Nitrovit Reviews: Do The Claims About This Nootropic Stack Add Up?

If you’ve read a lot of Nitrovit reviews out there, then you may have been led to believe that it a nootropic supplement that has the ability to improve key areas of personal performance: memory, cognition, clarity, mood, and focus.

But can it be true? Nitrovit is hardly an expensive supplement, and yet it appears to contain a wealth of ingredients that are linked to all of the benefits I’ve just mentioned, conveniently packaged up to bring you maximum benefits.

So let’s take a detailed look at the effects you can potentially get from using Nitrovit, to see if the alleged years of development have produced something miraculous.

Nitrovit Details

Whenever you talk about smart drugs, nootropics, everyone thinks about the movie Limitless. Pop a pill, overperform, overachieve, have the memory of a super elephant, and be sharper than everyone else socially.

But that’s obviously all bit of a Hollywood dream. But nootropics can definitely improve memory, focus, mood, and performance well beyond the baseline, often by as much as 50%.

Nitrovit was created by the CEO of a company called Neuro laboratories. He suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder and was fed up with prescription medication. So he turned to experiment with stacking various nootropics and supplements to try and deal with the problem.

The result was a nootropic stack that the company claims create a synergy between some of the ingredients which enhances them further than they can individually. Now that may sound far-fetched, but it is actually possible. Certain substances do complement each other well, to produce an enhanced effect that is greater than the sum of its parts, but does Nitrovit achieve this?

How Does Nitrovit Work?

Nitrovit contains a group of ingredients which the company describes as being in three “stacks”.

The first stack contains vitamin B6 and vitamin B12. I’m not too bothered about that, because you can get vitamins from a speck of supermarket dirt cheap, but it does keep everything in one daily supplement. Both of these vitamins have been linked in studies to brain health, and cognitive sharpness.

The second part of the stack is a nitro stack. It’s a formula of 975 mg of different ingredients, all of which are linked to brain health. For example, Alpha Lipoic acid has been linked to a lowering of blood sugar, and brain benefits due to it being an antioxidant.

The company claim that several pairings within the capsules amplify when they are taken together to produce enhanced effects:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine and Alpha Lipoic acid
  • Alpha GPC and Huperzine A
  • Bacopa Monnieri and Mucuna Pruriens

The caveat in saying that though, the company doesn’t provide any evidence as to what those pairings actually amplified. All of those ingredients have been linked in studies to minor improvements in cognition, neuron health, and general brain health, but I’m not really sure how taking them all at the same time amplifies what they do, or how the company has proven that.

But the positive is that every ingredient in the nitro stack has been positively linked in studies to improving brain health, and helping with alleviating conditions like Alzheimer’s.

But that makes a lot of these ingredients better for the long term, not immediately. That’s why Nitrovit is designed to be taken as an ongoing supplement though, rather than a pill you pop now and again.

Is an important point I think a lot of people are missing. Although you get the hit of some of the ingredients immediately, it’s also designed as a long-term supplement, where the ingredients keep the brain working healthily, and increase in strength with time.

The third stack is the Mojo stack. It contains 50 mg of caffeine, the equivalent of a weak cup of coffee, 100 mg of Huperzine A, and 37.5 mg of Noopept.

As you may know, Noopept is generally regarded as a successful, and potentially powerful smart drug. It’s been linked to a range of cognitive benefits for many years, especially improving mental clarity, speed, and lowering anxiety, and has been widely available on prescription in eastern Europe for decades.

nitrovit ingredientsNitrovit Effects

Combining the three stacks of ingredients together in one capsule, you will get the following benefits:

  • Better memory formation
  • Improved memory storage
  • Enhance memory recall
  • Sharpened focus
  • Better concentration
  • A lowering of anxiety

Put all that together, and the potential Nitrovit effects could be significant. You’ll perform in every area of life better, at work, learning, during sports, or just out socializing.

At the heart of Nitrovit obviously lays Noopept. It’s a significant smart drug, that has been linked to strong cognitive improvements. So is everything else just the warm-up act, basically something to make you think you getting more than just expensive Noopept?

Well, the dose of Noopept included in Nitrovit is actually very strong. 37.5 mg per capsule. So taking two a day gives you a very strong dose of this smart drug.

However, what you’re getting is a balanced capsule. I tried this for a month. It’s not my supplement of choice, I prefer other supplements tailored for individual tasks, but I can tell you this really works.

If you’re looking for an all in one solution that’s perfect in dosage, and will definitely give you a kick without having to worry about stacking anything, then Nitrovit is well worth experimenting with.

Within an hour of taking your capsule, you will feel sharper. Your performance mentally will improve, you’ll recall, speech, everything will feel 20% better. It will also all feel smoother as well, you won’t feel jagged, things will flow, you’ll feel in control.

I can’t comment on long-term benefits. However, the manufacturers of Nitrovit say that the ingredients help to build up brain health, and keep the brain free of free radicals, so it’s a supplement to be seen as one to be taken ongoing.

Oxiracetam effectsDosing Nitrovit: What Is Recommended?

So look, I think that Nitrovit has value. The company website states that it will help you to level up your mental performance, and make you sharper in every area you need. That’s brilliant, but you have to get the dose right, and you have to understand what happens if you don’t.

The official Nitrovit dosage is one capsule in the morning, and one capsule in the afternoon. Don’t take them in the evening, otherwise, you’ll be up all night.

A capsule lasts about four hours, which will give you a cognitive enhancement all through the day.

You should not take Nitrovit every single day. You should take it for five days, and then have a two-day break. This is mainly because of Noopept. It’s well known that some people can suffer from tolerance to Noopept after a short time.

So to stop tolerance building for Noopept, and a few of the other active ingredients, they suggest the two-day break each week.

However, be careful, because on the pack it does say to not exceed four capsules per day. That’s kind of saying it’s okay to take four capsules a day, double the dose they say you should take.

Four capsules give you 150 mg of Noopept. That’s one hell of a lot to take for five days straight, and although your cognitive skills will definitely sharpen significantly, you are really running the risk of tolerance.

Nitrovit dosageDoes Nitrovit Have Bad Side Effects?

Nitrovit side-effects are allegedly non-existent. The company website claims that taking the capsules at the recommended dose of two per day, to the recommended frequency of five days per week, will give you zero side-effects.

I’m not quite so sure about that. As we’ve already touched upon, Noopept can lead to tolerance problems, which means the pills will become less effective, which in itself is a side effect.

Also, Huperzine A has been linked to creating high blood pressure. This has been at higher doses than is included in a daily dose of Nitrovit. However, I do think it’s slightly negligent of the company to the loss over this fact and say there are no possible side effects of Nitrovit when there is actually the potential for people with high blood pressure to suffer problems.

Nitrovit Review: Conclusion& Where To Buy

So look, I’ve got to say that Nitrovit reviews are right. From what I’m reading online, and the experience I’ve had, it definitely has cognitive benefits. It’s not just me saying that either, a friend of mine independently tried it a while back, and mentioned it a few weeks back. In the conversation, it became obvious that he had got the same enhancements.

In terms of where to buy Nitrovit, the only place you can buy it is from legitimately is the main Nitrovit company website. If you see Nitrovit for sale anywhere else, don’t buy it, it’s not real.

A single 60 capsule bottle, containing a month supply (at two capsules a day) will set you back $59.97. Bulk buy three months supply, and you’ll say 40%. It’s not quite such a good deal to buy six months of supply, as you will only say 45%.

nitrovit reviewsShipping is free over $99, below that, it’s just $6.97, which is cheap. And don’t worry if you are outside the USA, because shipping is $19.97 anywhere in the world.

One thing I’ve seen people asking on forums has anyone found a legitimate Nitrovit coupon. Well, I found a coupon for Nitrovit that works.

If you just enter the Nitrovit coupon code nitrovit10 at checkout, you’ll get 10% off the price, which is a pretty good deal.

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