SARMs For Females: Best SARMs, Dosage, Cycle, Results You Can Expect

Finding the best SARMs for women can be harder because of the pressure of SARMs on the body generally, which is more pronounced in women, and also the lack of information out there on practically using SARMs as a female.

So let’s put that right in this easy guide to finding the best SARMs for women, with advice on dosing, the best female SARM cycle advice, stacking SARMs, using specific SARMs like Cardarine for women, and dealing with potential side effects.

Plus you’ll learn what results you can expect from using SARMs as a female, and also where you can buy 100% pure, lab certified SARMs as well.

The Top 3 SARMs For Females

When it comes to talking about the ideal SARMs for females, there are three prime candidates that are always mentioned:

The reason that these three SARMs often mentioned as the three best SARMs for females is because of how they work in the body.

You see, the problem with SARMs is that they can be quite powerful, and although the male body can cope, the female body doesn’t have the same ability to deal with the stress of rapidly developing muscles.

On top of that, women have different goals for men. Although both sexes want to strip fat, both sexes want to improve performance levels, and tone up, men want to bulk up, whereas women want to maintain a feminine physique.

Ostarine is great for cutting fat. It will also protect your existing muscle, and with a good regime will even enhance that muscle. It’s also mild, which means a female can take it without too many problems, as long as they are conservative.

Cardarine isn’t even a SARM at all, it’s a PPAR receptor agonist, which works in a similar way to SARMs, but on different receptors in the body. Its main benefits are enhanced performance levels, better endurance, faster recovery times, and fat burning potential.

S4 Andarine increases strength, helps to cut fat, and can also slightly increases muscle. So it’s a good all-rounder, that isn’t overwhelmingly powerful unless you take a high-dose, making it one of the ideal SARMs for females.

SARMs Dosage For Women

When it comes to discussing the best SARMs dosage for women, there are several variables that feed into working out what that best dosage could be:

  • Your size and metabolism
  • The goals you have set (size gain, recomp, but fat)
  • Which SARM(s) you are dosing
  • How long your cycle will be
  • What your diet, exercise and lifestyle routine will be

Let’s talk specifically about Cardarine for women. Cardarine is brilliant for increasing energy levels, focus, muscle endurance, and recovery times. It’s also able to strip fat, primarily through the increase in your workout routine intensity, but also through how it tells the body to cut fat levels.

Women should always take fewer SARMs than men, and Cardarine for women is no different. In fact, dosing every day can be too much, especially at a high dose. Some people advocate 20 mg of this SARM for females, but I would advocate as low as 10 mg every other day, or 10 mg per day if you’ve already done a cycle at the lower alternate they dose.

Ostarine is the same. It’s brilliant for stripping fat and maintaining muscle tone, even at a significant calorie deficit. But even though it’s a mild SARM, for women it can still be potent, even using 10 mg per day, or even every other day.

So my advice on dosing SARMs for females is to start low, around 10 mg or less, and your first cycle dose one SARM only, and only every other day. You can always increase the dose and frequency during your second cycle.

SARMs dosage for womenFemale SARM Cycle & Stacking

 Although women don’t have the same problems with SARMs, in that they don’t suffer from testosterone level drops, bizarrely, women tend to have shorter SARMs cycles than men.

The reason that a female SARM cycle is usually shorter than the male one, especially initially, is that women’s bodies can be more prone to muscle tears and bone stress than men’s bodies.

In fact, whereas people usually advocate that men have a SARMs cycle of around eight weeks, with an equal break, a lot of women stick to a cycle of around four weeks, with a 3-4 week break, even on the weakest SARM Ostarine.

So when it comes to the female SARM cycle, the advice is to go short. Especially initially, you can learn how your body reacts to SARMs, and the stress is going to be under. During your second cycle you can always increase the length by a couple of weeks, and increase the break between cycles by 1-2 weeks as well.

The key to stacking SARMs as a woman is to ensure the dose is not too high. As you already know a lot of women alternate doses, rather than taking them every day, so if you are stacking, then you need to remember that 10 mg of both Ostarine and S4 Andarine, is a total dose of 20 mg, which is a very high dose of SARMs for a female.

If it’s your first time exploring SARMs for females, then my advice would be to go for a short four week cycle, with a three week break. Choose Ostarine as the classic fat stripping, muscle protecting SARM for that cycle, and dose 10 mg on alternate days.

For your first stack, you could then use Ostarine with Cardarine, dosing 5 mg of each on alternate days, you could take 5 mg of both from one day, or alternate the SARMs on each day.

Results You Can Expect From Using SARMs For Females

So look, the results you can expect if you are using SARMs for females will be quite dramatic, depending on which ones you use.

Sure, you can bulk up like the guys, but it will take longer. However the rewards are there, and you can use all the same SARMs that the men do, but you must use lower doses to not overwhelm your body.

If you just want to strip fat, develop a beautifully toned physique, but not put on muscle, then you can expect to do that over 2-3 cycles, even at the level of 10 mg of Ostarine every other day, over four weeks.

You will strip more fat, define your muscles, and get significant increases in energy levels, performance levels, and recovery times using SARMs for females. But what the best SARMs for women are will depend on your goals, whether it’s stripping fat, recomping, just getting better performance levels, or whether you do want to put on muscle.

female sarms cyclePossible Side Effects

Although using SARMs as a female will not give you problems with testosterone levels, the main side effect that men suffer from, you still can suffer from side effects using SARMs as a woman:

  • Acne and skin problems can be common if you use higher doses. So high doses, dosing every day, and stacking SARMs for females will definitely have a detrimental effect on your skin, but it will obviously depend on your skin type, and what program you are following.
  • A high sex drive can occur. Again, this will depend on the dose, and the type of SARMs you are taking. Although that may not sound like a bad thing, some women do report that it can be disruptive when they are trying to focus.
  • Because women’s bodies are not as strong, the rapid development of muscle can put stress on the muscle tissue, and the underlying skeletal structure. That’s why I’m advocating you go slow, keep the doses low, and see how things go before you ramp up your dosage, cycle, and stack.

SARMs Vs Prohormones Vs Steroids

 I don’t really need to cover this in any great detail.

Steroids and prohormones are bad news and are both banned in most countries. Unless you go on the black market completely, then you’re really going to struggle to get hold of them.

Both are very aggressive and can amplify the problems I’ve already talked about in women, of putting stress on muscle and bone.

There’s really no competition here, SARMs are plenty powerful enough for women, and even at the low dose you will be smashing personal bests, look more toned, and be almost fat-free within about six months of starting use SARMs.

Where To Buy The Best SARMs For Women

 When it comes to finding the best SARMs for women, then there are really only two choices for me. In fact, it’s the same two vendors I would recommend for men as well, and they are my first and second choices as well.

The first is Umbrella Labs. Based in the USA, they offer free shipping, the full range of SARMs for females and males, and they are all 100% pure SARMs. You can tell this is the truth because they have third party lab test reports on the product pages of all the SARMs they sell.

The second recommendation is Proven Peptides. These guys have been around for a long time, and they are very reliable. You’ll get free shipping if you spend $99, and they also publish independent purity reports on the product pages so that you know you are getting the highest quality SARMs possible.

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