Best Post Cycle Therapy Supplements For SARMs

When people talk about how wonderful SARMs are, they might mention post cycle therapy, but it will usually be glossed over as something you might need to do. Which leaves many people wondering whether they need post cycle therapy for SARMs, and what the best post cycle therapy regime is.

Part of the problem is that a lot of people are not really clear on whether you need a PCT supplement at all, or just for certain types of SARM, or only when you stack them.

In this quick guide to the best post cycle therapy products routines, I’m going to tell you exactly how, and when you should use a SARMs PCT, I’ll also talk about SARMs, PCT and steroids, dosing a PCT supplement, plus,  I’ll finish by telling you about a couple of the best PCT supplements for SARMs, and where can buy them.

Why Is Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Needed With SARMs?

 Your body has the ability to respond to things being put into it by changing how it produces them itself. This mechanism stops your body from getting overloaded, changing the chemical messages and causing problems. But it takes time to ramp up and wind down.

To give you a specific example, let’s talk about testosterone. When you take any anabolic androgenic drug, you are telling the body to change the amount of testosterone it produces.

Anabolic steroids do this by targeting androgen receptors, but they do it in a very aggressive way, and far more aggressively than SARMs do. Because the body is producing so much additional testosterone, it starts to wind down its own natural levels of production. When you remove the anabolic steroids, your body takes time to realize this and to recover its natural production levels.

It’s the same with SARMs, but it’s not as pronounced. This is why post cycle therapy is often needed, you are helping your body to recover its natural testosterone levels far more quickly than it would be able to do itself.

The confusion is around whether you need pct for SARMs at all, so let’s clear that up for you.

How Post Cycle Therapy For SARMs Works

Let’s say you’ve just finished an eight-week cycle of a SARM. Especially if it’s a more aggressive one like Testolone, then you could very well need a PCT supplement. You could have taken the additional step of having blood work done before and after, to monitor your testosterone levels and check for increases in estrogen levels.

Once you finish the cycle, your body could need help to regulate its production of hormones. This will be a combination of sleep, exercise, good nutrition, and potentially a PCT.

The area most affected by this drop in testosterone is called the HPTA (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Testes Axis). Increasing testosterone levels again will also help to stop acne, maintain gains in strength, stop fat development, and also gynecomastia due to excess estrogen.

Most PCT supplements will need to be used for around four weeks, sometimes six weeks. I’d actually recommend eight weeks as the best post cycle therapy for SARMs, especially if you are a beginner. This will give your body plenty of time to recover T levels, and for you to see the results of your cycle.

best pct for sarmsSARMs PCT Dosing

 When you do a SARMs cycle, especially when you are inexperienced, it’s normal to start with a lower dose at the start of the cycle, and a higher dose towards the end. You could start with 15 mg of Ostarine for four weeks, and then up that to 25 mg for four weeks.

With SARMs PCT dosing though it’s the opposite. It’s always frontloaded. The obvious reason for this is that your testosterone is will be at their lowest just after the cycle ends, and as your body recovers its production levels, you will need less of the post cycle therapy for SARMs you have chosen.

As an example, let’s take the popular PCT called Clomid. If you’re going to do a six-week post cycle therapy routine, then you’d normally frontload it at 100 mg for the first three weeks, and then 50 mg thereafter. Obviously, you will have to work out exactly what you need, preferably by having blood work done to see how low your testosterone levels actually are.

Using SARMs After Steroids

 People often ask the question of whether you can use SARMs straight after a steroids cycle, and then use a PCT supplement to cope with the effects of both.

I’m just going to say I would never advocate using steroids at all. They are far too brutal in the body, with far too many side effects that outweigh the gains you will make.

Using steroids and then SARMs is just doubling down on the problem. You’re going to suffer side effects, potentially bad ones for the long term, and your testosterone will take a massive hit. In fact, in rare cases, testosterone levels can be suppressed to the point that they cannot recover.

Ligandrol for saleDo You Need A PCT Supplement After A SARMs Cycle?

People will often say that you don’t need a PCT supplement after a mild SARMs cycle. Now although this may be the case, and many people don’t suffer a drop in testosterone levels, you’ll always see the caveat about having one to hand just in case, even if they only recommend a mini PCT.

The basic fact is though, that lower testosterone levels can lead to a reduction in muscle mass. So if you don’t bother with a PCT and you have suppressed your testosterone levels, then you’re not going to keep as many of your gains as you should.

The mildest SARM is Ostarine. Most reviews will claim you don’t need post cycle therapy for this SARM. However, that’s missing the point that everybody has a different reaction, different testosterone levels in the first place, and they will be taking different doses and strengths. The bottom line is that Ostarine has been proven to cause depression in some people.

If you want to be super safe, have bloodwork done before, and after any SARMs cycle. Then you’ll know the truth, and know if you need a PCT supplement, and you won’t have to do any guesswork.

It will usually be self-evident as well. As long as you’ve got pure SARMs, you’ll notice if you are getting testosterone suppression. You’ll feel tired, lethargic, and you could (very rarely) suffer from side effects like acne, shrunken testicles, and potentially increased estrogen levels leading to man boobs.

It will be obvious if it’s happening and usually obvious if it’s not happening. So that will give you a clue as to whether you need a PCT supplement after every type of SARM.

Plus, you have to think about stacking. After the first few cycles, most people stack SARMs. They do this try to pack on more bulk, or to add muscle while also cutting fat. So they could use something like Ligandrol with Ostarine to achieve that recomping. Because the dose is higher, there will be an increased potential for needing a PCT supplement.

Also, some SARMs unequivocally always need a PCT supplement. Especially the stronger ones like Testolone, which as the name suggests, really is as close to an androgenic anabolic steroid as you’ll get.

My advice is to always do post cycle therapy for SARMs. Obviously, if you’re going to get blood work done afterward, then you can overrule that advice based on the evidence, but if you’re not going to bother then I would always recommend you just do one anyway because it can help with other parts of your recovery and retention of gains.

Post cycle therapy for SARMsBest PCT For SARMs

I think the last point I’ll make about post cycle therapy for SARMs is not to think that they are innocuous. There are side effects from using PCT supplements, and because they increase natural testosterone levels they are still banned substances for every single major competitive sport.

But they do really help with recovery, they are SERMs, selective estrogen receptor modulators, which can increase the production of testosterone, and are regulated for use by men who have low testosterone levels.

For me, one of the best post cycle therapy supplements for SARMs is Clomid. It’s another name for the compound Clomiphene Citrate.

I buy my Clomid from Swiss Chems, because repeated orders have shown that they are selling genuine, pure SARMs. For $99 you’ll get 100 capsules, each of 25 mg. That’s plenty enough to complete a full SARMs PCT course.

Sarms pctThe other best post cycle therapy for SARMs I’ve found is also a popular one I buy at Swiss Chems. It’s called Nolvadex, and is widely used by women with breast cancer because it suppresses the production of estrogen, which can feed cancer cells.

But it’s also brilliant for increasing testosterone levels and is actually prescribed to men for gynecomastia, the development of male breast tissue. So it’s also safe. At Swiss Chems, you can buy 100 x 20 mg capsules of Nolvadex for just $91.

If you’re starting with one, then the best PCT for SARMs I recommend to begin with is Nolvadex as it’s slightly milder. But some people stack SARMs PCT supplements.

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