Best Kratom Strain For Pain And Opiate Withdrawal

One of the things that you will be told about kratom straight away when you start researching, is that it’s great for pain relief, just like opiate-based pain-relieving medication is. But better, stronger, with fewer side effects and detrimental things going on. But what is the best kratom for pain?

Well, I think my personal experiences here will help to answer that question. I’ve been using kratom for pain relief for a couple of years now. A bad back, and crippling sciatica some nights have made things pretty tough at times.

After rejecting opiate-based prescription meds, after a couple of horrible months on the mud rather forget, I decided to give kratom a try. I initially decided to go with Red Maeng Da kratom for pain, but then decided to experiment with other red kratom strains.

I’ll also tell you about the experiences of a friend of mine who was trying to get away from the pain of giving up heroin by using kratom for opiate withdrawal. It really worked for them, and I want to tell you exactly why, and which strains of kratom worked best for opiate withdrawal symptoms.

How Kratom Treats Pain

Just like prescription medication that is opiate-based, kratom interacts with the receptors in the body’s mun opioid receptors. This system regulates many things in the body, such as appetite, aspects of mental health, and importantly for us, pain messages.

Substances which interact with the opioid receptors can help to regulate pain messages, meaning that you don’t experience as much pain because the body is being told there isn’t as much is it thought.

Kratom is not an opiate, let’s clear up that straightaway here. But it does contain alkaloids which interact in the body in the same way as opiates, helping to regulate the pain we experience.

Because kratom isn’t an actual opiate, it is only a partial agonist of the opioid receptors, meaning it’s not as addictive, which is why kratom is actually being found to be brilliant for pain and using kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms.

kratom for pain treatmentThe Best Kratom Strains For Pain

 Pain is a very personal thing, and the kratom you use to alleviate that pain will also be a personal choice as well. What works for one person in terms of the strain, vein color, and dose, won’t work for somebody else. So you will have to experiment to find your personal best kratom for pain.

The vein colors are red, white, and green. White kratom is not great for helping with pain relief. However green kratom can help, although it’s not as good as red kratom because it’s just not as strong across its spectrum in terms of pain relief and sedation.

So we are predominantly talking about red kratom strains when we are talking about trying to find the best kratom for pain relief.

If you get 100% pure kratom, it’s generally accepted that the following are the best strains for helping with pain. What we mean by that, is that they are opiate-like in being analgesic and sedative, both of which can really help manage pain.

  1. Red Maeng Da

This is a very powerful type of kratom which is great for managing pain. Maeng Da isn’t actually a strain of kratom at all, which is why I refer to it as a type rather than a strain.

It translates as “pimp grade”, which tells you it’s just a marketing name someone has come up with. The claim is that it’s stronger than standard kratom powder and if you get properly blended Maeng Da that is definitely the case.

It usually a red kratom that’s also infused with some strong white kratom. So what you get is the classic opiate feeling, a rich, warm calmness, with pain relief and an increasing high at larger doses, but mixed with white kratom producing energy and focus that helps to offset the overpowering analgesia and sedation at high doses of red.

So at smaller doses, it’s perfect for using during the day, because you get the pain relief and calmness, but also with an edge that allows you to focus strongly on day-to-day life.

And other times you can take a large dose, and still function better than on a standard red, but it will produce extra energy mentally and physically that some people don’t want.

  1. Red Bali

This is a classic red strain of kratom that’s very like opiate-like in its effects. Especially at higher doses, you can achieve a gentle opiate high, alongside significant pain relief, sedation, and it will really chill you out.

It’s also quite a mild red, at a moderate dose of around 3-5 grams you’ll still be able to retain focus and complete your daily life while enjoying the benefits of significant mental and physical relief.

  1. Malay

Red and Green Malay are both great for pain relief. Red Malay is a classic red that again will give you opiate-like effects in terms of pain relief and sedation.

But Green Malay is a great alternative. I discovered Green Malay from Coastline Kratom. I’d read about Green Malay being a fantastic green that offered both an energy boost and focus, but also good pain relief and feeling of calm.

I wasn’t disappointed, it was smooth and allows you to get through the afternoon while also feeling really chilled out and pain-free.

best kratom for painMy Experiences With Dosing Kratom For Pain Management

When I decided to use kratom for pain management, or at least experiment with it, I decided that red kratom was the way to go. That’s because I’d read how it was opiate-like, and I was already on opiate medication.

Looking online, I found a few places to look at which were reputable, and my research led me to the doors (virtually) of three different places I wanted to try.

I placed small orders for variety packs, basically tasters, from Coastline Kratom, PurKratom, and BuyKratom.

The Coastline Kratom taster pack was one red and one green kratom. I got capsules of two different types of reds from PurKratom, and I got the excellent seven strain variety pack available from BuyKratom. Total cost was only about one hundred dollars I think (all post free), but for that, I was able to try nine different types of kratom. I tried the capsules first, and it was brilliant, but then when I gained confidence, I rapidly moved on to the powder.

I found that Red Maeng Da was the most powerful, but sometimes a little energizing for me, especially in the evening. Around 3-4 grams was my sweet spot. But overall, the balance of energy and pain relief it gave, it was the best for me at times.

I found that Green Malay was fantastic during the day because it gave me just enough pain relief, but with a boost in energy and mood, that allowed me to work. Just a couple of grams helped me during the day. I also got an amazing kratom high using Green Malay, but that was dosing 10 g.

And in the evenings, the smooth reds Bali and Borneo, just a couple of grams, really helped to ease my pain generally, and my sciatica especially at bedtime.

So for me, overall Red Borneo was my favorite strain, and the one I would recommend as the best kratom for pain. But that’s anecdotal and personal to me.  It just had the right combination of analgesia and sedation, but not so total at a moderate dose of around 5-7 g as to leave me immobilized.

Interestingly, Red Indo didn’t work as expected for me. But that could have just been because it wasn’t pure, I did buy my kratom from several different retailers at that point, most of which I don’t use anymore. It just wasn’t smooth enough for me, and although it took the pain away, it just didn’t feel “nice”.

kratom dosage for painUsing Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

 One of the major reasons people use kratom for medicinal purposes is to deal with opiate withdrawal.

The opiate crisis in the USA alone is massive, we’re not just talking about narcotics such as heroin. We are also talking about prescription medication that is opiate-based and can be highly addictive. In fact, that’s the hidden timebomb that people should really worry about.

Because kratom produces similar pain-relieving and calming effects as opiate-based medication, but without binding fully to the opioid receptors in the body, it’s less aggressive, less addictive, and produces a far more positive range of effects.

People are using kratom for opiate withdrawal for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they want to find the best kratom strain for an opiate high. Basically they want to replace a high they get from heroin so that they can get the same pleasure but without taking the narcotic.

Secondly, they are looking to use kratom for opiate withdrawal symptoms, meaning the terrible side effects you get when you come off opiates like heroin and the more serious opiate-based medications.

So first I want to talk to you about using kratom for opiate withdrawal pain specifically.

Classic reds are definitely the best for dealing with opiate withdrawal symptoms. Any of them will do, Bali, Borneo, Red Horned kratom, Thai, Malay. They will all produce rich red effects, especially at higher doses.

I’ll talk about my personal experiences with dosing in a little while, but around 4-6 grams is enough of pure red kratom to smooth out your mood, take away all of your physical pain, and still give you enough energy and focus to function.

I mentioned my friend at the start of this article. She had been on heroin for several years. Not seriously, but enough for it to be starting to wreck her life slowly. She decided to try and get off it using kratom as a substitute.

Initially, she chased a kratom high using red kratom, but she then began to switch towards lower doses to alleviate the pain of withdrawal instead. It worked brilliantly for her. She used several reds, but it was the purity that was important as much as the strain. I do know that she used Red Thai initially because it gave a fantastically smooth kratom high.

kratom for opiate withdrawalWhat Does A “Kratom High” Mean?

So, what does a kratom high actually mean? When people are searching for the best kratom strain for an opiate high, are they literally wanting to replace the hit they get from heroin by using kratom?

Well, the answer is yes. The best kratom strain for an opiate high is one that mimics the high you get from heroin or other opiate-based substances.

It’s not an energetic high, like the one white kratom gives you, which is more in line with something like MDMA as a narcotic at high doses. It’s a calming, rich high that you sink into, leaving you feeling completely blissed out, without a care in the world, unable to really achieve much other than drift around and lay down.

At high doses, this is exactly what red kratom can do. The exception to that is usually Red Maeng Da. I’ve experienced several kratom highs, from white, red, and even green Malay, but Red Maeng Da for me was a bit weird. You got that deep relaxation, but with an energy and awareness which didn’t quite fit for me, but it could be perfect for people who still want to function.

Best Kratom Strains To achieve An Opiate High

So we’re still talking about using red kratom to achieve an opiate-like high.

Pretty much any red kratom will give you a rich opiate-like high. Thai and Bali are two which people consistently mention are having that amazing feeling, but also Borneo, as it was for me. But for me, it’s more about the quality of the kratom and the dose than the strain.

So the best kratom strain for an opiate high has to be pure, red, and at a high enough dose. For a lot of people with pure kratom, around 8 g will be enough, pushing up to 10-12 g, all in one dose. That should send you off spinning into space after about an hour, and you won’t stop spinning for up to 5 hours.

But my God, during that time the last thing you’ll be worried about is pain and mental anguish. The analgesia is complete, and at that very high dose, the bliss will slip into almost complete sedation, taking you away from everything for a view hours.

most opiate like kraotmPlaces I Buy Kratom For Pain From

 So look, I hope that this is helped you a bit with ideas of how to use kratom for opiate withdrawal, and helped you to answer the question around which kratom is best for pain.

But for me, as I’ve highlighted here, it’s as much about the purity as the strain itself, especially with reds and whites. Greens can be a bit different because they are more across the spectrum of sensations, but reds are generally analgesic and sedative, and whites are generally uplifting and energizing.

There’s no point in trying to seek out Red Borneo if you don’t get pure Red Borneo. It will be far better to get pure Red Thai, Bali, anything than Red Borneo which is poor quality. That’s what I realized after my initial experimentations, and why I narrowed down the list of best kratom vendors to buy kratom for pain relief from to just three.

  1. Coastline kratom

coastline kratomThey simply deliver the best kratom powder you will find. You can also get combination deals for a discount price.

You’ll get fast shipping, in under five days across the USA, and it’s completely free. Plus, you’ll get a 100% moneyback guarantee. On top of that, you also get the guarantee of the fact that each batch is lab-tested, and those lab test reports are posted on their website.

I always get my Green Malay from them, and my Red Maeng Da. Red Borneo is also a staple I get from Coastline Kratom. When I can’t get it from there, because they do run out of stock occasionally, and I get it from one of my other trusted best kratom vendors.

Finally, I’ll draw your attention to the fact that Coastline Kratom sells Ultra enhanced kratom. This is the ultimate in powerful kratom, and it is exceptionally strong from them.

I really would never recommend you dose it every day, you will get dependence and tolerance problems. But when things are really bad with your pain or your opiate withdrawal symptoms, it’s exceptional for being able to take a low dose that removes pain completely.

  1. PurKratom

The second place I would recommend is PurKratom. The powder is excellent quality, but not quite as good as Coastline Kratom in my experience. However, they are slightly cheaper.

You’ll still get lab reports on purity, free shipping, and a 100% moneyback guarantee, so nothing else is different from Coastline Kratom.

But what I do want to highlight is that they sell fantastic quality Kratom capsules. Easy to dose, and perfect for beginners. But more than that, if you’re looking for the best kratom for pain, then you’re looking to dose through the day, not take one large dose before work with loose powder.

Think about it this way, you can’t dose loose powder working in an office. It smells, and it will be obvious. But what you can do is pop a couple of kratom capsules into your mouth every couple of hours and dose through the day.

So if I’m at work a lot, then I will always choose kratom capsules from PurKratom. And even at night, if my sciatica kicks in, a couple of capsules can really help during the night.

  1. BuyKratom

The third-place I trust to buy kratom from is BuyKratom. I have experienced amazing Maeng Da kratom for pain from these guys.

It’s got a real balance that is more like a green, energy and enthusiasm, but with strong analgesia and it really chills you out, and you don’t need a big dose to achieve it.

They also sell one of the best kratom strains for an opiate high I’ve experienced, which is Red Thai.

It’s pure, rich, earthy and just wonderful. Probably better than Coastline Kratom, but it could have just been that the batch exceptional.

These guys also sell the best kratom variety packs on the market. In terms of reds, you’ll get seven strains in the sample back for $50. When everything is post-free and guaranteed, that’s an exceptional way to experiment with finding the best kratom for pain at a low cost.

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