Centrophenoxine: Benefits, Dosage, Best Place To Buy Online

Generally, the nootropics which can influence one’s cognitive abilities and/or memory do so by interacting with the correct parts of the brain and are called cholinergic. Centrophenoxine is an example of a cholinergic compound. It is relatively modern and its popularity in nootropics communities is steadily growing.

Centrophenoxine functions as a prodrug to create DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol), which is what helps improve cognitive abilities, especially for the elderly. Hence, the drug is primarily used in order to treat patients with Alzheimer’s or senile dementia. However, benefits can also be had if a young adult were to use the drug.

Aside from improving memory as well as cognitive abilities, this drug can also be considered as a neuroprotective agent. It also helps in improving stimulation, according to several studies. Finally, research also shows that it can be a tool to prevent aging, capable of increasing one’s lifespan.

This is a centrophenoxine review where you can check to see the benefits you can get from taking this drug as well as the possible side effects. There are also examples of centrophenoxine experiences of other people in order to give you an idea of all the possibilities that could happen. And lastly, I will recommend two trusted vendors where you can buy Centrophenoxine online.

What is Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine is an interesting new drug that seems to be promising, which might explain why it’s slowly gaining popularity among members of the nootropics community.

The most noteworthy aspect of the drug is perhaps its supposed anti-aging capabilities, which is shown to be significant based on the data from mice experiments. However, it does seem farfetched, so optimism should be kept to a minimum.

The main purpose of this drug is to produce a boost in cognitive abilities. Compared to other supplements of the same nature, Centrophenoxine does not just give benefits whenever it’s ingested, instead, its effects can still be felt afterward.

In short, compared to the other similar compounds that need to be taken once every day, the effects of a single bottle of Centrophenoxine lasts for a decent period of time.

Centrophenoxine Benefits

DMAE is a molecule that is capable of reducing the build-up of certain molecules which, if left unchecked, could proliferate on the brain and result in reduced cognitive abilities. The purpose of centrophenoxine is to act as the prodrug for producing this DMAE. The removal of the molecules can result in lower or even complete reversal of certain signs of aging.

In terms of Centrophenoxine vs DMAE, the former is more preferable due to the fact that it is absorbed by the body more readily compared to DMAE, so it’s more useful in improving cognition.

Some select studies also suggest that Centrophenoxine is also capable of reversing the effects of aging, even capable of extending lifespan. Tests with mice showed a lifespan increase of up to 30 to 50%.

Studies also suggest that Centrophenoxine can cause an increase of acetylcholine being released, a mechanism is shown to be important when it comes to memory and cognition.

Centrophenoxine side effects

Possible Side Effects

Just like with any nootropic drug, there are risks present. While Centrophenoxine’s side effects are considered rare as well as relatively safe, there is still the chance of a complication. There is the possibility of one experiencing dizziness, restlessness or even insomnia. Data shows, however, that this may be a direct result of when the medicine was taken (soon before going to sleep, for example).

Another possible problem that Centrophenoxine has is something common with most cholinergic. Due to the acetylcholine metabolism related to its mechanism, the medicine is likely to cause headaches.

And finally, women capable of giving should try to avoid products like DMAE or Centrophenoxine, since it has teratogenic effects which may end up causing birth defects to an infant.

Centrophenoxine vs DMAE

Due to their similar nature, the question “Centrophenoxine vs DMAE” is unavoidable. However, there are distinct differences between the two.

Centrophenoxine is a nootropic or “smart” drug. It is normally used to deal with problems of the brain that are related to aging. It is one of the first and oldest of its kind, so it is already well-researched at this point.

It is normally used to treat patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia. However, it can also be used by younger patients who wish to enhance their memory or cognitive functions or to just improve the overall health of their brain.

DMAE is an active component responsible for increasing the production of acetylcholine, which is a chemical that aids in transmitting signals in your brain. Acetylcholine is important in several brain functions including memory and learning, so it is believed that DMAE, which increases acetylcholine production, can be taken in as supplements in order to improve one’s brain health.

The main active ingredient of Centrophenoxine is actually DMAE. However, it works better compared to DMAE due to the mechanism of how it works. DMAE is limited due to its poor ability to crossing the barrier between the blood and the brain. Centrophenoxine, on the other hand, can be absorbed readily by your body, before it is processed by the liver into DMAE.

Since DMAE is the main ingredient of Centrophenoxine and they also function the same way, which is to use DMAE to facilitate the increase of acetylcholine production in order to improve brain health, their side effects are also similar.

This is mainly due to the fact that most of their side effects stem from the production of acetylcholine.

To answer the question of centrophenoxine vs DMAE, the answer is centrophenoxine if we’re just talking about efficacy.

Centrophenoxine vs DMAE

Centrophenoxine Dosage

A single dose this medicine is generally 250 milligrams. However, the doses per day vary depending on one’s age or goals. Elderly people who need therapeutic and/or neuroprotective benefits would need 3 to 6 doses per day.

Younger individuals who want enhancement only should be fine with 1 to 3 doses in order to get results.

Nootropic Stacks

Medicines can generally be taken together in order to create synergistic effects or increase the benefits. Due to its popularity, Centrophenoxine has been stacked with different drugs in order to test which ones are the most beneficial. Here are the compounds that should (in theory) result in a better Centrophenoxine experience.

However, keep in mind that these are mostly anecdotal experiences, with a very select few having been scientifically tested.

Racetams – When it comes to pairing with cholinergic drugs, racetams are an obvious choice. Racetams include piracetam, oxiracetam, and aniracetam, as well as phenylpiracetam, fasoracetam and coluracetam.

In short, there’s plenty of them, and each one works differently when paired with Centrophenoxine. Keep in mind that these drugs will amplify Centrophenoxine’s effects, so starting with small doses is highly suggested.

Huperzine A – Another cholinergic compound is Huperzine A, which you can take along with Centrophenoxine in order to heighten the effects. Once again, taking this along with Centrophenoxine will result in more potent effects, so starting with small doses is a must until you are sure about how you will feel.

Modafinil – Centrophenoxine’s main effects include enhanced memory and neuroprotection, so taking a drug that improves focus, as well as concentration along with it, can bring synergistic effects. For this purposes, Modafinil is a highly favored drug chosen by the nootropics community, as well as its relatives Armodafinil and Adrafinil. For those whose sensitivity to stimulants are higher than normal, other options for stimulants include L-theanine or even just simple caffeine.

Unique Blends – Because of its popularity, there are several stacks with unique blends that are in the market right now, and people seem to be enjoying them. Since Centrophenoxine is still considered “experimental” despite the significant amount of research related to it, there is not that many unique blends that involve this particular drug.

Qualia is perhaps the only blend that involves Centrophenoxine. Others like Mind lab Pro, Alpha Brain, OptiMind, and all of Four Sigmatic’s products try to avoid including Centrophenoxine.

Centrophenoxine Reviews

Centrophenoxine ReviewWhen looking for a drug to take, it’s important to check out online forums or communities as well as centrophenoxine reviews that could give you an idea of how the drug will feel like, because the centrophenoxine experiences of other people is a good way of guessing what might happen in your case.

A couple of comments in online forums show that consuming the drug could even result in a “buzz” when expressing happiness such as through laughter.

One user stated that within just mere hours after he took his daily medicine, he started feeling more giddy than usual.

Another user stated that he tends to fall asleep after taking his daily 250-milligram dose of Centrophenoxine.

He states that he could feel the intended effects of the medicine as a stimulant only for the initial 30 minutes (albeit a bit too much) and then he would just crash, start feeling sleepy and then take a power nap for an hour.

He stated that this has happened every day, so he stopped using the medicine and started taking Piracetam alone, which had a much better effect on his driving back his depression and restoring his old, happy self.

However, remember that these are the centrophenoxine experiences of other people, so always keep a healthy dose of skepticism. Your centrophenoxine experience might be completely different from theirs.

Where to buy Centrophenoxine Online

If you’ve decided to get this supplement after you’ve read this centrophenoxine review, your next step would be buying it. Unfortunately, Centrophenoxine is very hard to find, so you are unlikely to find it at your local grocery store or health food shop.

When shopping for this drug, it’s better to go online in order to find a trusted seller. However, not all online stores are reputable, so it’s better to look for advice in order to choose which stores to buy from. The best places to buy Centrophenoxine are Pure Nootropics and Absordyourhealth, which are both reputable nootropics vendors.

Purchasing from either of these two stores is highly suggested. Their reputations have been tried and tested, and you can always expect their products to be high quality.

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