Using Phenibut And Kratom: Can You Use Phenibut For Kratom Withdrawal?

Many people report that using Phenibut and kratom together creates an amazing experience. The effects are pronounced, and full spectrum.

But are there any problems with using Phenibut with kratom? Is it possible to make Phenibut or kratom withdrawal worse, or create mental or physical problems for yourself when using both together? Well, let’s look at everything you need to know about using Phenibut and kratom together so that you can make an informed choice about whether the definite positive effects are not worth the potential problems.

Why Use Phenibut With Kratom?

Phenibut targets the GABA-b receptors in the brain, this helps to relieve anxiety, increase awareness, and improve cognitive potential. It’s brilliant for feeling calm in stressful situations, while actually improving natural focus.

Kratom is a partial agonist of several types of opioid receptors in the body. At lower doses, this can lead to energy and euphoria, but as the dose increases, it overwhelms the responses and becomes increasingly analgesic and sedative in nature.

So what you are getting is a combination of effects that will depend on the dose. So let’s now discuss how the different doses of Phenibut and kratom can interact to create different positive experiences.

Effects Of Using Phenibut And Kratom

phenibut and kratom dosage

The first thing to cover is strong doses of kratom and Phenibut together. I’ll talk about an optimal  Phenibut kratom dosage in a minute, but generally, high doses of both, whether it’s white kratom all red kratom, will eventually tip over into incredible sedation. It can actually be dangerous at very high doses.

So let’s stick to medium doses of Phenibut and kratom, when we are talking about the effects of using Phenibut and kratom together to create a unified experience. The trick is to use the Phenibut about one hour before you take the kratom. That gives it plenty of time to get its effects fully triggering on the GABA receptors.

You’ll feel unstoppable, full of confidence, focus, and self-awareness. Then you take the kratom, which will give you even more euphoria, and if it’s red, chill you out even more. It’s a wonderfully drifting confidence that some people describe as a godlike experience.

Especially on red kratom, it’s as close to an opiate experience as you will get, without taking a narcotic like heroin. The balance of blissful sedation, alongside retaining focus and confidence is unbeatable.

Phenibut And Kratom Dosage

Now as I’ve already said, if you take too much Phenibut and kratom together, you’re heading for oblivion. You will crash into sedation, which at very high doses can be dangerous. A high dose of Phenibut is seen as anything over 500 mg on its own. Anything over 1 gram is seen as concerning, certainly euphoric, and anything over 2 g is generally regarded as territory for an overdose.

Kratom doesn’t have the same overdose potential, you tend to just tip into sedation. However, anything over 5 g of pure kratom, white, green or red, is heading into a strong dose.

So your combined Phenibut and kratom dosage should be very carefully administered. A good starting point, for an optimal experience, would be 500 mg of Phenibut, and 3-4 grams of kratom.

Side Effects Of Using Phenibut With Kratom

Now look, this is where it gets serious. Phenibut can be fun as long as it’s used very sparingly.

You can get serious tolerance, and therefore addiction to Phenibut if you take it frequently, and at the high dose. People report that coming off Phenibut can produce more painful, and longer, withdrawal symptoms than heroin.

So the first side-effect of using Phenibut and kratom together is that you are increasing the risk of incredible withdrawal symptoms, that could go on for weeks. Panic attacks, you name it.

Generally, if you are sensible, once per week, and only using as much as you need to get a decent effect from kratom and Phenibut, then side-effects are usually relegated to nausea, mild headache in the beginning, and a minor comedown at the end.

For more info, check out my detailed Phenibut review.

kratom for phenibut withdrawal

Can You Use Phenibut For Kratom Withdrawal?

It’s not recommended to use Phenibut for kratom withdrawal. You’re replacing something manageable with something even less manageable if you get tolerant and addicted to it. The withdrawal symptoms of coming off kratom are slight in comparison to the withdrawal symptoms of coming off acute Phenibut usage.

Substituting Phenibut for kratom could encourage you to use far higher doses than you need, in order to stop the withdrawal symptoms of kratom. That could basically lead you jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. If you are sensible, then Phenibut and kratom together can create a very different, positive experience.

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