Green Vein Kratom: Dosage, Effects, Where To Buy

Green kratom is often seen as the poor relation to red and green kratom. But in this green kratom review, I’m going to talk you through why that’s not actually true.

Green kratom is definitely more balanced, and often milder, but that’s not actually a bad thing. So we’ll talk about the spectrum of green vein kratom effects, and how they can actually be more beneficial in some situations than red or green.

Plus, I’ll talk to you about green vein kratom dosage in this review, as well as telling you where I buy my favorite strains of green kratom from.

Green, Red, White Kratom: What’s The Difference

Red kratom sits at one end. It’s a powerful pain reliever, sedative, and it can still help you to retain focus, and energy levels at lower doses. At higher doses, you’ll feel like you’re melting through the floor.

White kratom sits at the other end. It can give you intense bursts of physical and mental energy. It can improve your clarity, make you deliriously happy at high doses, and (for most people) keep you relatively chilled out as well. But it can make some people irritable and anxious.

In the middle sits green kratom. It gives you some of the effects of red, and white, but at a lower level. You can benefit from some pain relief, you can be chilled out, but you can still get physical and emotional energy that retains your focus and keeps you sharp.

So it’s a Jack of all trades, master of none. But if you’re looking for a more rounded kratom experience, that allows you to keep going during the day, then green vein kratom effects could be the ones you are looking for.

Green Vein Kratom Effects To Expect

White kratom is often seen as a morning kratom, or night-time kratom if you’re going out. Red kratom is almost always an afternoon or evening kratom because it chills you right out.

Green kratom is often described as an afternoon kratom because it starts to chill you out, just a little bit, but also keep you energized and focused. Perfect for getting you through the difficult work afternoons, and great for studying.

In terms of the exact green vein kratom effects you can expect, it doesn’t really matter which strain of green kratom you take, the same type of effects will be predominant:

  • Increase in physical energy
  • Boost in mental energy
  • Increased mental focus and clarity
  • minor pain relief
  • Relaxes and calms

Now the thing is with green vein kratom effects, is that they are more mild and broad than red, or white kratom effects, generally speaking. But as with red and white kratom, it’s the dosage that is important in defining the effects you experience.

What Green Vein Kratom Dosage Is Best?

It’s actually pretty tough to tell you which green vein kratom dosage is best for you. That’s because kratom is a very personal thing. On top of that, the quality of the kratom will matter a lot, and to a lesser extent, the strain of green vein kratom will change the effects as well.

At lower doses, you will get a minor boost in energy, focus, and feel slightly relaxed, but as the dose increases, so those energy levels will increase, until at a very high dose, the more sedative and analgesic nature of kratom starts to kick in. But still at a lower level than red or white kratom.

For me, a beginner dose is a couple of grams. To feel the full effects of green kratom, most people have to take around 4-5 grams.

Above that level, you’re looking at a high-dose where the full effects will kick in in a way that could actually start to be overwhelming for some people. A green vein kratom dosage of around 10 grams is considered very high, and the effects will be significant, but not as balanced as they are at lower doses.

Green vein malay kratomGreen Maeng Da Vs Green Kapuas Kratom

Green Kapuas Kratom can be very smooth, and give you more energy, as well as a strong feeling of wellbeing. This green kratom, Hulu Kapuas kratom, gets its name from the Kapuas Hulu regency in Western Kalimantan, which is on the island of Borneo where it is grown and harvested.

On the other side of the coin is green Maeng Da kratom. Maeng Da is not actually regional at all. In fact, it’s not real at all. It translates as “pimp grade” which is alluding to its strength.

But it’s a real lottery as to whether Maeng Da green kratom is actually stronger or not, that will depend on who is selling it to you, and where they have sourced it from. Some people just label up any kratom as Maeng Da, so it’s steering away from unscrupulous sellers, to find genuinely stronger green kratom.

So in a straight-up fight between Maeng Da and Green Kapuas, the effects can be similar, with Maeng Da being stronger, if you can find the real deal.

Buying Pure Green Vein Kratom

The conclusion of my green kratom review could be a little surprising to you. Green kratom effects can be really good, but it’s more about the quality of the green kratom, rather than the strain that is important.

Most green kratom has very similar effects, with some being slightly more energizing, and others being slightly more sedative, but only if you find pure green kratom from the source it claims to be from.

For me, only a couple of places ever genuinely achieve that, in terms of guaranteeing the quality and source of the kratom they sell. The first seller is Coastline Kratom. These guys are the biggest, and most well-known kratom sellers in the USA today.

They sell all the main types of green kratom, and I particularly love their Green Malay and Kapuas. They sell both as standard strength, but they also have an Ultra Enhanced Green Malay for sale which is very good.

You can buy most types of green kratom in capsules, or powder from Coastline Kratom. On top of that, they do a starter pack with a discount, which will allow you to try a couple of types of green kratom at a lower price. Plus, you’ll get free shipping within the USA.

The second-place want to mention at the end of this green kratom review, another place that I like to buy green kratom from is BuyKratom. They also do some really great, guaranteed pure, green kratom strains. But I want to draw your attention to their green kratom variety pack.

For a lower price, you’ll get the sample pack of each of the major types of green kratom: Green Thai, Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Borneo, Green Sumatra, and Maeng Da Green Indo.

If you’re starting out with trying to define the green vein kratom effects that work best for you, then that fantastic little starter pack is brilliant value and will allow you to experiment with all the main types of green kratom in one purchase.

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