Oral Clear Gum Review: The Best Saliva Neutralizing Gum

Saliva drug test chewing gum is a great way to pass an oral swab drug test with ease, as long as you know which gum to buy and the trickster use to make sure you can always chew it before the test.

But what actually is saliva neutralizing gum? Is it cheap, where can you get it, and does it actually work every single time?

Well, I’ve used it, and also tell you about a friend of mine who used it recently as well. I’ll tell you how to use it, how well it works, and where you can buy the best saliva drug test chewing gum on the market.

What Is A Saliva Drug Test Chewing Gum?

 Saliva drug test chewing gum is a special gum you can easily use to neutralize your saliva. It contains powerful ingredients that eliminate the drug toxins that are currently in your mouth.

Now that doesn’t give you long. Obviously, as fresh saliva is created, it could contain more drug toxins. As the toxins work their way out of your body, there will be an intermittent stream of toxins in your mouth.

So saliva neutralizing gum does exactly that, but it only gives you from a few minutes, to possibly up to half an hour, to have your oral swab sample taken. But it’s enough time if you get it right.

how to pass a saliva drug testThe Saliva Neutralizing Gum Of Choice Is…..

So look, there’s only one detox gum I would ever bother buying.

It’s called Oral Clear. It’s not cheap, it will cost you $90. And that’s not even for a pack of gum, that’s for a single capsule.

I say capsule because it’s not even really gum. It’s like a large pharmaceutical capsule that is full of liquid. Not huge, more than discreet enough to hide in your pocket, and then concealed in the palm of your hand.

You pop the capsule in your mouth, chew it and swill it around in your mouth 30 seconds, and then swallow the lot. Your saliva will then be clear of drug metabolites for up to 30 minutes, and there will be no trace of the fact you have used it.

Does Oral Clear Gum Work?

No Oral Clear gum review would be complete without telling you if this saliva neutralizing gum actually works.

Not only have I used it successfully two years ago, and just prior to the test I tested a second capsule with a home saliva drug test kit to make sure it worked, but recently my friend used it as well. He works in a warehouse on the forklifts. They do random drug testing, and I’ve advised him to always have Oral Clear in his pocket.

Thankfully he took my advice because they did some random drug testing in the warehouse a few weeks back. One other guy who is also a heavy smoker of weed got caught and dismissed.

My buddy passed his test. Thankfully he saw another driver in the warehouse being called into the office and he heard that it was for a random drug test.

There are only three drivers on that day, and so he said he was sweating as he knew he was getting his test a few minutes after that. He popped the gum in his mouth, did exactly as I told him to, and then when they came the test, he was nervous, but he passed.

oral clear gum reviewsWhere To Buy Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum

 So look, the conclusion of this brief Oral Clear gum review is to get some if you think you could be in danger of being mouth swab drug tested.

It’s so discreet that you can hide the capsule in the palm of your hand and pretend to cough even while they are preparing your swab test in front of you. Place your hand over your mouth and pop the capsule in. Then you can very surreptitiously swill the liquid around in your mouth for a couple of moments before swallowing it.

So where does this genius piece of kit come from?

Well, you can buy it from Test Negative. They are the official sellers of the product, and as I’ve said it’s not cheap, but $90 to save your job and the potential embarrassment is gold dust.

Plus, something a lot of people don’t mention is that if you’re dismissed for failing a drug test, that can make it harder to get the job in the future. So that $90 investment in Oral Clear now could mean you earn more money for years to come.

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