S23 SARM: Proper Dosage, Benefits, Results You Can Expect

S23 is definitely one of the strongest SARMs you can get your hands on, but is that what you need? In this S23 SARM review, I’m going to go through the details exactly how it works, the results you can expect, and what to watch out for.

A lot of people just ignore the fact that S23 can destroy your natural testosterone if you are not careful. It can do all the good things other SARMs can do, but there are side effects to watch out for.

When I was preparing this review, I clarified my thoughts by looking at a couple of S23 reviews on big websites. Literally, one said that S23 doesn’t cause side effects and doesn’t drop testosterone levels, and another said it definitely does drop them.

So which website was correct, and which one demonstrated an incredible lack of knowledge about the subject they are telling you about? I’ll explain later in this review of S23 SARM.

What Is SARM S23

S23 is a SARM, but SARMs are not all created equal. They were all created as research chemicals by different companies, but for slightly different purposes. The general aim was to people who are suffering from problems with muscle wasting and bone wasting conditions.

So SARMs are not all the same, and where something like Ostarine is designed to cut fat and preserve muscle, S23 was more designed to build muscle, so it’s more aggressive. Which means is closer to things like Testolone Rad 140 in nature. In fact, for me, it’s even more powerful than that.

S23 is definitely a SARM, a selective androgen receptor modulator. That means it works by binding to androgen receptors in the body and modulating the messages muscles receive. The result of this interaction is that you will build more muscle than you can naturally, your body is being told to basically build more quickly than it ever would on its own.

Unlike anabolic steroids, SARMs can do this without binding to androgen receptors all over the place and creating a range of horrible side effects. Neither are they as aggressive.

That’s why people prefer them because they just don’t have the risks associated with steroids. However, S23 SARM is definitely powerful, for me one of the strongest I’ve ever experienced, and you will get as close to steroids as you can without using them, but you will also have the potential for quite aggressive side effects.

SARM S23S23 Results You Can Expect To See & Feel

So let’s talk about the positives first. Let’s talk about the S23 SARM results you can expect to experience. Now please don’t be stupid here and assume after a single cycle of a few weeks you’re going to be transformed, things just don’t work like that.

I’ll talk about a good S23 cycle in a moment, and how many you’ll need, but within a couple of weeks of starting using S23, you’ll expect to feel much stronger. As long as you are working out, pushing the muscles, and eating a very good diet, protein-rich with lots of energy building, then you will definitely feel that boost.

At the end of the first cycle, you will see more muscle and less fat than you have ever done before working out naturally. I would suggest it’s not as powerful as some people say, not after your first cycle, so doing an S23 before and after photo, or even one per week of the cycle can really help you to see how things are changing because it can be subtle at times.

But make no mistake, S23 is one of the most powerful SARMs you will find, which will build lots of lean muscle. In a couple of cycles, you could expect to pack on around 10-12 lbs of lean muscle, or even more.

S23 Dosage

So we know that S23 results can be powerful and that it’s a strong member of the SARMs family. However, as is common with all SARMs, because they never got past the research chemical stage, we have no real-world advice on dosing. So me telling you that your recommended S23 dosage should be XYZ doesn’t mean anything. All I can do is tell you what I did myself, and why I took that dose.

I heard about S23 from a guy at the gym. He was getting insane results, far quicker than I’ve seen before, and he admitted to me on the quiet that it was because of S23 that he was getting such good results.

He was taking 20 mg each day, 10 mg in the morning, 10 mg mid-afternoon. I did want to go that high, so I started 5 mg in the morning, and 5 mg mid-afternoon during my first cycle.

In my second cycle, I was dosing 10 mg in the morning, and 5 mg the afternoon. I didn’t want to go as high as 20 mg, because of the research I had done online.

But in terms of results, it worked really well, and on 15 mg I was starting to see lean muscle gains in line with what my friend at the gym had been achieving. So my advice on S23 dosage is to keep it as low as you possibly can, and carefully monitor your progress.

S23 SARM DosageS23 SARM Cycle I Used

Everyone’s going to give you a different opinion when it comes to telling you the best S23 SARM cycle to use. Part of that will also be around who you are as well, and how experienced you are. If you’ve been using SARMs for a couple of years, then you can push yourself a bit harder with S23, because you’ll know the deal.

If you’ve never used them before, and especially if your physique is not that developed, then it can actually cause more physical side effects by using a strong anabolic steroid-like SARM such as S23. That’s because your muscles will grow too quickly, and it will create a strain on your body.

If you’re just starting out, I’d advise a six-week on, six-week off S23 cycle. That way you have just long enough to feel the difference, and start to see the difference, and then you have a long enough break to recover and see how you feel.

Obviously, your second S23 SARM cycle can be a little more aggressive. I think to go for eight weeks on and eight weeks off, or maybe eight weeks on, and six weeks off if you didn’t experience much of a dip in testosterone levels.

That’s the thing you see, it’s all about whether your testosterone levels dip significantly or not. If they don’t, you can be okay with a higher dose over a longer cycle, but for your first couple of cycles, I would suggest you really do play it cautious with this powerful SARM.

Do You Need A SARMs PCT With S23?

A post cycle therapy supplement, a PCT, even stacking more than one, can be beneficial if your testosterone levels drop using SARMs.

Whether the levels drop will depend on who you are, the dose you take, the length of the cycle, and the type of SARM you are taking. Something mild like Ostarine doesn’t dip T levels even at doses as high as 30 mg in a lot of people, but in other people, it can.

But I’m telling you that S23 is strong, and results can be powerful, but the testosterone dips can be as well. You will definitely need a PCT supplement if you are using S23. In fact, I would advise you to have blood work done before and after your first cycle, to see what effect it has.

Where To Buy Quality S23 SARM

Hopefully, this quick S23 SARM review has helped you. It’s a bit anecdotal because all I can really talk about is my own personal experiences, I’ve done three cycles with S23 in two years, but I did do two cycles of just S23 consecutively, as I have just explained.

I do feel that I know what I’m talking about here though.

One of the things I found, as is with any SARMs and supplements, is weeding out the real stuff from the rubbish.


So finding any pure SARMs can be tough, but where I found real S23 SARM for sale was at a webstore I had used for other SARMs, and which friends did use as well. I’m not saying they are the only places you can buy good quality supplements, but they are definitely pure, and independently lab tested to prove it.

The best place to buy S23 SARM is called Umbrella Labs. The website isn’t great looking, but they are USA-based, have full secure credit card facilities, free delivery, and I’ve used them for over two years with no problems.

They have awesome S23 for sale, totally pure and lab-tested. A 30 ml bottle will set you back $69.99. Each serving, each milliliter, is 20 mg, so at the dose, I recommend you’re going to get a couple of cycles out of a single bottle.

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