Best Kratom Capsules

If you can find the best kratom capsules, then they are going to be better than loose powder every single time. I’m a great advocate of using capsules, especially if you’re a beginner, and that’s what this guide to finding the best kratom capsules is really about.

People get put off the wonders of kratom because of the taste and the fact they have to mess around with loose powder. Yes, there are ways around this, but nothing beats the convenience of kratom capsules.

So in this kratom capsules review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know. Dosage, storage, whether you can make them yourself, and the key reasons where I buy the best kratom capsules possible to enhance my kratom experience, so you can as well.

Why Kratom Capsules Are Best

Let’s talk you through what happens when you use loose kratom powder. First, you have to find and buy a pouch of kratom powder that’s pure, that is great quality. You then have to keep it in great condition until you need it, and once it’s open continue to do so.

Each time, have to measure out the exact quantity you want. If you’ve got pure powder, then this needs to be precise, so you’ll need a micro scale to measure out the exact number of whole part grams you want to take.

You then have to carefully tip that powder into a drink, or into your mouth, either via wrapping up in something, or pouring the kratom powder into  something first.

You then have to deal with that loose powder in your mouth and throat. Even in a thick fruit juice or milkshake, you can’t quite get rid of the bitter taste and powdery sensation. It’s enough to make some people wretch and vomit, putting them off kratom for good.

Now imagine taking some pills. Those little plastic capsules. It’s easy, isn’t it? You just pop them in your mouth one at a time and swallow them easily with water. So imagine being able to take kratom that easily.

But that’s not where the benefits end:

  • Kratom capsules allow an exact dose
  • kratom in capsules is tasteless and odorless
  • The quality of kratom is preserved for longer
  • The dose hits your stomach in one go
  • You can top up your dose through the day
  • Kratom capsules are more discreet
  • Kratom capsules are the ultimate inconvenience

Now look, on the downside, the best kratom capsules will cost more than the best kratom powder. If you can find really high-quality kratom capsules for sale, then they will be significantly more expensive than loose powder.

Look at the list of benefits of kratom capsules I’ve listed above. Especially if you’re looking to administer kratom capsules dosage first time, then you need all the help you can get. Loose powder is atrocious to deal with, so just being able to use those little convenient capsules is a godsend, I can promise you from experience it’s not pleasant.

best quality kratomMaking Kratom Capsules Is Horrible!

 Now a lot of people think that they can cut corners by making their own kratom capsules. Surely it can’t be that hard?

Let’s go through the process:

  • You have to buy the capsules, and they have to be good enough quality to fit together perfectly.
  • You have to buy a micro scale to weigh the kratom with. These aren’t expensive, but you do need an accurate one.
  • You have to buy pure kratom that is a fine powder to fit in the capsules.
  • You have to buy a small machine to push the capsules together, unless you want to enter a world of madness by trying to push the two halves together by hand.
  • For each capsule you have to exactly weigh the loose kratom, somehow pour it all into both halves of the capsule, put it in the machine, and then push the two halves together.

Now I can tell you that process is going to drive you insane. It will take you an hour to do a single dose. What’s the point, when for just a few dollars extra you can get high-quality kratom in capsules, that is been produced using industrial machinery and is operated by professionals?

Kratom Capsules Dosage First Time

Now the problem with telling a beginner the exact kratom capsules dosage first time to use is that every type of kratom, every person, is different.

I can tell you to take eight capsules of White Borneo kratom and you might have a brilliant experience. But you might also feel nothing. It will depend on the following circumstances:

  • How many capsules you take
  • The type of kratom (white/red/green, and the strain)
  • Your mental health
  • Your physical health
  • Whether you are tired
  • Your stomach needs to be empty rather than full
  • Metabolism and exercise
  • Method of administration

So I can’t tell you, nobody can tell you, to take X capsules for Y affect. It’s simply not possible. All I can do is talk to you about the rough amount of capsules you should take, assuming that they are 500 mg capsules and 100% pure kratom:

  • Low dose is usually up to 3 g of kratom, so six capsules
  • Moderate dose is usually up to 5 g of kratom, so 10 capsules
  • High dose of kratom is usually around 8 g, so 16 capsules
  • Very high/overwhelming dose is anything over about 10 g, so 20 capsules

In terms of the strategy for your first-time kratom capsules dosage, I would stick to a low dose of up to 6 capsules. If you got 100% pure kratom, I’d actually start with four capsules initially, especially if you are a complete beginner with kratom.

Then I would work up a couple of capsules each time, so you start to feel the different effects on the spectrum of the type of kratom capsules you’ve got.

I wouldn’t dose kratom more than 2-3 times a week if possible, and certainly not do anything other than a low dose every day if you are going to do that.

With capsules, you can also take kratom a different way. With powder, it’s tough to take an ongoing dose through the day. With capsules, you can take a couple of capsules at a time. So you could dose 6 g, but do it at different times through the day, just giving yourself a little physical and cognitive boost, or relax you a bit, when you need it.

Increasing The Dose Of Kratom Capsules

 So you have experienced your kratom capsules dosage for the first time, and now you’re looking at experimenting more with the dose of kratom capsules.

As I’ve already said, it’s about dosing up a bit of time, so you can feel the effects at each level. That way you’ll understand exactly when kratom kicks in for you, and how it progressively feels up to a very strong dose.

It’s all about finding where an overwhelming dose starts to kick in. Let’s say you are trying red kratom, say Red Borneo kratom capsules. Around the 6-8 gram mark, so up to 16 capsules, you should start to feel the effects become very strong, strong relaxation, pain relief, and an increasing desire to chill out and to feel increasingly sedated.

At some stage, you’re going to feel a huge rush from the dose of kratom you take. Whether it’s red, white, green or yellow you will experience what is known as a kratom high. If it’s red, it will be like an opiate experience, an initial rush of energy, joy, happiness, followed by a journey into a detached, pain-free state.

If it’s white, and even green, then it’s more likely to be an uncontrollable physical and mental journey of happiness, energy, enthusiasm, and not being able to sit still.

Once you hit that level, you’ll know you have hit the peak kratom capsules dosage, and you can then understand the full spectrum, and have complete control over how you dose kratom through capsules and understanding.

Best kratom capsulesStoring Kratom Capsules

It is easier to store kratom capsules than loose powder because you are getting a plastic container to store them in when you buy them, plus the capsule itself is an airtight medicine container as well.

But that doesn’t mean you can be complacent, they can still spoil if you aren’t careful. To keep kratom capsules fresh, just make sure you buy them from a reputable seller who always has fresh stock, and then makes sure you store them carefully yourself.

Keep them out of direct sunlight, away from UV light. Also make sure they are not kept too warm, or too cold. Storing them somewhere with low humidity will also help.

Where To Find The Best Kratom Capsules For Sale

It may surprise you to know that very few of the best kratom vendors out there actually sell kratom capsules.

Some sell a few types, usually the most popular strains of kratom. Things like Green Malay, White Borneo, or whatever strains they have time to pack in capsules themselves, or buy from a specialist producer.

Which narrows things down considerably, because you’re looking for a kratom vendor who not only sells 100% pure kratom that has lab reports to prove it, but who also sells the same in kratom capsules.

It’s taken me a long time to narrow it down to a couple of places where I know I can buy 100% pure kratom powder, and also exactly the same pure kratom powder in capsules.

So I’m going to finish this guide to the best kratom capsules by doing a kratom capsules review. Or rather a pair of reviews, of the only two places I found that sell a wide range of kratom capsules that are 100% pure, lab-tested with certificates of purity publish and backed up by 100% moneyback guarantee.

Kratom Capsules Review: Recommended Sellers

 So in no particular order, I want to tell you about the best kratom capsules you can buy, which for me are available from the following two trusted USA-based kratom retailers.

  1. PurKratom

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive range of kratom capsules around, then I haven’t found a greater one than the PurKratom range. I can only imagine they have an army of elves who spend their entire lives putting together kratom capsules in a warehouse somewhere.

The range consists of 21 different types of kratom in capsule form. You are playing a premium for this because they are more expensive than the high-quality loose powder that PurKratom also sell, but as you now know, you’re getting the ultimate in convenience, and you are not having to deal with unsociable kratom powder.

For me, their Red Malay kratom is brilliant. You can also get Green Malay which is slightly more energizing, but Red Malay gives you a wonderfully pure red experience. It’s exactly the same with loose powder or capsules, but for me, it alleviates pain, chills me out, but still allows me the ability to stay focused.

They also do a capsule variety pack. Which allows you to choose white, green, and red kratom strains, and buy them as a triple pack purchase at a discounted rate. This is great for testing the whole spectrum of kratom at a slightly lower price.

PurKratom doesn’t charge shipping within the USA, so you’ll save even more money. They also have verified lab reports to demonstrate the purity of the kratom they sell, plus they have a 100% moneyback guarantee. So you simply cannot go wrong with the best kratom capsules for sale from these guys.

kratom capsule reviews

  1. Kratom Capsules

If a website called didn’t sell capsules of kratom you’d probably be astounded, and thankfully that’s not the case. Kratom Capsules sell the highest quality of kratom capsules.

But don’t be fooled by the name, they also sell loose kratom powder. So just like PurKratom, you can get 100% pure kratom in capsule and loose powder form from these guys as well.

I’ll draw your attention to the Yellow Vietnam kratom capsules. Yellow strains of kratom are also known as gold kratom and are rarer than any of the other strains to buy. They are a bit like a green, but often a little more towards a red because of the way they are dried after harvesting.

Getting Vietnam kratom is also rare because most kratom comes from Indonesia and Malaysia. So this was a great find for me. The fact it was in capsule form is even better. I wasn’t disappointed, it’s strong, pure, and a very different experience. If you’re going to try capsules, and you’ve already tried red, green and white, I’d strongly recommend you give Yellow Vietnam capsules a try, because you’ll notice an interesting variance in the effects. backup all their sales 100% moneyback guarantee, you can see lab reports on the website, and on request, plus you’ll get free shipping in the USA.

So both of these companies will sell you the very best kratom capsules you’ll find anywhere. I don’t bother looking around anymore because I know I can always find fantastic quality kratom capsules for sale from both of these, with fast delivery and free shipping, which takes all the effort out of purchasing kratom now for me.

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