What Are The Best Kratom Strains For Anxiety And Depression?

The best kratom for anxiety is obviously the one that works for you. And that’s the point right at the start here, using kratom for anything is quite personal, the strain, the dose, the vein color will be different depending on who you are, and why you are using kratom.

So in this quick guide to finding the best strain for anxiety, we’re going to look at using kratom for anxiety, especially things like social anxiety, and also using it for depression. We will discuss the recommended dosage, how many times a week to dose, and discuss the best types of kratom for depression and anxiety.

I’ll also tell you exactly where I buy my 100% pure kratom from, so at least you have a good starting point for beginning to experiment with using kratom.

Using  Kratom For Anxiety

 Now if you are suffering from anxiety then you’ll understand how it feels. I’ve obviously felt anxious, but I’ve never actually suffered from anxiety. I have suffered from depression and used kratom to alleviate the symptoms, so I’ll talk a bit more about that later.

But in terms of using kratom for anxiety, and defining which kratom is best for anxiety, you have to look at what the symptoms of anxiety are, and how you can dampen them down.

If you’re anxious, you’ll know that even drinking coffee can make you more anxious, you’ll become jittery and it will increase your symptoms. So you’re looking for something that calms you down, not that increases your brain’s ability to produce anxiety.

That’s why white kratom is out of the door. That’s like massive caffeine hit. Green kratom can be the same but tends to be more calming. So we are really looking at red kratom, and some strains of green kratom as the best kratom for anxiety.

Red kratom strainsUsing Kratom For Social Anxiety

A lot of people use kratom for anxiety, especially using kratom for social anxiety. The good news is that you don’t need a huge dose to calm your nerves.

Let’s say you’ve got a night out coming up. You’ve got bad social anxiety and usually, you would duck out, or leave early, or stand there sweating, or stumbling over your words, or just being quiet and standing on the edge.

I have a couple of friends, one male, one female, who have suffered from social anxiety badly. I recommended kratom to them. I said to be careful, I recommended they only get pure kratom, and I suggested just a couple of grams of red kratom.

The strains they used were Red Thai, and I think Sally used Red Borneo initially. They both agreed to just take a couple of grams before they went out on social occasions and see how they felt. And they both said the difference was huge. The social anxiety vanished, they were talkative, calm, not sweating, and just had a good time.

Which Is The Best Kratom For Anxiety?

But look, as I said, the best kratom for anxiety is personal. Red kratom is the best, and any of these strains will really help with calming anxiety:

  • Red Thai
  • Red Indo
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Horn kratom
  • Red Malay

But the best kratom for anxiety is definitely not going to be the following:

  1. Red Maeng Da is often too energizing because it’s strong and sometimes contains white kratom mixed in. It might be okay, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it as your starting kratom to experiment with is the best kratom for anxiety, because you might find it increases it.
  2. No white kratom will help unless you take a massive dose that starts to sedate you which is not recommended.
  3. Most green kratom is too energizing as well. However, at a higher dose green kratom can have enough calming and sedation in it to help, and it can leave you lucid enough to function.

The Green kratom I would recommend though is Green Malay, which generally is very calming, more than most green strains, but unless you have a high dose will still keep you sharp and focused, both mentally and physically.

Using Kratom For Depression

Now you may have already worked out that using kratom for depression is going to be pretty much the opposite of using it for anxiety.

Whereas white kratom can trigger an increase in feelings of anxiety, depression requires you to be pulled out of that funk, both mentally and physically. I’m not talking about you going nuts here, but the delivery of mental and physical energy, alongside feelings of calmness and positivity can really help.

So if you want to use kratom for depression, then the best kratom for depression is going to be a white kratom or a green kratom.

I would actually recommend starting with green kratom because it’s less potent and you get more of the calming, stress-relieving side of things. Then progress onto a small dose of white kratom because that will give you a real energy boost, both mentally and physically.

Best Kratom Strains For Depression

In terms of the best kratom for depression, as I said, they will be the opposite for anxiety, they will mostly be whites and greens:

  • Any white strain
  • I wouldn’t recommend White Maeng Da initially
  • Any green strain
  • Lower doses of white and green are better

You may have already guessed I use Green Malay to lift me out of depression. I also sometimes use small quantities of White Malay, and also White Thai can be a very pure white that really lifts you, but you have to watch out for the jitters which can unsettle you at higher doses.

Kratom Dosage For Anxiety And Depression

Now for me, and on the evidence of my friends, using kratom for depression, using kratom for social anxiety, or for any other type of anxiety, is all about keeping the dose low. A massive hit will send you into orbit or crashing down into a detached bliss. Not what you want when you need to function.

I’d also recommend you top up the dose, so we are talking about keeping the dose low, and when the effects start to wear off, if you still need to raise your mood, or dampen down your social anxiety, then you can take a little more.

For me, that means a dose of a couple of grams of pure kratom. If you’re really anxious or depressed, maybe 3-4 grams, but I really wouldn’t go higher than that. In fact, initially as a beginner, I would suggest you only try a single gram see what effect it has, as kratom can be very different on you as an individual, and wildly different depending on the type you take.

I’d also recommend that you don’t dose kratom every day for anxiety or depression. Only take it when you really need it, and I mean really needed, to avoid tolerance and dependency problems. Maybe a couple of times a week when you have something important happening.

If you’re really depressed and you want to drag yourself out of the doldrums it’s tempting to take a large dose, and send yourself into a happy orbit, and fill yourself mental and physical energy. The problem is that when you start coming back down to earth, the crash could send you lower. It’s much better to take a small and steady dose to raise things just enough.

And it’s the same with anxiety. You don’t want to dampen things down so much that you’re just laying around in a blissful state not achieving anything. Just enough to feel calm and yet still be really focused and energized will be enough, and I’m telling you that 2-4 grams of pure red kratom will definitely do that.

Where To Buy 100% Pure & Reliable Kratom

 So look, the only way to find the best kratom for anxiety is to experiment because it’s a personal thing. It’s the same with using kratom for depression.

So I can’t really say which kratom is best for anxiety, or for depression, but I hope I’ve pointed you in the right direction in terms of the strains to use and the doses to start your journey with.

In terms of buying kratom for anxiety, I’d suggest you look at the best kratom retailer in the USA, Coastline Kratom.

For anxiety, I’d strongly recommend their Red Bali, which is a really smooth and pure-feeling red kratom. Alternatively, if you’d like a little more energy and a little less potency, then Green Malay is a green strain has the ability to calm you down a lot, but still keep you energized and focused.

Coastline Kratom only sells 100% pure kratom, which is perfect for using in small doses for things like anxiety and depression.

They sell all the main strains, and they sell variety packs. You’ll also be able to view lab reports to show the purity of each batch and a full moneyback guarantee.

Even better, Coastline Kratom offers free shipping on any order value anywhere in the continental USA, which makes them really low risk, guaranteed, way of experimenting with finding the best kratom for anxiety for your personal situation.

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