How To Lucid Dream: A Complete Guide To Lucid Dreaming Pills and Supplements

 You may not believe it, but lucid dreaming pills can actually work. I know, because I’ve used them and I have significantly changed the way my dreams happen, benefiting from it emotionally. But how can lucid dreaming supplements achieve this amazing feat?

Well, it’s not that simple. You can’t expect to just have a lucid dream after taking a pill. You have to train your brain for several weeks with some special techniques that you have to stick to. They are not overly complex or difficult, but you do have to be rigid in getting them fundamentally ingrained in your head.

Many people who have lucid dreams claim that some simple techniques, plus a good quality lucid dreaming pill, can help them to not only control your dreams but actually explore them and change their quality of life because of how that makes them feel.

So let’s work through this quick guide to using lucid dreaming pills and techniques, so you can see how beneficial lucid dreaming could be for you.

Lucid Dreams Explained

When we dream, we don’t usually have any idea that we are in a dream. Even though we may be vaguely aware that things are strange at times, and we perceive that something is not right, we never actually consciously think that we are dreaming.

It’s not until we wake up that we realize it was a dream, and that the distant awareness we had in our sleep was a sign that we were in some way vaguely aware it was a dream.

Dreaming is incredibly important. Dreams allow us to process memories and keep our minds healthy. They allow for the storage of memories, and also to work through problems. Emotionally dreams can help people to heal from trauma.

A lucid dream is one in which you’re well aware you are having a dream. Not only that, but you are actually at times able to manipulate the dream in some way. With time and training, and backed up by lucid dreaming pills, it’s possible to control your dream, have a better experience, and even to eradicate bad memories.

This is done through triggers and awareness, built up over time from a variety of techniques, which we will cover later on in this guide to lucid dreaming.

how to lucid dream tonight

What Lucid Dreams Can Deal With

Taking control of your dreams and affecting what happens in them, and the outcome from them is a skill that can give you benefits in life.

For a start, you will not be going to bed every night fearing sleep. And I’m telling you, it can be like that, and some of you may already feel that way. It will also stop you fearing waking up, or feeling awful during the day as you get flashbacks to the dreams or nightmares.

Even if you don’t have negative experiences with dreams, taking control of them can definitely help with how you view certain things and help you to explore issues and problems in a safe manner.

So specifically, what can you benefit from, if you can take control of your dreams through a combination of techniques and lucid dreaming pills:

  1. If you have a traumatic dream, a recurring one you can’t shake off, then lucid dreaming can help with that. It could be something from childhood, it could be a trauma in your life, a bad event, or it could be a fear of something. Whatever it is that makes you wake in the night disturbed or wake in the morning feeling uncomfortable, then lucid dreaming can help you to fight back in the dream and deal with it.
  2. Phobias can be explored in dreams. Let’s say you’re scared of wasps, and every time one comes near you, you panic and start flapping your arms. If you can take control of your dreams, then when you are confronted with wasps in your dreams, which you will be, you will be able to fight back and take control in a safe way, which could help you to deal with your phobia when you are awake.
  3. Many people become lucid dream explorers. Now that may sound silly, but once you can take control of your dream completely, it’s possible to explore themes and events that you couldn’t normally. You could want to be rich (who doesn’t?), so you have that lottery win and enjoy a wonderful dream. Or you get to marry the person you’ve always wanted to and have a fantastic time. It can leave you feeling refreshed, as everybody benefits from hope and positivity.
  4. Depression and anxiety, plus other debilitating mental health problems can cause bad dreams, and on top of everything else make you feel like you drag yourself out of bed every morning. By learning how to lucid dream tonight, and every night, you can alter the negativity in your dreams, which has the potential to click in your head when you are awake.

How To Lucid Dream Tonight

 There are several basic techniques you can master that will allow you to choose to lucid dream tonight, and any night you want. Of course, you may be successful some nights, and not successful others, but it will allow you the choice to try.

Taken alongside high-quality lucid dreaming pills, it’s perfectly possible to significantly increase your chances of being able to realize you are in a dream, interact within it, and to some extent take control of the events in it.

So let’s take a look briefly at the key techniques you must learn if you want to be able to have lucid dreams. If you don’t invest the time in these techniques, I’m talking weeks here, to master them, then it won’t work. You have to get your brain trained up with triggers so that you can recognize a dream state when asleep, which will then be accelerated by lucid dreaming pills.

  1. Create triggers to allow yourself to realize you are in a dream

This technique is simple, but it is powerful. You can’t just do it, it will take weeks, sometimes months of brain training to allow it to work properly. You’re basically going to train yourself to check reality. Do you remember the film Inception? The characters were asking if they were in a dream or not, well this is the same sort of thing.

While you are awake, you check key things and ask yourself if you are in reality. It’s especially powerful if you can remember what sort of things that happen in your recurring dreams because you can check those things in reality.

It doesn’t have to be around triggers. You could do it periodically through the day until it becomes routine to ask yourself if you are awake if this is a reality. That can trigger the question being asked when you are asleep.

  1. Create event triggers for your brain

This is another simple, but powerful technique, it’s closely related to reality checking. When you are reality checking against certain triggers, you are asking the question because of the trigger.

For example, you could create a trigger for red cars. When you see a red car, ask yourself if you are in reality. Keep doing it, and the potential is then there for your brain to recognize a red car in a dream, and allow you to trigger that same question.

More specifically, you can react to specific triggers from dreams. So let’s say that you recognize a certain thing happens in many dreams. By focusing on that when you are awake, looking at the reality of it, asking yourself if you are awake when it happens, you can create a trigger in your mind.

Then, when you are asleep and it happens, it can jolt your brain into realizing you are in a dream, which allows you to consciously start taking control of it.

  1. Record your dreams

The absolute key techniques for anyone who has successfully mastered lucid dreaming does is to record their dreams. It could be a journal, it could be recording it on your phone when you wake up. While the memories are fresh, talk about exactly what happened, how you remember it, triggers, how you feel, how you felt, what could have caused the dream, everything you can manage.

Over time, and with nightly reading, or at least weekly when there are lots of records, you’ll become so in tune with what happens in your dreams on a regular basis, that it can allow you to recognize the dream, the triggers, and potentially start lucid dreaming.

How to lucid dream

What Are Lucid Dream Supplements

 The important point to understand is that there is no such thing as a magic pill for lucid dreaming. Although they are dream tablets in design, they will not work without you doing the groundwork first, as I’ve already outlined for you.

If you ignore the fundamentals, then you will be able to trigger intervening in your dreams, and therefore not being able to create a lucid dream you can step into consciously.

But once you develop the techniques, you can start to use lucid dreaming pills to enhance the potential of you being able to lucid dream.

There is not much research into the natural dream supplements I’m going to outline a moment, but what there is does a backup that these are all potentially very good for enhancing dream quality.

The reason is that they all work by calming you down, and also slowing down the breakup of a neurotransmitter called Acetylcholine (ACh). The more of this neurotransmitter you have in the body, the more that dreams become vivid, and memorable, which obviously makes it much better for triggering an entry into your dream.

ACh also has a part to play in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, allowing us to enter it more quickly, the more of this neurotransmitter there is in the body. So stopping the breakdown of this neurotransmitter really can help with many aspects of beginning to lucid dream.

I’m now going to talk you through the best lucid dreaming supplements that I’ve found, including the most popular, the galantamine lucid dreaming supplements.

The Best Lucid Dreaming Supplements Available

There are lots of lucid dreaming supplements out there to buy, but not all of them are any good. I’ve tested quite a few over my time experimenting with lucid dreams, and I can tell you they are not all created equal.

However, there are several key things which are common to all the good ones, and you can even buy them individually, so you can create your own dream tablets combination.

The thing all of these having common though is that they work through stopping the breakdown of ACh, making it more likely that you will have vivid dreams that you can potentially interact within.

  1. Huperzine-A

This is one of the classic lucid dreaming supplements you can buy. It’s not expensive, and readily available, as long as you know where to buy it. Extracted from different plants, the most common one being the Chinese club moss.

It’s actually used as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, although it’s not regulated for that use. But in some countries around the world, especially Eastern Europe, it is prescribed for that purpose. So there is evidence that it can positively impact people.

Huperzine-A has in studies been found to enhance the recollection of memories, and also the formation of them. That’s great because as you know, you need to analyze your dreams afterward, so this will really help with keeping them vivid once you wake up.

Huperzine A

  1. Galantamine

This is the second classic lucid dreaming pill chemical. It’s actually a synthetic nitrogen compound, but it’s also obtainable from flowers such as the red spider lily. But whether it’s synthetic or natural, it’s effects are identical.

It’s used widely in eastern Europe and has been for a number of decades. Its purpose medicinally is to treat muscle weakness and some motor dysfunction conditions. It’s also used to offset the early advances of Alzheimer’s. Where it is available commercially, it’s known under several names, including Nivalin and Reminyl.

There is not a huge body of scientific evidence around the use of Galantamine for what it’s actually used for. However, it’s well known that when it’s prescribed as a treatment for Alzheimer’s, people using it complain that if they take too much, it can lead to very vivid dreams and recurring nightmares. So it’s obvious even from the anecdotal evidence that Galantamine could be very useful for unlocking the power of lucid dreams.

supplements for lucid dreaming

  1. Melatonin

Melatonin is used to help regulate people’s circadian rhythm, and there’s certainly been evidence to suggest that it can help. The circadian rhythm is key in the body for many things, including sleep patterns.

Melatonin has also been linked to the onset of better REM sleep. Because our dreams are more vivid the better we are sleeping, then the two benefits it can bring could really help with lucid dreaming. It could be taken alongside any other lucid dreaming pill.

Melatonin for lucid dreaming

  1. Vitamin B6

Research since 2002, including a notable study in 2018 did find that vitamin B6 can help with dream recollection. It takes time to develop the build-up vitamin B6, but after several weeks, people using vitamin B6 for lucid dreams do report better clarity of the dreams they have and have found it easier to recount them.

But what’s notable is that vitamin B6 does not appear to increase the vividness of the dreams, it doesn’t change anything about the dream itself. Which means that using it alongside other things can be really beneficial for people wanting to learn how to lucid dream tonight because it increases your power to recollect and analyze.

  1. Dreamleaf

This is not an individual substance that can help with unlocking the power of lucid dreaming. It’s a convenient lucid dreaming supplement that combines several things known to help with lucid dreams: Valerian root, Mugwort, Huperzine-A, Alpha-GPC, and Choline.

Choline is another substance which can help to maintain levels of ACh, which as we have already learned, can lead to a better chance of achieving a lucid dreaming state.

It consists of a red pill and a blue pill. You may remember the film The Matrix, well, that’s where they got this marketing idea from. You basically take one of each when you are ready to sleep, and it can help to improve the clarity of the dream, and also dream recollection afterward.

best lucid dreaming supplements

Lucid Dreaming Pills Dosage & Side Effects

There is no standard dosage you will need to achieve a true lucid dreaming state. As I’ve already said, the most important thing about lucid dreaming is training your brain to recognize that it’s in a dream, allowing you the opportunity to access it consciously.

But lucid dream supplements do definitely help. I know, because I’ve experimented a lot with them, and the difference when using them is significant, as long as you are doing the groundwork as well.

Galantamine on its own requires a dose of around 4 mg. 8 mg is often seen as the top dose you should take. It can have side-effects around that level, such as skin problems, urinary incontinence at night, and muscle cramps. Now you may not get any of those, or you may get all of those, but I would still advise you work up to that 8 mg dose.

Huperzine-A only requires a very small dose. Don’t get confused between milligrams and micrograms. There is 1000 mcg in a milligram, so it’s a huge difference. An average dose of Huperzine-A should be around 200 mcg. Thankfully, you can get it in pill form where that is the standard dose per pill.

In terms of Melatonin and Vitamin B6, you should be looking at a single capsule, from wherever you buy it. That is a standard daily dose and is usually in the low hundred milligrams per capsule.

lucid dreaming supplement dosage

So when should you take the lucid dreaming supplement? Well, the obvious time will be just before you go to bed. If you’re not intending to sleep for a while, that could waste some of its potency. If you’re going to take it before you sleep, I would advise you keep it by the bed and only take your chosen lucid dreaming supplement literally before you drop off.

But many people advocate that you take it during the night. Lots of people who have mastered lucid dreaming actually set an alarm for about four hours into their sleep. This ensures the best chance of them being in deep REM sleep when the alarm goes off.

They then take the supplement and get straight back off to sleep. That ensures more chance of going straight back into deep REM sleep, giving them the best chance of lucid dreams, backed up by the power of the supplement, and their own mental triggers coming into play.

Where To Buy Lucid Dreaming Pills

The problem I found with buying lucid dreaming pills was always around finding the quality that was required. Too many places selling rubbish, and you just don’t know unless you try them yourself, or get a good recommendation.

Dreamleaf was slightly different. You can buy that from its own company website. You know what’s in it, it’s got a good reputation, and the ingredients can definitely help with lucid dreams.

It’s only $30 for 60 pills, so that’s a dollar a night. For me, you can’t go wrong with that, especially when an individual month-long supplement of its main active ingredient Huperzine-A would cost almost that on its own.lucid dreaming pills

For me, the best place I found for many different supplements, including smart drugs, and other body and mind aids, is a company called  Absorb Health. They are a huge company and have a strong reputation. I did a big order from these guys right at the start of my lucid dreaming journey, and I was never disappointed.

So for me, the recommendation on where to buy dreaming supplements has to be They sell nearly all the things we talked about individually. Galantamine, Huperzine-A, and Choline. So you could experiment like that.

However, I started with their combo lucid dreaming deal. It contains five things linked to lucid dreaming: Huperzine-A, Galantamine, Alpha GPC, 5-HTP, and L-Leanthine.

For just $90, you get a full month supply of each one, so that’s five different things you can try alone, or in combination to aid with your efforts of learning how to lucid dream tonight or any night.

Lucid dreaming supplements

For me, they really helped with the intensity of my lucid dreams. Yes, I’d done a couple of months of groundwork as I’ve explained, and the combination of the triggers and the supplements definitely unlocked the power of lucid dreams for me. With the right supplement and the right brain training, you can definitely unlock the power of lucid dreams, using your mind, and lucid dreaming pills.

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