Best Kratom For Energy And Euphoria: Dosages, Recommended Strains And Vendors

Kratom is all about energy and mood, but finding the best kratom for energy and mood can actually be very frustrating. That’s because it’s a very personal thing, and a huge amount will depend on the type of kratom you choose, and even more importantly, its purity.

In this quick guide to finding the right kratom for energy and mood boost, I’m going to talk about everything you will need to know. I’m going to talk about using kratom for euphoria, energy, and yes, also getting high.

Now I don’t mean “getting high” in a negative way, I’m talking about the different types of highs you can experience, what they are similar to, and whether they are good or bad experiences that you should try, and could potentially benefit from.

Plus, I’ll talk you through my personal experiences with using kratom for energy and mood, telling you the types of kratom I use for euphoria, for an opiate-like experience, for getting things done, for chilling out, all of it. I’ll also tell you where to buy them, and the exact kratom strains I buy myself.

How Kratom Effects Energy And Mood

All kratom affects energy and mood, because it produces a spectrum range of effects, depending on the type and dose.

But broadly, kratom effects energy and mood in the following ways:

  1. White kratom is energizing. You will get a boost in physical and mental energy. You’ll feel on top of the world, you’ll feel happy, you’ll feel sharpened focus. At higher doses, you’ll feel an energetic euphoria, a delirious high that can also tip into having aspects of analgesia and sedation. You won’t want to sit down, you’ll feel calm, but you won’t be very chilled out, you’ll be up for anything.
  2. Green kratom is great for energy and mood. In fact, if you want balance, green is the best kratom for energy and mood, because it’s so balanced. You’ll have energy and focus, but you’ll also feel calm and chilled out. It’s not as potent as white for gripping you with physical and mental energy, and it’s not as potent as red either.
  3. Red kratom at lower doses can still produce energy and focus, but you’ll feel chilled out and calm. As the dose increases you’ll be more and more overcome with a huge feeling of being chilled out, sedated, pain-free. If you get high on red kratom, it will feel a bit like an opiate narcotic or an opiate-based medication strong dose, but without the associated high risk of addiction. Red kratom is also brilliant for pain relief, numbing you completely, which is also like an opiate.

Red kratom strainsDefine The Type Of Energy Or Mood You Want

So the first step to finding the best kratom for energy and mood is to actually define the energy and mood that you want to achieve. That may sound silly, but it’s not the same for everyone.

Some people want to feel highly energized physically, and mentally. Others just want to keep sharpness but feel really chilled out, while some people prefer to be mentally sharp but without the physical energy boost that can be uncontrollable.

In terms of the mood you want to produce, do you want to feel chilled, ecstatic, full of enthusiasm and confidence, detached, even dumbed down the whole spectrum of mood can be achieved using white, green, or red kratom?

So what do you want to achieve? Physical energy, emotional energy, or both? In terms of mood, do you want to feel ecstatic and happy to the point of excitement, or more chilled out, or even completely blissed out and attached?

By defining exactly what you want, you can more easily define the best kratom for your needs.

Which Kratom Is Best For Energy Boosts?

 So in terms of producing energy, to the point a euphoric high, we are talking about white kratom, and up to a certain extent, green kratom as well.

If you’re looking for a pure hit of explosive physical energy and a strong cognitive boost, then white kratom is the way to go. Especially if you’re not bothered about feeling chilled out, or calm, although white kratom does have the ability to do this in a minor way, depending on the strain and dose.

Now I don’t just want to be generic here, so I will tell you about which kratom is best for energy from my own personal experience.

For me, the four best kratom strains for energy are:

  • Green Malay (and White Malay)
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Thai
  • White vein Bali

I’ll talk about my experience with Green Malay first. Green Malay is a classic green, in that its balanced, you’ll get energy both mentally and physically, feel huge positivity, a real uplift in everything. But it will also have aspects of pain relief, calmness, and just feeling really chilled out at higher doses.

So it’s a great, balanced strain of kratom and definitely for me, one of the best kratom strains for energy and mood. I find it especially good because of the balance. 3-4 grams gives me of mental and physical boost, improves my mood, but also keeps be nicely chilled out, slightly afloat, slightly detached, but not in a negative way.

For the whites, White Thai and White Bali are both similar. Although white Thai is the closest to an energetic opiate experience that I’ve had.

White Maeng Da can also be good, as long as the blend is strong. Maeng Da isn’t actually a strain of kratom, it’s just a marketing term. It just basically means strong kratom. What tends to happen is that strong white kratom is mixed with a bit of red, and vice versa.

So White Maeng Da will tend to be uplifting and energizing, but with a stronger sense of calm and detachment because of the red kratom kicking in as well. For me, and for you, it could be great, but it might be too strong, or unbalanced for your purposes, but you will have to try different companies  White Maeng Da to find out.

But generally, a few grams of white kratom, or some green strains like Green Malay, will give you a significant boost in energy. I’m talking about a real enhancement of your physical abilities, and your minds ability to think clearly and quickly. At higher doses white kratom especially can be a nootropic.

Which kratom is the best for energyThe Best Kratom To Change Your Mood

Now as I said earlier, the best kratom for mood is going to be dependent on the type of mood you want to achieve.

If you want to really chill out, take away any stress, and to have the smoothest, calmest, mood going, to the point of really not caring, then red kratom is the way to go.

If you want your mood to be full of energy, positivity, to be sharp, witty, hilarious, on the ball, surprisingly people with your ability to think clearly and speak clearly, then white kratom is the way to go.

And if you want to achieve a better balance, then Green kratom is the way to go. Malay, Borneo, any green strain will give you a pretty good balance between a positive boost in mood, but also retaining a deep-down sense of absolute calm.

If I want to change my mood down, to chill out, listen to music, let my cares wash away, then I go for a classic opiate-like red, something like Bali or Thai. A good dose, 4-6 grams, will be more than enough to wash away for a handful of hours with.

If you want to change your mood up, then the same of White Bali or Thai will work, or White Borneo, something like that. Just be careful with the dose so you don’t come across as a bit manic.

Green Indo, Malay, and Kali are also good for lifting your mood, but giving you slightly more of the chilled out vibe than you will with a pure white.

Which Is The Best Kratom For Euphoria?

Let’s be clear about what we are talking about when we are discussing the most euphoric kratom, so we can clearly define what the best kratom for euphoria is.

The most euphoric kratom will depend on what you mean by euphoria. Does it just mean really happy and stress-free, or do you mean high?

If you mean high, do you mean off your face in euphoric, dancing, almost like ecstasy, out-of-control positivity? Or, do you mean chilled out, detached, sinking through the floor feeling, more in line with opiate-like heroin?

So let’s talk about the different types of euphoria, the different highs, what they feel like, and the types of kratom you can use.

  1. The uplifting euphoric high

Let’s be clear, we are talking about feeling like you’re taking ecstasy, MDMA here. You’ll be chatty, focused, you’ll feel lucid, alive. Then you’ll also feel slightly floaty, slightly dreamy, you’ll have a chilled edge, you won’t have a care in the world.

For me, Green Malay is great for this. Although it’s green which is usually not as strong as white or red, green Malay is one of the most popular strains on the market because of its flexibility. I’m telling you, that a large dose of Green Malay will give you a warm, strong euphoric high, floaty, delicious happiness that is balanced by a feeling of deep calm and analgesia.

For a more pure euphoric high, something much more energetic, then a white like White Maeng Da, White Bali, or White Kali can be brilliant for producing pure energy, mentally and physically, with an out-of-control, infectious, enthusiasm, and positivity. However, at higher doses White will still start to slip towards pain relief and analgesia, just like green and red, it just does it less due to its alkaloid profile.

In terms of achieving that uplifting, euphoric high with white or green kratom, you going to have to take a high dose. Usually, even with pure, fresh kratom, you’re looking at a dose of 8 grams or more, some people take 10-12 grams to achieve that euphoria.

most euphoric kratom

  1. The chilled-out euphoric high

This is high at the other end of the spectrum, where you’re chilled out, sitting around feeling like you’re sinking through the furniture. You feel you are talking lucidly but you’re not really sure if you’re making sense, where everything just feels great, and you don’t really want to do anything.

For that sort of mood, the best kratom for euphoria is going to be a red kratom. Probably not Red Maeng Da, as that often laced with white kratom, and will be too energizing You’re looking for a really classic red, which could be Bali, Borneo, Indo, or Horned.

Red Malay also gives a deliciously deep, warm euphoria, but sometimes with a little more energy just like it’s a green cousin.

However, to achieve either of those types of kratom euphoria, a genuine kratom high, will depend on your personal circumstances. There are many things which feed into your ability to achieve this state:

  • Your physical health
  • Your mental health
  • Your existing mood
  • What you have eaten (if your stomach is empty or full)
  • The quality of the kratom
  • The strain of the kratom
  • Kratom dosage
  • Any tolerance to kratom

That’s why it’s not always possible to hit a genuine euphoric high with kratom. Sometimes you will, and sometimes you won’t. The most euphoric kratom could be great one time, and not have that effect the next.

Plus, at higher doses, white kratom and green kratom also have the ability to tip you over into an increasing detachment and sedation. You may get an initial rush, but you could end up stretched out on the floor, just like you would on red kratom, but maybe not as deeply, or as quickly.

Most Opiate Like Kratom

The Most Opiate Like Kratom Strains

Red kratom is the most opiate-like kratom at higher doses. There are several reasons for this I’ll go into with you, based on my own experiences. Now look, all kratom will get you high if you take enough of it. As we’ve already discussed, white kratom will be a more energetic, uplifting high, than with green kratom or red kratom.

But when we’re talking about an opiate euphoria, the most euphoric kratom that feels like an opiate, we are definitely talking about red strains.

For me, any red will do. It just has to be pure, good quality, and you have to take a large enough dose. But I have been really experiencing a fantastic, beautiful warm euphoria that chills me out and leaves me laying around four hours using Red Bali and Red Borneo.

Again, on a dose, to get the best kratom for euphoria working properly, you’re looking at a strong dose of pure kratom. Red is 100% pure, but will still require a dose of up to 10 grams, maybe more, to hit that real plateau of warm euphoria and happiness, followed by a slow drifting down into sedation and analgesia.

As well as producing a euphoric high, red kratom is brilliant for getting away from opiates like heroin. In fact, red kratom is brilliant for getting the smooth euphoric high, alongside total pain relief that helps people to move away from these damaging narcotics.

Finding The Best Kratom For Energy And Mood

So look, the best kratom for energy and mood is personal, and will depend on the experience you want to have. Hopefully, I’ve explained now a bit more about that, so when we are talking about which kratom is best for energy, you know it’s white kratom mostly.

But you now also know it could be green kratom, or even red kratom at a low dose, especially Red Maeng Da, which tends to be cut with white kratom.

In terms of most euphoric kratom, it will depend on the type of euphoria you want, which again puts in the brackets of white and greens, or reds.

To talk more specifically about my experiences, the best strains I found for that clean euphoric high with energy are White Maeng Da and White Borneo. But only because I found White Maeng Da that’s really strong, feels like a white but also has that calmness you get a red.

Coastline Kratom is where I get both of these. The White Borneo is amazing, pure, and probably the best I’ve experienced apart from the White Borneo I’ll talk about in a moment.

coastline kratomCoastline Kratom guarantee the quality of their kratom, they publish lab reports from independent testing to show the purity, and they offer totally free shipping on any order value. When you add in the fact that the kratom is 100% pure, it really is a fantastic place to find the best kratom for energy and mood.

If you’re looking for kratom capsules, which are brilliantly convenient any time of day, then PurKratom does a comprehensive range of over 20 different types. The Green Malay capsules are superb, especially as you can dose exactly so that you can get the full flexibility of the range of effects that this versatile kratom produces.

Kratora is another company who sells 100% pure kratom with a moneyback guarantee. I have to say the White Borneo from these guys is even better than from Coastline Kratom. It’s perfect for a huge boost of energy, a smooth and warm euphoric high, and it’s definitely one of the best kratom strains for energy and mood.

And finally, Coastline Kratom also sells the Green Malay I’ve talked about so much in this guide to the best kratom for energy and mood. It’s one of the best sellers of kratom generally, and at Coastline Kratom I know for a fact that is superb. If you’re looking for the purest, richest Green Malay, then Coastline Kratom should be your destination.

And don’t discount White Bali and White Thai from any of the stores above. They are very generic white kratom strains, that will give you really clean energy both mentally and physically, and at higher doses, a massive boost of energy and euphoria.

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