Ultra Enhanced Indo & Kratom Extracts Review: What Are They And How To Use Them

If you’re into kratom at all then you will have heard about ultra enhanced kratom. The most popular type is Ultra Enhanced Indo, so in this UEI kratom review, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about this potent type of kratom.

One of the biggest confusions is around what it actually is. What makes this kratom ultra enhanced? Well, you’ll read a lot of stuff on the Internet which is absolute rubbish, so let me clear things up by telling you exactly, accurately what ultra enhanced kratom is, what it contains, and how it’s made.

Plus, I’ll compare the effects of Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom to standard Indo kratom, tell you about the dose you should be looking at, and let you know where I buy UEI kratom myself.

What Is UEI Kratom?

 Ultra enhanced kratom is exactly that, it’s kratom that is claimed to be enhanced with additional alkaloids? What are the alkaloids, and how is this achieved?

Well, the two main alkaloids in kratom, the things that give you the effects, are 7-Hydroxymitragynine (7OHM) and mitragynine. Both of these are present in different quantities in the various types of kratom, which is why each strain of kratom and leaf color has slightly different effects.

But how is ultra enhanced kratom made?

Well, the kratom is dried and powdered as usual. But that doesn’t explain the whole process. The leaves are actually boiled down into resin which is then dried out and powdered.

Ultra enhanced kratom has additional alkaloids added to that boiled down the mixture. It’s then dried out and powdered as normal, but giving you a kratom that is far denser and alkaloids.

Indo is one of the most popular types of kratom, which is why Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom is also the most widely available and popular type of enhanced kratom.

Green vein malay kratomUEI Kratom Effects Vs Standard Indo

So it stands to reason that UEI kratom effects will be far more intense than standard Indo kratom effects. On average, it seems to be the case that around 1200 mg of additional alkaloids are added into every 25 g of powdered kratom to create ultra enhanced kratom. That’s a lot of extra alkaloids.

In fact, the retailer I use packs an incredible 1500 mg into each 25 g powdered kratom, and I’ll tell you who there is at the end of this UEI kratom review. So what you’re getting is the standard Indo effects but from a far lower dose. Alternatively, you’re getting a far more intense set of Indo effects at the same dose.

If you take a fairly typical dose of Indo kratom, around 4-6 grams, you’ll feel the full effects of it.

You’ll feel energized, enthusiastic, pain drifts away, your worries will drift away, you’ll be talkative, lucid, stronger and with better endurance levels.

Now imagine that amplified. If you take 4-6 grams of UEI then you going to go through the roof. Seriously, it could be far too much and you could end up in trouble. But you could get the same effects from as little as 1 g of UEI kratom.

It will depend on the profile of the kratom though. A lot of retailers just sell UEI kratom, they don’t sell red or white. So you not getting an upper, or a relaxant, as you do with white and red.

What you’re getting is a supercharged set of effects that will depend on the type of kratom that had the alkaloids added to it.

But the thing is, in Indonesia, kratom is mostly kratom. You don’t ask for red or white, you just get kratom. Yes, people sometimes used white for energy, and red to calm down, but at lower doses, especially during the day and when it’s consumed in public, kratom is kratom, which is why the definition of UEI kratom is sometimes free from the classification of white, green, or red.

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Dosage

There’s really no way I can talk to you about the sort of Ultra Enhanced Indo kratom dosage you should be consuming.

The reason for that is kratom is very personal, and you will know the strength of the kratom either until you try it. Plus, each strain of kratom, each batch, can be different. There are just so many variables that it’s impossible to give you clear brackets and guidelines.

But what I can say is that your Ultra enhanced Indo kratom dosage should be lower than with standard kratom to get the same effects. If it’s not, then it’s not real UEI kratom. But you should be taking 50-75% less to get the same effects.

So if you are getting nice benefits from 4 g of white Indo kratom, then you should be getting the same from as little as a single gram UEI. If it’s really pure, it could be less than a gram.

Best UEI Kratom Vendor, I Would Recommend

 The only way to really find out what the exact UEI kratom effects will be is to try it for yourself.

I really wouldn’t advise you try it unless you’ve tried standard kratom first though. Both so that you can understand the effects of kratom, and so you can learn about the sort of dosage normal kratom dictates. Then you can experiment with UEI kratom effects from a position of knowledge because if you just dive straight in with a significant dose of it, you could find yourself overwhelmed.

So to get the best effects, you’re going to need the purest UEI kratom. That means finding the best UEI kratom vendor or supplier.

For me, the purest UEI kratom I’ve ever found is from BuyKratom. It’s not cheap, 5 g is $45.99. But there are two things to consider.

Firstly, you’re going to need to take far less of it, as little as half a gram, to get the same effects as several grams of standard Indo kratom powder.

Secondly, this isn’t something you should be taking frequently. It’s really strong and should be seen as a treat, something for and exceptional occasion, or an exceptional circumstance. Say you suffer from significant pain, it should be your reserve supply, for those really bad days.

That’s how precious this stuff is. But it also fantastic when you take it, it will literally be the best kratom experience you have ever had.

I really would advise you do not take it frequently, because apart from the cost, you can build tolerance quickly. If you are taking a couple of grams of this several times a week, apart from burning a hole in your wallet, you could seriously build up a tolerance, and start to lose touch with reality.

But the genuine, 100% pure UEI Indo kratom from BuyKratom is fantastic, and I advise you to try it, even if it’s only just once.

Give Kratom Extracts A Try As Well

Now if you can’t afford UEI kratom, or you’re worried about its potency, then you could try kratom extracts.

BuyKratom also does kratom extracts in various forms, including an extract variety pack.

This gives you a single gram of the UEI Indo I just talked about. But it also gives you 1 g of 50x extract and 3 g of 25 g extract.

Extracts are the step down from ultra enhanced kratom. Basically, more kratom leaves are boiled down and ground into a powder than with standard kratom. So you getting a denser alkaloid profile than with standard kratom, but not to the level that is injected into it through the process of creating UEI kratom.

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