Quick Luck Synthetic Urine: Best Fake Urine?

Sub Solution is the number one brand of synthetic urine out there, with its brilliant heat activator powder. But in this Quick Luck synthetic urine review, I’m going to tell you about what is basically a newer version of Sub Solution.

I’ll try and keep it simple because there’s a lot of people out there who seem to be confused about why Quick Luck is any different to buying Sub Solution, they just see it as more expensive.

So in this review of Quick Luck, I’m going to tell you exactly why it’s more expensive, and why that extra money is worth spending. I’ll give you clear instructions on how to use Quick Luck, compare it to Sub Solution, and tell you where you can buy both Quick Luck and Sub Solution at the best price.

Clear Choice Urine Products Explained

Clear choice is for me the best detox product company out there. They have a number of products which are my first choice to avoid getting caught out in a drug test.

They make Rescue Cleanse and awesome detox drink. They make Oral Clear, strong saliva neutralizing chewing gum. Plus, of course, they also make Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

They’ve been around for a long time, their products are often updated, and if you look at them as a brand, then feedback from people passing drug tests using their products is really strong, which is obviously reassuring.

What Is Quick Luck?

 Quick Luck is literally the most premium brand of synthetic urine you can buy. I don’t say that lightly, I’m saying it because of a couple of years of experience of using Quick Fix, and then Sub Solution, the two most popular brands out there.

But now there’s Quick Luck, the ultimate solution for me. If you’re using Quick Luck, you are getting the following benefits:

  1. It’s the most complex formula of synthetic urine on the market. 14 different biological markers found in human urine, to make sure you stand very little chance of ever having your sample flagged as invalid.
  2. It’s premixed, see you don’t even have to deal with powder and water. You just heat it up, and you are ready to submit the sample.
  3. It uses heat activator powder rather than heatpads (although you get two heatpads included just in case you want to use them). Heat activator powder is genius, and I’ll talk a bit more about it in a moment when I tell you exactly how to use Quick Luck.
  4. It doesn’t contain biocide. Biocide is an artificial preservative that is in some brands of synthetic urine. It appears that some of the big testing labs have realized this, now simply test for the presence of artificial biocide, because it rules the sample out as invalid easily.

How To Use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

 So look, it’s really easy to use Quick Luck, it’s the simplest synthetic urine to use. Let me lead you through the Quick Luck instructions so you can see.

First, you have to prepare the vial of synthetic urine. It’s premixed, it’s ready to go. But you have got options here. You can microwave it, to warm it up first, and then use the heat activator powder or heatpad to warm it further, or you can just use the heat activator powder from cold.

For me, if you’re preparing in advance, I would use a microwave. Then check the temperature, and then just use a small amount of heat activator powder to get the temperature within the right range (between 90°F and 100°F).

But that’s the beauty of the heat activator powder, you can use it anywhere. So don’t even need a microwave, a heating pad, or anything. You could literally sit outside the testing lab, although I’d recommend you do it around the corner and prepare the sample there. Just keep pouring in heat activator powder bit by bit until the temperature stabilizes within the right range.

When you submit Quick Luck, check the temperature, and even if it has dropped, you could actually add a bit more heat activator powder behind the screen, in a cubicle, wherever you are submitting the sample.

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

I said at the start of this Quick Luck synthetic urine review that people wonder what the difference is when it comes to Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution. There are two differences which make Quick Luck better than Sub Solution, which is why it’s $20 more.

Firstly, it’s premixed. Sub Solution is a powder that you have to mix with warm water. So with Quick Luck, you could keep it in your locker at work, and it’s literally ready to submit after heating it with heat activator powder in as little as two minutes. But obviously, you’ll need a water supply to mix up Sub Solution.

Apart from that complete convenience, the other reason is that Quick Luck is a slightly more complex formula. It’s a very recent product, and although Sub Solution is updated every year, Quick Luck is not only updated recently, but it’s also more complex in composition.

Sub Solution synthetic urineWhere To Buy Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

So now you know how to use Quick Luck, and why it’s the pick of the bunch. Clear choice urine products are simply the best out there, and with Sub Solution or Quick Luck, you just can’t go wrong.

So my Quick Luck synthetic urine review conclusion is don’t consider anything else. If you’re on a budget then you could go for Quick Fix, it’s half the price of Sub Solution, but it’s also more of a risk to use (click here for my review). That’s why I would always recommend Sub Solution.

If you’ve got hundred dollars to spend if you really want to keep that job or get it, then spending it on Quick Luck is your best insurance policy against getting caught out for having used any banned substance recently.

In terms of where to buy Quick Luck, I’d always recommend you buy it from Test Negative. That’s the Clear Choice official website, and you’ll know you’re getting the freshest stock, and you know it’s real. Don’t buy it from Amazon or anywhere like that, I’ve had my fingers burnt to do that, and that’s why I now stick to reputable retailers.

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