Detox Drinks For Drug Test: The Best Way To Pass A Supervised Urine Test

If you’re thinking about using detox drinks for a drug test you are facing soon, then they could be a perfect choice. But there are quite a few pitfalls with using a drug detox drink to try and pass a drug test. The best detox drinks are not cheap, and unfortunately, there are a lot of duds out there amongst the gems. You really have to be careful with your choice of detox drink, otherwise, you will get caught out.

So let me explain to you exactly how a detox drink works, which actually isn’t how most people think because it doesn’t detoxify your body at all. That will give you a clear idea of the capabilities of the detox drink.

I’ll also tell you whether you should be thinking about using a detox drink, detox pills alongside a natural detox, or the considering using synthetic urine. Plus I’ll also let you know about the four brands of detox drink on the market that I’ve used, and am happy to recommend to my friends.

How A Detox Drink Works

 Here’s the shocker that a lot of people out there simply don’t realize. A detox drink doesn’t actually detox you at all. I know that is a shocker because everyone who’s new to this thinks that you drink the drink and all the toxins magically get removed from your body for good.

How a detox drink works in reality though, is you drink the drink and it flushes out the toxins in your bladder and urinary tract. Through frequent urinating after drinking it, they are drawn out.

So you are toxin-free, but obviously, your urine would be diluted, and not test as natural. So what a good quality detox drink also does is to maintain the balance, replace lost nutrients and chemicals, plus, it keeps it looking natural as well, not pale.

So a detox drink masks the fact you have toxins in your body for a few hours, usually less than a handful of hours. But it’s that small window of opportunity, as long as you get a good quality detox drink that actually works, during which you can submit a clean sample, even if your body is stuffed full of toxins.

But after those few hours up, the toxins will start leaking back into your urine stream, and you would then fail a drug test. So a cleansing drink is a temporary solution, and you should never think that if you drink one, you are detoxifying your body properly.

do detox drinks work


How To Use A Detox Drink

The steps for using a detox drink are pretty straightforward, and generally the same for every brand out there.

Sure, some will tell you to drink the contents over 15 minutes, some over 30 minutes, but basically, you steadily drink them over a short space of time.

Also, some will ask you to drink more water after you finish the detox drink, although I’ve found that mostly it’s the poor quality detox drinks that ask you to do that because it’s using water to try and flush out more toxins.

So basically, the process to use any type of detox drinks for a drug test are:

  1. Chill the bottle, shake the contents and then drink it steadily over the specified time.
  2. In the hour after drinking the drink, urinate frequently, at least three times. This will eliminate the toxins that the detox drink has pushed through.
  3. Make sure you submit your sample within five hours of drinking the drink, preferably within 2-3 hours for maximum safety.

Marijuana Cleansing Drinks Vs Detox Pills

Detox drinks or “cleansing drinks” are a very different animal to detox pills. The reason is, as you now know, detox drinks don’t actually permanently remove the toxins from your body at all, they merely eliminate the ones in your urine, giving you the appearance of being clean for a few hours.

Detox pills are completely different. They speed up the elimination of toxins as part of natural detox. Sure, they speed things up quite a lot, sometimes by up to 100%. But, they have to be part of natural detox, because detox pills can’t flush out toxins on their own.

So if you want to do a natural detox, then you would use detox pills to accelerate the process. But even doing that, you would still need several days to get rid of the toxins permanently, and if you are a heavy weed smoker, it can still take 1-2 weeks to get rid of all the toxins.

You see, if you are weed smoker, then weed metabolites can attach to the cells in your body, and take up to a month to work their way out. So even doubling the pace at which they are being eliminated, still could mean a week or longer before you are genuinely clean of metabolites.

So if you have time, at least a week, then detox pills are the safest way of passing a drug test. If you only have a few days or even less than a day, then a detox drink is your only option from the two.

  • Do use a detox drink if you are short of time,
  • Do use detox pills and a natural detox if you have at least a week and you want to get clean permanently.

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Detox Drinks Vs Synthetic Urine

 If you are up for a drug test at short notice, then the other option apart from a detox drink is to submit a completely fake sample using synthetic urine.

A lot of people don’t believe synthetic urine can truly mimic the real thing. But I can tell you from personal experience, that the best brands out there, like Sub Solution, Quick Luck or Quick Fix definitely can pass even an advanced drug test.

The only problem with synthetic urine is that you have to smuggle into the lab, and it has to be at the right temperature, basically between 90°F 100°F.

So if you just don’t have the guts to submit a fake sample, then, unfortunately, a detox drink will be your only option, even though a good quality synthetic urine actually has a lower risk of failing than a detox drink.

  • Do use synthetic urine if you’re comfortable with smuggling it into the lab
  • Do use a detox drink if you’re not, or don’t have time to practice

synthetic urine vs detox drinksWhen To use A Detox Drink

So the bottom line here is that if you have the guts, submitting a fake sample is the best way of passing a drug test, as long as you use high-quality synthetic urine.

If you don’t have the confidence to do it, or you are facing a supervised drug test, then synthetic urine is not a realistic possibility.

If you’ve got time, then a natural detox plus the accelerator of detox pills is definitely the way to go. You’ll be naturally and fully clean, so you won’t have to worry at all about submitting a clean sample. But you will usually need at least a week to be naturally clean.

So that’s where drug detox drinks come into play, and why they are so popular. They are easier than synthetic urine, far easier than a natural detox, and far cheaper than a course of detox pills.

But they do carry the biggest risk of the three strategies because there is more margin for error. If you have a delay in submitting your sample, toxins could have leaked back into your urine stream.

Likewise, if you have a huge amount of toxins in your body, then they could be leaking out so quickly into your urine stream, that even the best detox drink will struggle to mask them for any length of time.

marijuana cleansing drinksCan You Get Specialist Detox Drinks For THC?

Look, I fell for this at the start as well. People try and sell you “detox drinks for THC” or “detox drink for weed” specifically because you are being marketed to as a cannabis smoker.

But the thing is, THC metabolites are just drug metabolites. So detox drinks for THC will work for anything. Yes, weed metabolites can attach to cells in your body, therefore staying in the body longer. Yes, they can also work their way out through the bowels, because they attach to fat cells.

However, when it comes to toxins going out through your urine, THC toxins are literally no different from any other type of drug metabolite.

So if you are thinking about buying a special “marijuana detox drink” that claims it can target THC, then you are being lied to.

A high-quality detox drink is going to work at eliminating any type of drug toxin. You simply do not need to spend money on something that claims to specifically target THC, and in my experience, the drinks that do, are actually the worst quality

best way to detox for a drug test

Warning: Detox Drinks To Avoid

Before I tell you about the top three detox drink brands on the market, the sort of detox drinks for drug test success that you need, I want to talk about some brands of cleansing drink that you really should avoid.

Nearly all of the detox drinks you should avoid are available to buy in big retailers like Walmart. They are cheaply made, stacked high, and turned over the maximum profit. But the failure rate is immense, they are little better than just drinking water, or fruit juice.

The brands I would specifically ask you to stay clear of, include:

  • Jazz Total Detox
  • Stinger Detox
  • Magnum Detox Instant Flush
  • Champ Flush Out

Likewise, I would steer clear of buying a detox drink from any general retailer, whether it’s somewhere like Walmart, or an online seller like someone on eBay, or Amazon.

Especially with eBay and Amazon, there is a high amount of fake products out there, and also out of date detox drinks. If you’re looking for the best detox drinks, then the only place you should really look is at specialist retailers, who will stock a full range of products, and know what they are talking about.

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The Best Detox Drinks For Drug Test ( My Experience )

So look, it’s actually more of a minefield to get hold of a good quality detox drink for a drug test than you would think.

The stuff you can pick up in Walmart, or in smoke shops, are usually awful quality. I would simply steer clear of all that.

If you look online, at reputable drug test avoidance specialists websites, then you can get really high-quality detox drinks, that will not let you down.

In my experience, over several years, only three brands are consistently successful. They’ve worked for me, they work for friends, and in my conversations online, it’s always the three brands which are almost universally praised.

But the before I go into detail about the three best detox drinks money can buy, I just want to talk to you about another brand that might be good enough if you are a really light smoker or user of any other type of drug.

Herbal Clean QCarbo32 is available in Walmart, and it’s one of the drinks I would not recommend. However, it’s not completely useless, and in the past, my buddy has had success with it, when he was a really light weed smoker.

So it does have the ability to flush out drug toxins, but it’s not going to work for people who have got a lot of toxins in their body. If you’ve got no other choice, and you can’t get your hands on Mega Clean in Walmart, then sure, QCarbo will be far better than nothing.

Detox Drink Reviews

  1. Ultra Eliminex- The best detox drink for a drug test

This, for me, is the number 1 detox drink on the market. That’s because it’s the most powerful formula available.

The reason I think it’s powerful is I’ve tested it recently with a home drug test kit, and despite me being stuffed full of weed toxins, I passed it. I’ve recommended it to my friends many times, and they have always passed with it.

This stuff isn’t cheap, $80 for the bottle. But it is incredibly powerful, and if you want a detox drink you can 100% rely on, even with heavy toxin exposure, then Ultra Eliminex will definitely be the investment you are looking for.

For detailed info on how to use it, check out my Ultra Eliminex review.

  1. Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32Oz

detox drinks for weedRescue Cleanse is a long-established top brand. It does only cost $55 for a bottle, but the quality is great. I’ve used it for several pre-employment drug tests over the years, especially when I had lower toxin levels than now.

So if you’re looking for an affordable detox drink, from a reputable company, that has a huge following, and a strong track record, then Rescue Cleanse is definitely the one to consider.

Instructions for taking it are pretty straightforward, and within an hour, you will definitely have a couple of hours totally clean to go and submit your sample. Unless it’s an advanced drug test, it will get you through. Check out my detailed review here.

  1. 3 Detoxify Mega Clean

Mega clean detoxMy third preferred drug detox drink is Mega Clean. In terms of using detox drinks for a drug test, it’s pretty good, costing $69.

If you have low toxin levels, it will certainly succeed on its own. But the isn’t as strong as my other two choices, and I would suggest that you only buy it from TestClear, because they bundle it up with six Toxin Rid detox pills. You take these in the 24 hours leading up to your drug test, and they force toxins into your urine at a faster rate.

This means when you drink the bottle of Mega Clean, there are fewer toxins around to flush out. It’s a powerful combo, and together, it makes it the second most powerful detox drink you can get your hands on. You can read my detailed review here.

You can buy Mega Clean in Walmart without the Toxin Rid detox pills, and if you’re desperate, and you can’t wait to order online, then it’s definitely your best bet of passing when compared to the other detox drinks you can pick up off-the-shelf.


I hope I’ve explained myself clearly, there are three safe ways to pass a urine drug test:

  1. If you want to get clean permanently do a natural detox, and speed that up with detox pills. However, that’s not going to be possible unless you’ve got at least a weeks notice, maybe even longer if you are a heavy weed smoker.
  2. Your second option is to use high-quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution, or Quick Fix. The problem with those is that you need nerves of steel, and you have to keep them at the correct temperature.
  3. Your third option is to use a detox drink. The best detox drink brands will definitely work unless you have incredibly high toxin levels, or there is a delay in submitting your sample. Just be wary of any detox drinks for THC advertised, because as you now know, that’s a marketing trick, and they are just charging more money for a standard detox drink. In fact, they are usually poor quality detox drinks to be completely avoided. If you stick to the three most popular brands of detox drinks for a drug test that I’ve outlined here, that I’ve also used myself, and personally recommend to my family and friends, then unless you are incredibly unlucky, you will breeze through your drug test.

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