Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom: Strongest Kratom?

Any accurate Red Maeng Da kratom review has to tell you the truth about this brand of kratom.

I’ll call it a brand because it’s not strained. I’ll explain that more in a moment. But it catches a lot of people out, and it’s amazing how few people here in the West really understand what is.

They think that Maeng Da is stronger than normal kratom, but they don’t know why they just assume that it’s harvested and produced in a different way but they also assume it’s a single strain of kratom. Nothing could be further from the truth.

So in this review of Red Maeng Da, I’m going to tell you the truth about this type of kratom, but also tell you about the Red Maeng Da kratom effects you can experience, but only if you get kratom that can genuinely be classed as Red Maeng Da.

The Shocking Truth About Maeng Da

So what actually is Red Maeng Da kratom? Well, it’s not a strain of kratom at all. It’s not like Red Borneo or Red Indo, it’s not from a region, and it’s often not even one vein color of kratom.

Maeng Da actually translates into English as “pimp grade”. So it’s a manufactured marketing term in the West to define stronger kratom. If you go to Malaysia or Indonesia, there’s no such thing as Red Maeng Da kratom, it doesn’t exist.

Red Maeng Da is therefore just a stronger type of red kratom, constructed from strong red kratom, which could be multiple strains blended together. On top of that, it could have white kratom put in as well, so you’ll get some of the traits of red, but also some of white, and stronger than usual.

But the problem is a lot of companies just package up any red kratom they have got leftover as Red Maeng Da. Because they can sell it at a higher price. They might even mix in some white kratom as well, but you’re actually getting nothing different to buying the strains normally.

So Maeng Da is only relevant to you, if you can find somewhere that sells kratom that’s naturally strong, and combines it to create the potent mix that Red Maeng Da can be.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Effects Explained

 So look, Red Maeng Da is not a classic red kratom. Red kratom is great for a smooth, opiate-like high. At stronger doses. At lower doses, it’s great for pain relief, chilling you out, but still keeping you focused and positive.

But as you now know, no two types of Red Maeng Da are exactly the same. And although a company might blend different kratom together, or import it, nobody really knows what’s in it, other than it stronger, if it actually is.

Red Maeng Da tends therefore to be a stronger red, see you will feel the classic red effects but they will be stronger:

  • Sedation
  • Pain relief
  • Feeling really chilled out
  • At higher doses a smooth high
  • Great for keeping calm
  • Great for soothing anxiety
  • Good for clarity and focus at lower doses

In addition to that, Red Maeng Da is usually mixed with white kratom as well, so you’ll get a stronger burst of energy, enthusiasm, focus, and positivity.

The way I like to look at it is Red Maeng Da is a bit like a green kratom, a bit like Green Malay kratom but far stronger.

Because the red kratom is balanced by the inclusion of white and is stronger, you get a broader spectrum of effects across the range of kratom effects. That’s more in line with green kratom, as you get the analgesia and sedation, but also with good energy and mood-lifting.

red maeng da kratom effectsRed Maeng Da Dosage Advice

 If you get your hands on kratom that can genuinely be classed as “pimp grade”, then you’ll need a lower dose than normal kratom to achieve the same effects.

For me, if you buy Red Maeng Da I would actually start with a single gram as the initial dose, maybe a couple of grams. See how you feel.

Then just go up a gram at a time, do it over a couple of weeks or so, until you get to the point where you are in a real opiate-like euphoric high, where you feel the full Red Maeng Da effects you have bought.

That will tell you the strength, it will tell you about the spectrum effects you can benefit from, and it will allow you to expertly choose the lowest dose possible to avoid building a tolerance.

The Difference Between Maeng Da White And Red

 So now you know that Maeng Da isn’t actually a real kratom strain at all, so it’s never going to be the same, then you’ll understand the difference between Maeng Da White and Red is a question nobody can answer.

The difference should be that you’ll get stronger effects than choosing a normal white, or red kratom. But what that difference will be is subjective.

However, White Maeng Da should give you the effects of white kratom, but it is often mixed with a strong red or Green as well, so you will experience more pain relief and calming than you would with a standard white.

Buying Strong Red Maeng Da Kratom

So when you’re talking about buying Red Maeng Da, you’re talking about buying a stronger version of red kratom, that generic, but also usually contains some traits of white kratom. A really powerful, broad-spectrum kratom experience.

So what really matters is the strength of it, which means you have to buy it from somewhere that sells genuinely strong Red Maeng Da in comparison to other strains of red kratom they sell.

For me, Coastline Kratom is the place I’ve always gone to to get Red Maeng Da. It’s smooth, definitely stronger than any other red I’ve experienced and gives you a great energizing boost as well.

Even better, Coastline sells Ultra Enhanced Red Maeng Da as well. Ultra enhanced kratom is insane if you get the real deal.

It’s made by boiling the kratom leaves down into resin, to which additionally extracted kratom alkaloids are added. It’s then dried out and ground into a powder, that can contain significantly higher densities of the alkaloids that give kratom it’s powerful effects.

It’s not for beginners mind you, and I would never recommend you take more than a couple of grams of ultra enhanced Red Maeng Da from Coastline Kratom unless you are experienced with kratom.


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