PQQ Supplements: Benefits, Dosage, Where To Buy

As you get older you’ll notice differences in your body, but also in your mind. Why do these changes happen, and is there something you do about them? Well, the evidence seems to be that getting your hands on the best PQQ supplement you can, could help to really slow down some of the cognitive problems encountered with aging.

But how could a PQQ supplement do that, and what is PQQ anyway? If it’s safe, it could be a game-changer, at least that’s what PQQ reviews will try and tell you. But what’s the truth?

In this quick guide, I’m going to tell you whether PQQ supplement reviews you read online are telling the truth or not. We’ll talk about what PQQ is, how to use it, daily dosage, potential side effects, plus the benefits you can expect, and why.

What Is PQQ?

So what happens as we get older? Well, our body changes partly due to a decline in something called mitochondria. These are organelles that are found within every cell in the body. They help to break down food nutrients into energy and break down waste products for expulsion.

However, as we get older the number of these “powerhouses of cells” diminishes. That’s why as we get older our physical energy and physical stature diminish, and one of the reasons that things in the body start to deteriorate because oxidants build up in the body, known as oxidative stress.

Mitochondria are found in almost all living things. In fact, NASA even found them in interstellar dust samples, so it’s literally floating all around the universe and is key in running the human body.

PQQ is a much easier name for pyrroloquinoline quinone. It’s an antioxidant compound that is found in many foods and organisms. At first, it was thought to be a vitamin, similar to vitamin B, but now it’s been classed as a micronutrient.

But what’s important is that PQQ has been found to potentially stimulate the development of new mitochondria in the body.  Now think about that, if a simple supplement can increase the production of these cell powerhouses, then you could offset a lot of the natural deterioration that takes place in the body because of oxidative stress.

PQQ Review: Potential Health Benefits

But what do we mean specifically when we are talking about the benefits that the best PQQ supplement could bring?

Well, that’s quite a wide-ranging topic. Although the potential benefits won’t happen immediately, if you take this supplement over months and years, then you could potentially slow down aging considerably.

Research is in its infancy, but it, and anecdotal evidence, suggest the following main to potential PQQ supplement cognitive benefits:

  1. Reverse cognitive decline

It was only until recently that it was thought that cognitive decline was irreversible. Scientists didn’t think that cells could regenerate, simply because they couldn’t find any evidence of processes in the body that would allow it to happen. So if you had a brain injury, or we’re just getting old, then you were on a slope that was only going downwards.

However, in the mid-1950s NGF, nerve growth factor, was discovered, isolated, and investigated. This is a protein that plays a key role in the maintenance, survival, and protection of the neurons in our body.

But the exciting breakthrough is that under certain circumstances, NGF can actually produce new neurons, meaning that brain decline is not irreversible.

It’s been found that PQQ has the potential for our bodies to produce more NGF, which could lead to increased production of neurons in the brain. NGF levels of also been linked to lowering inflammation in the body, a problem we incur as we get older, so it could even help with that as well.

On top of that, PQQ is an antioxidant, which can help to keep the brain healthy. It has neuroprotective capabilities. Toxins, free radicals, can start to deteriorate the quality of the brain, by slowing down blood supply and killing off neurons. PQQ can help to reverse the effects these damaging external attackers have through helping to increase levels of NGF and mitochondria.

PQQ benefits

  1. Improve your memory

Studies have shown that PQQ has the potential ability to improve your memory. It’s actually part the reversing cognitive decline that we just talked about. In one study, older adults were given 20 mg of PQQ per day for 12 weeks. It was found that there were definitely improvements in their cognitive ability when compared to a benchmarked control group.

But is not just about old people here. Because of the way that a PQQ supplement increases the bioavailability of essential micronutrients, it can help anyone to retain information, and recall information more readily. Basically, you’ll have a better brain. Not an enhanced capability in the way a nootropic works, but it will help your brain to work at its peak natural potential.

So if you are studying, working, or if you sometimes feel you are struggling to cope with all the thoughts and decisions you have to make mentally, then the best PQQ supplement could definitely help you.

But that’s not where the potential benefits of using a good PQQ supplement end. Studies in animals have shown the following potential benefits that complement the potential cognitive improvements:

  • Can improve heart health and help to recover more quickly after a heart attack or stroke
  • Can improve sleep patterns
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Could improve chances of weight loss
  • Increases energy levels (found to reduce fatigue)

PQQ effectsHow To Use PQQ

 The great news is that using a PQQ supplement is really easy to do. All you have to do is take a daily dose, just like you would a multivitamin.

There’s nothing else to worry about. The only thing you have to be sure about is whether the dose is right, and that’s where things can become a bit more uncertain. You just need to make sure that you buy the best PQQ supplement possible, so you get absolute purity for a great price.

PQQ Dosage Guide

As with most supplements, there’s not a great deal of consensus out there about the right dose of PQQ to take.

The reason for this is that most supplements used for health benefits have never actually passed full clinical trials, meaning that a lot of the evidence is through initial trials on humans or animals, or anecdotal evidence. However, PQQ dosage should not be too much of a problem as it is tough to overdose on this stuff.

Most people in the studies conducted on humans have taken a daily dose of 20 mg for several months on end, with no visible negative side effects. So it appears to me that 20 mg per day is a perfectly safe dose to take.

PQQ Food Source Tips

You also have to remember that PQQ occurs naturally in some foods, although a lot of them are not common foods. Parsley, green tea, papaya, and green peppers are all examples of foods that contain naturally high levels of PQQ.

So it’s not just about taking a  PQQ supplement, you could get an improved dose just by eating certain foods. There are quite a few foods out there that are good PQQ food sources, so it’s just a case of educating yourself and building them into your diet. But obviously, taking a good quality PQQ supplement alongside a properly balanced diet will bring you the benefits we’ve already discussed.

Are There Any PQQ Side Effects

 The great news is that there doesn’t appear to be any known side effects from taking PQQ.

Now that’s not to say there aren’t any side effects, but if there are then they are not really being reported as common in trials, or in anecdotal evidence online.

I think it’s fairly certain that a low dose, of 20 mg or less per day, is not going to produce any negative side effects, but could produce significant benefits. For me, the potential benefits make worrying about side effects with a PQQ supplement pointless.best PQQ supplementWhere To Buy The Best PQQ Supplement

So now we get to the same point as all those other PQQ reviews out there: the conclusion.

I have to conclude from the research I’ve done that alongside increasing natural PQQ food sources, getting your hands on the best quality PQQ supplement possible and administering a low daily dose could have significant benefits.

But where can you get the best PQQ supplement form?

Well, the only place I’ve ever really found in the USA is a company called Absorb Health. They sell a lot of high-quality supplements and nootropics. I’ve used them for a number of years with no problem, and the quality of the supplements they sell has always been fantastic.

It’s possible to buy a PQQ supplement from Absorb Health that consists of 30 capsules. Each capsule contains 20 mg. At $15.99, that works out at well under a dollar a day to potentially significantly boost your cognitive abilities, and in the longer potentially benefit a wide range of supporting positive impacts.

Alongside that benefit, you’ll get free shipping on orders over $75, and a 100% moneyback guarantee, making buying the best PQQ supplement risk-free.


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