Top 3 Best Kratom Vendors: Where To Buy Kratom Online

 It’s really tough to find the best kratom vendors because there are so many fake kratom vendor reviews on sites like Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, basically any social media where you can quickly and cheaply plant a fake review.

So how are you meant to find the best place to buy kratom online when there is so much marketing and disinformation out there? Well, in this kratom vendor review, I’m going to not only tell you about the top three kratom sellers I’ve found, but I’m going to tell you how to spot them for yourself.

I’m going to explain how kratom is grown and harvested, how the different colors are produced, and what happens to kratom when it’s sold overseas and packaged up for sale.

I’ll also tell you exactly how to spot a good kratom vendor, the traits they will display, and deliver everything you need to know to answer the question to yourself around who sells the best kratom.

Why Kratom Is So Hit And Miss To Buy

Right at the start of this, I want to show you how honest I’m going to be about the state of the kratom market, and how to spot the best kratom vendors.

Most kratom is rubbish. There, I’ve told you the truth. It’s imported in bulk from Indonesia and Malaysia, and the people importing it has little idea what it actually is, even down to not knowing if it’s red, white, or green.

They then bag it up and give it a great name. So if it’s Indonesian kratom, they can call Indo, Borneo, or Sumatran kratom. They will then tell you each is different, even though it’s exactly the same kratom.

They haven’t got a clue where it’s come from, or how good it is. They don’t do any testing of their own, they just bag it up and sell it on.

So that’s why kratom is so hit and miss to buy. So looking for great kratom for sale is going to be a journey for you, and all I can do here is point you in the right direction by reviewing the top three kratom vendors I’ve ever found, and explain why, for me, they are the best places to buy kratom online.

best quality kratomWhere To Buy Kratom Online: Quality Matters

You have to be absolutely sure that the kratom you are buying online is pure, great quality kratom.

So when we are talking about quality kratom, what do we actually mean?

  1. It has to be grown and harvested properly. This means from sustainable sources, that are regulated, controlled, and where the kratom is all gathered together afterward. You’re not looking for kratom growers who just lump it all together and move it on for processing somewhere.
  2. The kratom has to be processed properly. Most kratom is actually red vein, but it’s the drying process which creates the green, white, red, and gold strains of kratom.

Some kratom is dried indoors, some outdoors. The amount of time that it’s dried for matters, as does whether it’s dried in sunlight or shade. And after it’s dried out, it’s how it’s ground, whether it’s combined with anything else that makes the quality good or bad.

  1. It has to be ground down into a powder properly. There are actually several different types of kratom you have to take into consideration, and each has its own individual drying and grinding process, so let’s take a look at each of those in detail.

Standard kratom

Standard kratom is created by drying out the leaves from the kratom plant in a manner that produces white, red, or green kratom. It’s then ground into a powder. Alternatively, it can be boiled into a resin and then ground into a powder. Sometimes it’s fermented.

Super kratom

Super kratom is really no different to standard kratom. It’s claimed that super kratom is only made from the largest leaves on the tree, the most mature leaves, that should contain the most alkaloids. But is there actually any evidence of that? Nobody knows.

Kratom extracts

Kratom extracts are made by boiling/fermenting down a larger amount of kratom leaves than would be used to standard kratom powder. The boiling down process creates a more concentrated resin, that is then ground into a powder. So it should produce a richer and stronger kratom.

Ultra enhanced kratom

Ultra enhanced kratom should be the strongest type of kratom you can buy. It’s boiled down in exactly the same way as kratom extracts are. But additional alkaloids are extracted from the kratom plant, but nobody seems to tell you how that happens. Those additional alkaloids are then added into the resin, which is then dried out and ground into a powder.

The Best Kratom Vendors Offer Quality Guarantees

 So for someone to claim that they are one of the best kratom vendors, they have to be getting kratom that is processed as described above. It has to be made properly and formed into a beautifully smooth, rich powder that is packed with alkaloids.

It then has to be exported direct from the area it comes from, so that it’s actually Indo, Borneo, Green Malay, whatever type it is.

On arrival in the USA, the vendor will then do the following to ensure that this beautifully pure, regional, kratom reaches the consumer in perfect condition, and with guarantees of quality.

  • It will be independently lab tested
  • It will be packaged and sealed immediately
  • The kratom will be stored in cool, dark conditions
  • The packaging will have a sell-by date/packaging date on it
  • The independent lab test reports will be viewable
  • Best kratom vendors offer a moneyback guarantee on the quality

Now let me tell you, it’s a rare beast indeed that does all that. When I’ve been searching around online, I’ve looked at kratom vendor reviews, and found that a lot of it is rubbish, and if the kratom vendor obviously doesn’t appear to the standards I’ve outlined in the bullet points above, then I don’t even bother ordering from them.

I bought the kratom from people who claim that they know who sells the best kratom online, and I tried it myself. I compared them all, and most of them really aren’t great.

They are variable in their effects each time, which points to them not being consistently imported and backed up using exactly the same kratom. In the worst cases, they aren’t even close, with reds feeling like whites, and some just being mixed up any old how.

For me, there have literally only been a handful of places in the past three years where I have found kratom that is consistent quality.

What I do is order a red, green, and white from them. And I will make sure it’s the same ones that I have ordered from other vendors. That gives me a benchmark each time.

It’s actually amazing how variable it can be, but you learn to spot quality, and you learn to spot when something is actually what it claims to be. So through that ridiculously long process, I’ve discovered who sells the best kratom that I can find and recommend.

I also just want to mention the lab testing bit. What happens with a reputable kratom vendor, are they send off a sample of freshly arrived stocked an independent third-party testing lab. They will then test it, and detailed its composition and purity.

Even if they don’t publish on the website, a good company will test their kratom on arrival, and you will be able to get information from the company about how it’s tested, and what the results are. I would never buy kratom from a company who does not have any sort of validity testing process with their new stock.

best kratom vendorsWhere Not To Buy Kratom

 Before I go on to give you detailed reviews of the best online kratom vendors I’ve ever found, I want to tell you about a few places that you definitely should not be buying kratom from at all.

The first place is local shops, things like gas stations, smoke shops, local convenience stores. These guys are not specialist. They are buying in the cheapest crap they can get their hands on, and selling it for the highest price.

You can guarantee it’s going to be poor quality, and it’s probably been sitting in the shop in direct sunlight for weeks.

The second place is general online marketplaces where you can find kratom for sale. Or getting it through forums or anything dubious like that. Unless it’s a reputable seller with a proper website, guarantees, proper advertising channels, and customer support, then you should really stay clear.

I learned a lesson the hard way, my initial experimentations with kratom with through friends, and buying it locally. It was always a rubbish experience, and I actually gave up on kratom for over a year because I thought it was just over-hyped. My God was I wrong when I decided to give it a go and buy proper kratom from a specialist kratom vendor.

One other thing to watch out for is really low pricing in online kratom vendors. That could mean it’s poor quality kratom out trying to get rid of, or it could mean they have been cut with something else to bulk up the powder. I dread to think what is, you can only hope it’s just herbs or something else neutral, but it’s something else to be aware of.

reputable kratom vendorKratom Vendor Reviews: Top 3

 So now you understand a bit more about what makes a kratom vendor the best place to buy kratom online, let’s talk about where you can really find pure kratom for sale.

Now obviously these three vendor reviews are based on my own personal experiences, and I’ve crossed check them with other people’s experiences on the trusted places like Reddit. Not obvious marketing posts, but posts from people I talk to, people I trust, and people who through the knowledge they are sharing, obviously have a great track record with using kratom.

Each of these three kratom vendors passes my checks for things like quality testing, guarantees, customer service levels, easy contact, speed of delivery, all of that sort of stuff which demonstrates that somebody is worthy of being considered one of the best kratom vendors online. So I’ll actually talk more about the product range they sell, and the experiences I’ve personally had with each of these three best kratom vendors.

Please note though, I’m not saying that they are in any order here. All three are just as good as each other, it’s all about the product range, the different effects of the kratom, the prices, post free delivery, all those variables that will be important to you.

All I can do is highlight them, it’s up to you to decide which will be your absolute number one best kratom vendor, once you have tried them.

Coastline Kratom – Best Place To Buy Kratom Online

Coastline Kratom is probably the best-known kratom retailer based in the USA today. They have a great pedigree, and their company owns several other well-known websites in the CBD and Nootropic marketplace, so they know how to source and sell really good quality products.

They sell all the major types of kratom you could want, all of it is really pure, Bali, Indo, Malay, Thai, Maeng Da. All of it in great powder form, and some of it in capsule form as well.

You cannot go wrong with Coastline Kratom, they are one of the ultimate kratom retailers in the world, and they are based right here in the USA with amazing pedigree. They pass every single checklist I can put on them, and I cannot fault the kratom available from them.

They are the first place that I ever bought kratom from, and was instantly back for more. I really love their red Borneo kratom, it’s soothing yet energizing, and really smooth. It’s one of the best kratom strains I have ever experienced, and none of the other best kratom vendors I’ve ever found have a Red Borneo like it.

You can buy variety packs from Coastline Kratom. These smaller bags of different sorts of kratom retail at a slight discount of 10%. They even sell an Ultra enhanced value pack that contains four different types of ultra enhanced kratom, so you can experience the ultimate in kratom hits.

You also get completely free shipping anywhere in the USA, and a 100% moneyback guarantee from Coastline Kratom.

The customer service they deliver to you is superb and they are always present on social media, and ready to answer questions by email or phone. I’ve used their customer service on a couple of occasions and got knowledgeable answers each time. They really are highly recommended.

PurKratomkratom vendor reviews

These guys are definitely one of the best kratom vendors I’ve ever found. There are four good reasons why I class them as one of the best places to buy kratom online:

  • They sell kratom capsules and loose powder
  • They offer free shipping and a moneyback guarantee
  • PurKratom publish lab purity reports
  • They also sell fantastic quality CBD oil

The kratom powder is exceptional, really pure, rich, fresh, earthy and tastes fantastically bitter. Everything you want from fresh kratom.

It’s also available in capsules as well as loose powder. Capsules are brilliant for beginners because they allow you to dose precisely. On top of that, you don’t have to mess around loose powder, you don’t have to measure it and weigh it, and you don’t have to experience the bitter and dusty nature of kratom powder.

The pick of the bunch in terms of the capsules is Red Malay. It’s a beautiful rich red that is very opiate-like in nature. But it’s not overpowering in its sedation and analgesia. At lower doses, it will keep you energized and focused in a way that a lot of greens and whites do.

When you can pop a couple of capsules in the day and feel beautifully relaxed and yet full of focus and energy, that’s gold dust for me.

You’ll get free USPS shipping on orders over $50, which is brilliant because it means you can order a lot of powder in one go completely post-free. Talking about powder, I’ll point you towards their premium Bali kratom powder. It really is premium, and far better than any other Bali I’ve ever place to buy kratom online


The third on my kratom vendor list is BuyKratom. They sell plain leaf, ultra enhanced kratom, and the most amazing variety packs I’ve seen anywhere.

They don’t sell kratom capsules, but they do sell beautifully pure, rich, smooth kratom powder of all the main types you could ever think of. I use them very regularly, but I also use them when I first started out exploring with kratom because of the variety packs they offer.

They offer red, white, green and ultra enhanced variety packs that give you half a dozen of each of the main types for a very reasonable price. For around $50 you can experiment with a particular color of kratom, to find the best strain for you.

There are a few reasons why I find BuyKratom to be one of the best places to buy kratom from:

  • The kratom is deliciously pure and well priced
  • They also sell other similar products like blue Lotus and Akuamma
  • They offer free shipping
  • The products are all covered by a 100% moneyback guarantee, everything is lab certified
  • Variety packs are the best I’ve ever found
  • They also sell the best quality Salvia I have ever experienced

These guys aren’t as well-known as the other two best kratom vendors I’ve outlined here, but for me, the quality is exceptional, just as good as anything else I found.

I’ll tell you about white Maeng Da from these guys as well. That can be a bit hit and miss generally because it’s not actually a strain of kratom at all.  Maeng Da is usually a blend of red, with some white kratom to create a really potent mix of strong kratom.

And I can tell you that’s the case with the Maeng Da range available from BuyKratom. It’s definitely strong, it’s really potent, and it gives an incredible burst of energy while also keeping you calm and refreshed at the same time, it really is the most exceptional kratom that I have ever found in this bracket. I really cannot recommend it to you enough to try.

Where To Buy Kratom Online: Conclusion

So the conclusion of my kratom vendors review is that any of my three recommended kratom sellers I’ve outlined above will really hit the spot in terms of the kratom that they supply you.

It will all be have been certified, delivered fast and free, will be guaranteed, and will be completely 100% pure. You also have the choice of variety packs in capsules if you’re starting out, and you really have all the options you need to get started with kratom expiration.

Just make sure that if you look at other kratom vendors, that they cover the points I have mentioned in this article.

The kratom has to be quality. Quality is 100% what matters, far more than the different strains. It doesn’t matter which type of kratom you get, if it’s rubbish it won’t be any good, it’s better to have the wrong kratom that is 100% pure, and what you think is the right kratom being not very good at all.

So there you go, I hope this guide has been useful, and I hope that your own journey into experimenting with kratom will be as rewarding as mine has been.

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