Proven Peptides Review: Are They Legit?

One of the biggest SARMs companies out there in the USA is Proven Peptides. But who are these guys, and is Proven Peptides legit? In this Proven Peptides review, I’m going to give you a personal view of the company based on my own experiences.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Proven Peptides. What they sell, how quickly they get SARMs ship to you, and importantly, what the quality of the SARMs they sell are like.

Plus, to keep things fair I’ll also tell you about a couple of alternative companies I have also used to buy SARMs from, so like me, you can compare and contrast, to get the best SARMs possible so you can really skyrocket your bulking and cutting.

Who Are They?

Proven Peptides are definitely a legit company. They have a proper business address, you can check them out, and they are owned by the company who also have several other legitimate businesses, so you know you are dealing with a proper organization.

They sell SARMs. Just SARMs, nothing else. They offer rapid delivery in the USA, and they are definitely one of the most recognized SARMs sellers out there.

And that could be due to heavy advertising. You will see them literally everywhere, if you are on forums, bodybuilding sites, even searching on Google, you will see lots of their adverts, which is one of the reasons they are so well known.

But there is more to it than that. It’s also because of the quality. If you look at Reddit, you will see endless threads saying about the purity of Proven Peptides SARMs, and how people have benefited using them in just a couple of cycles.

And I can testify to that as well. They are amongst the best value SARMs I’ve ever had, not the absolute best, but they are pure, and when I’ve used them they have been really good with the results, both for cutting fat and with bulking.

I’ve used their Testolone RAD-140 religiously over the past two years and had really good results after several cycles with it.

SARMs Sold By Proven Peptides

So what SARMs do Proven Peptides sell exactly?

Well, they sell all of the main types you would expect. Cardarine, Nutrobal, Ligandrol, Ostarine, Andarine, Stenabolic, Testolone, and YK-11. That’s everything you could want to experiment with SARMs. I’ve used several of those over the past couple years, and I’ve never been disappointed with the quality.

So is Proven Peptides legit, well this review of them is happy to say that the SARMs I’ve experienced with them are pure, and they definitely work.

Do Proven Peptides Sell PCT Supplements?

Look, if you doing a Proven Peptides review you have to be honest about it, and mention that they don’t sell PCT supplements.

Another SARMs company I use, Swiss Chems, not only sell 100% pure SARMs, but they also sell a range of PTC supplements. So you can get everything in one order, and save more money on shipping.

So that’s one of the only downsides for me about Proven Peptides. The quality of the SARMs is really good, and it’s all guaranteed quality, with certificates of purity on the website. But, they don’t sell the PCT supplements you will definitely need.

is proven peptides legitAre Proven Peptides Legit As A Sarms Supplier?

You’re always going to get idiots on the Internet, on places like Reddit, saying that Proven Peptides are a scam.

But usually, it’s because they haven’t used the SARMs correctly, or haven’t bothered working out properly, haven’t pushed themselves, haven’t had the right diet and application, stuff like that. It could also be that people expect miracles with SARMs. They fall for the hype, and although they are great, they aren’t some miracle supplement.

So yes, the answer to the question around is Proven Peptides legit, is yes, they are, and I’ve ordered from them several times and had great success with the SARMs they have supplied me.

In terms of general things that make Proven Peptides a great place to buy SARMs for me:

  • Their website is first class and easy-to-use
  • They have secure credit card processing
  • You get free shipping on orders over $99
  • All of their SARMs have valid and recent purity certificates on the product page
  • They offer a 100% moneyback guarantee

So for me, Proven Peptides are legit, and the conclusion of my Proven Peptides review has to be that they are a classy SARMs store.

But on the downside, they don’t sell PCT supplements, and they aren’t the cheapest either.

Getting A Proven Peptides Coupon

I’m sorry to break the bad news is you, but there is no Proven Peptides discount code in circulation at the moment. I even contacted Proven Peptides to ask if they had one out there, and they said they have none available at the moment.

But you never know your luck, that could change. But if anyone is telling you that they have a valid Proven Peptides coupon code, then they are lying, there isn’t one available. However they are running a few different promo’s at the moment, you can check them by clicking here.

Proven peptides reviewAlternative SARMs Suppliers

I actually want to conclude my Proven Peptides review by telling you about a couple of alternative SARMs suppliers to consider.

Umbrella Labs are very good quality. Just as good as Proven Peptides. They are also slightly cheaper, around five dollars per dropper bottle cheaper.

Plus, you do get free shipping in the USA on any size of the order, you don’t have to spend a hundred dollars to get free shipping. So overall, their SARMs probably work out around 10% cheaper than Proven Peptides.

The second company is Swiss Chems. These guys sell all the SARMs you would expect, plus they sell PCT supplements, which is bizarrely not usual for SARMs suppliers. But it’s great because you can get your SARMs and PCT all in one place, and at a great price.

Plus, Swiss Chems also offer free shipping. They also sell their SARMs in capsules rather than liquid, which is great for beginners, because it’s easier to dose using capsules than it is using a dropper bottle of liquid.

So there you go, my Proven Peptides review conclusion is that they are a great company, trustworthy, and great value. The SARMs they sell really work, but Swiss Chems and Umbrella Labs are definitely a couple of other reputable SARMs retailers that you should consider trying as well.

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