Green Malay Kratom: My Favourite Strain

If you’re learning about kratom, you’re going to hear about Green Malay pretty soon. In this Green Malay kratom review, I’m going to tell you why it’s such a popular strain.

There are good reasons why it’s the main green kratom strain people talk about and rely on for a variety of reasons. For me, it actually works better than most reds, and whites, and I’ll explain exactly why in this review of Green Malay.

Plus, I’m going to tell you about Green Malay kratom effects, the sort of dosage range you should be considering, and I’ll explain in detail how Green Malay makes you feel.

In addition to all that, I’ll finish by telling you about the two places I always buy my kratom from, not just Green Malay.

What Is Green Malay Kratom Anyway?

At its most basic level, it’s green-veined kratom from Malaysia. Green kratom is different from red and white because of the spectrum of effects it produces.

Red kratom tends to be more analgesic and sedative in nature, it will calm you down, chill you out, take your pain away, make everything feel good. It’s also brilliant for people looking to get off opiates.

White kratom is the opposite end of that spectrum. Full of energy, mental and physical, a powerful punch, like downing half a dozen cups of coffee. At higher doses, you can even experience a genuine euphoric high.

But both white and red, especially stronger, higher doses of red or white, can be too powerful for most people. That’s where green kratom comes in.

Green kratom like Green Malay has a broader spectrum of effects than white or red. It takes the traits of white or red and delivers them across that spectrum at a lower level, which is why it’s so perfect for everyone.

Green Malay Kratom Effects

Green Malay kratom effects are some of my favorite. This is especially true during the day, or if I’m going out in the evening.

You’ll get a burst of energy, both mental and physical. You’ll feel more confident, more in control, more focused and have greater mental clarity. You’ll also feel chilled out. You will get social anxiety, if you’ve got pain, say a bad back, that pain will lessen. You’ll feel really brilliant.

But the effects will not be overwhelming, and you’ll get that broader range. At a higher dose, Green Malay can actually give you a chilled euphoric high, but we are talking a very high Green Malay kratom dose here.

So in summary, Green Malay kratom effects are:

  • A sense of well-being
  • Sharpened focus
  • Better ability to think and retain information
  • Better ability to study and absorb facts
  • Some pain relief
  • Release from anxiety symptoms
  • Lifting of depression symptoms
  • Strong energy boost

Green vein malay kratomHow To Properly Dose Green Malay

 Green kratom is quite mild, so the same dose of green will be milder than the same dose of white, or red usually. However, Green Malay kratom dosage is quite interesting, because it can be quite a potent green.

You should start to feel the full range of Green Malay kratom effects around 3-4 grams in dosage. These will strengthen to a maximum of around 5-8 grams, and become overwhelming above that level.

If you want to experience a genuine Green Malay kratom high, you’re looking at taking about 10 grams, or maybe a little more. But please be really careful doing that, especially if you’re not experienced with kratom.

But even just a couple of grams of Green Malay kratom will take the edge off your mood, lift you mentally and physically, you’ll feel more positive, more outgoing, and you’ll definitely get more done.

So…How Does Green Malay Make You Feel?

 I’ve pretty much already explained most of the answer to the question around how does Green Malay make you feel, but I’ll go into a little more detail here.

My personal experience is that a decent dose, for me about 4 grams, really takes the edge off things.

My anxiety disappears, my bad back is hardly noticeable. My brain feels rewired, productive, focused. But it’s not all overwhelming.

So it’s giving me the benefits of white kratom at a minor level, and a lot of the benefits of red kratom but without the overwhelming sedation that higher doses can bring.

For me, it’s a brilliant kratom to take in the afternoon or the evening, because it can chill you out. I’ll take it just before I go for a night out, a big social thing, because it helps me to get rid of my social anxiety and helps me to chat and listen a lot better.

Green malay kratom dosage

Where I Buy My Green Malay

 So this Green Malay kratom review has to be positive because I’ve only ever had a positive experience with Green Malay kratom effects.

In terms of buying Green Malay kratom, there are two places I would recommend you buy it from. I experimented the nearly a year to narrow down a list of more than a dozen sellers, to find people who genuinely import from Southeast Asia, lab test, and guarantee the kratom they sell. You be amazed how few kratom sellers actually have those guarantees and tests in place.

The first place is PurKratom. They sell a very good quality standard Green Malay kratom in powder form, and in capsule form. Capsules are brilliant for beginners because you can get an exact dose.

Coastline Kratom also sells standard Green Malay powder, which is just as good as PurKratom, but they don’t sell the capsules.

However, Coastline Kratom sells Ultra Enhanced Green Malay kratom. This is Green Malay that has been boiled down into a resin, had extra alkaloids added, and then it’s ground into a powder. So it’s really potent stuff, and even a couple of grams could send you into orbit.

So the Green Malay kratom effects you can experience from the Coastline Kratom Ultra Enhanced Green Malay are significant, and not for beginners. But as an occasional explosion of kratom sensations, they are really worth experiencing.


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