCT

Aromasin PCT instructions for use are really straightforward. You can buy Aromasin in pill form, with almost the exact dose I would recommend for each pill.

So it’s really easy to use. Also, the Aromasin PCT half life is long, meaning you only have to dose once per day. I dose first thing in the morning before I go to work, and have never had any problems, not even any side effects.

The only thing I would say here is to watch out for testosterone suppression symptoms during your cycle because then you might have to use Aromasin on cycle. So when you buy your SARMs, make sure you buy Aromasin online at the same time, so you have it ready for the start of your cycle.

All I would say is that significant gyno symptoms during a cycle are pointing towards the SARMs stack, or whatever you are using, being very strong. I’m not going to talk about anabolic steroids because I don’t advocate using them, but in terms of SARMs, a strong dose or stack could bring on strong testosterone suppression, and it’s something to watch out for.

So you could use Aromasin on cycle, but an alternative but I would suggest is to always lower the dose of SARMs, or end the cycle slightly early if you are showing signs of testosterone suppression.

Aromasin Dosage

Most people using Aromasin as a post cycle therapy dose at 12.5 mg per day. That’s why most pills you can buy are that exact dose.

However, if you have taken a high dose of SARMs, or have stacked them to create a high unified dose, then you might need to initially use more than 12.5 mg per day. If I’m feeling suppressive symptoms (low sex drive, low semen volume, fatigue, mood swings, stuff like that) then I will dose higher at the start of post cycle therapy.

For me, I usually do around a month of PCT. If I’m using Aromasin PCT, I will just dose at 12.5 mg per day, unless I’m feeling suppressed, in which case I will dose at 25 mg for at least the first week.

Aromasin Vs Arimidex

I really briefly want to talk about Aromasin Vs Arimidex, another estrogen blocking supplement. It works in exactly the same way as Aromasin, by blocking estrogen production. However, it does it in a slightly different way.

So there’s not really much of a difference between the two, so it could come down to personal choice. However, I’ve never used Arimidex because I’ve read quite a lot of people saying that a more prominent side effect was tiredness, which for me made it a no-go.

Aromasin Side Effects To Watch out For

There aren’t many Aromasin side effects to worry about, and certainly, the side effects are nothing compared to the potential side effects of not doing a course of post cycle therapy.

As long as you find pure Aromasin for sale, you shouldn’t have any problems. But as is common with most supplements and medications, there are a few minor side effects you could suffer from.

But these are only things like nausea, muscle pain, headaches, and blurred vision. Plus, they don’t occur in everyone, and usually, only occur at higher doses.

Aromasin side effectsWhere To Find Aromasin PCT For Sale

So look guys, Aromasin is pretty safe, considering a trade-off between the side effects, and the benefits of quickly recovering from testosterone suppression. Just make sure you start it early if you get suppressive signs.

In terms of where to buy Aromasin online, Swiss Chems is a brilliant place to get hold of it.

I buy my SARMs from Swiss Chems, and it’s brilliant that you can benefit from the post-free deal they have and get your Aromasin PCT there as well at the same time. I’d always advise you have it to hand before you start a cycle of SARMs, just in case you have to start it on cycle.

Swiss Chems are USA-based, and sell Aromasin in capsule form. Each pill is 12.5 mg, the perfect dose, and you’ll get 100 tablets for just over $100. That means you can usually complete post cycle therapy twice with one purchase.


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