Red Kratom: How Good Is It Really?

I’m sure you are surfing around looking for a genuine red kratom review, that doesn’t pull any punches. Well, you’ve found it. I’m going to tell you how good red kratom really is, and tell you why so much much of what you’ll read online about red kratom is a pure bull.

I’ll tell you about red vein kratom effects, the dosage you’ll need, any side-effects to watch out for, and which strains of red kratom I found to be the best for the conditions I suffer from.

Hopefully, all of that, wrapped up as an easy to read a review of red kratom, should help you to make a better buying decision for your own experimentation.

What Can Red Kratom Do?

 People will tell you red kratom can do everything:

  • Boost your energy
  • Improve your mood
  • Remove anxiety
  • Beat depression back
  • Take away physical pain
  • Calm you down and sedate you
  • Improve your focus and mental clarity
  • Help with sleep
  • Help with appetite

And the truth is that it can help with all of those things, and it can be a bit of a minor miracle. However, red vein kratom effects can be very dependent on the dose, the type of red kratom, the purity, and your personal circumstances.

But generally, most red kratom has the same effects, but it is dose-dependent, which is more important than the type of red kratom you take.

Red Vein Kratom Effects You Can Benefit From

 So red vein kratom effects can be very beneficial, but it is a spectrum drug, and the dose and type will affect the benefits you get.

At a lower dose, you will definitely get a boost in energy and focus, with some calmness and pain relief.

At medium doses, the analgesia and relaxation will start to overwhelm that boost in energy and focus, you’ll get more calmness and relief from pain, but that will be at the expense of any increases in energy and focus.

And at higher doses, red vein kratom effects almost universally tend towards being overwhelmingly sedative. You may get a red kratom euphoria, an opiate-like high, but it will also be driven by an inability to do much other than sitting around feeling good.

Red kratom strainsWhat Type Of Red Kratom Should You Use?

The honest truth in this red kratom review I want to get across to you is that the quality of the red kratom is more important than the strain.

Of course, that’s not the whole story, and there are differences, as long as you get red kratom from a reputable seller. But broadly, all red kratom has the same broad range of traits, as I’ve already explained.

The most variable is Red Maeng Da. That’s because it’s not a real kratom. It means “pimp grade”, and it can be any type of red kratom, and often a mix of red kratom and sometimes white kratom as well, to create a more potent mix. So it’s variable in its effects but is generally stronger. You really will have to try it and experiment with it.

The two classic red’s I want to talk about is Red Borneo, and Red Bali, but you could also throw Red Thai into the mix here as well.

All of these have a classic opiate-like sensation, especially at higher doses, where you can get a rich opiate-like high. All three have really good pain relief fighting abilities, and can really chill you out as well, while also retaining focus at lower doses.

People will tell you that Red Thai, or Red Bali, or Red Borneo are stronger, but the truth is that it will depend on where you buy it from.

The unfortunate truth about kratom any review of red kratom has to tell you is that you have to experiment to discover the strongest and best for you.

red kratom dosage

Red Vein Kratom Dosage Help

 So let’s say you have decided to try Red Thai kratom. You’ve read that it gives you a rich red kratom spectrum of effects, will chill you out, relieve pain, and lift your mood out of depression.

What sort of dose should you take as a beginner? Well, let’s say you’ve got 100% pure Red Thai kratom, but it could be any pure red kratom for the purposes of talking about dosing it.

For me, when I started out with red kratom, I took a couple of grams. I felt a little more relaxed, but that was about it.

When I tried Red Thai properly for the first time, things really started to kick in at about 4 grams. That’s when I felt chilled out when the pain in my leg started to disappear, but I still felt focused and had more energy.

Going higher on the dose, around six grams I started to just want to chill out, to sit around and listen to music, stare at the TV, just not do anything. So for me, six grams was always really the ceiling.

However, I once did take 12 grams of red Borneo. Eight grams initially, and then topping up with another four a couple of hours later. It really was a smooth and blissful experience. I felt no pain, I felt sedated, I felt happy. But I really couldn’t achieve anything at all.

red kratom reiewHow To Buy Pure Red Kratom

So look, I’m going to conclude this brief red kratom review by telling you about a couple of places that do sell guaranteed 100% pure red kratom. Better than that, they also source it directly from the regions that it’s labeled up from, you’re not getting sold any old red kratom here.

Red vein kratom effects from any of the red kratom strains you buy from these guys will be brilliant, I’ve used them both for a couple of years with no problems.

The first is Coastline Kratom. If you’ve been researching about kratom, you will have seen adverts for Coastline Kratom. They really are excellent sellers. The kratom is pure, rich, smells earthy, and tastes bitter, just as it should be.

It’s slightly expensive, but you get what you pay for. I always get my Red Thai kratom from Coastline Kratom, just because I know it’s going to be the richest Red Thai experience out there.

The other place I recommend is PurKratom. They sell rich kratom powder as well, but if you’re looking for an exact red vein kratom dosage, I’ll point you towards their red kratom capsule range.

They sell seven different types of red kratom in capsules. It’s more expensive than loose powder, but in terms of the exact red vein kratom dosage you need, you can experiment precisely, as two capsules exactly equal a gram. No weighing, no mess, and great for learning about red kratom effects with.


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