SARMs Vs Steroids Vs Prohormones

There’s pressure to achieve results in every area of life nowadays, so it’s no surprise that with your body it’s the same. You only have to look at the pressure social media puts on everyone to see that.

Naturally, you can only hit certain levels with bodybuilding, which is why people are looking for supplements that can enhance the physical results they get. One of the big questions people ask is around SARMs Vs steroids. Which is best?

SARMs are often touted as a safer option than steroids, but with the same results. But how true is that?

In this quick guide to SARMs Vs steroids, I’ll cover all the basics around comparing them, results, side-effects, and will even compare  SARMs and steroids to prohormones, so you can make the ultimate decision.

What Are SARMs?

 SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators. What that means is that they target androgen receptors in the body selectively. They target receptors in muscle and fat tissue and then modulate the messages they receive. The result of this altered message is increased muscle growth and fat release.

SARMs come with few side-effects and an ability to bulk up quickly. You can also cut fat with them well beyond what you could naturally, even with a good diet.

And because SARMs were designed to deal with muscle-wasting conditions cutting fat will not cut muscle, growth will be protected, and even still continue when you are in a calorie deficient.

Ligandrol for saleWhat Are Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids work in a similar way to SARMs because they also target androgen receptors in the body. However, they do it more aggressively. Steroids are basically a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone.

Steroids do tell androgen receptors in muscle tissue to grow, hugely. But the problem is they also hit other androgen receptors aggressively as well, which is why they have significant side-effects.

You’ll get huge muscles, but you can also suffer from things like liver problems, the potential for tumors, increased cholesterol, acne, and increased risk of heart problems. That’s one hell of a serious list of side effects to risk for getting ripped.

Benefits Of Anabolic Steroids

 Now look, purely from the bodybuilding point of view, anabolic steroids have huge benefits. Nothing else will pack on lean muscle in the same way.

If you back it up with a good exercise routine and diet then you can look like something out of Mr. Universe within a couple of years. But the problem is that the side-effects and risks really are so bad that you have to question why anyone would be willing to risk their life for a bit of extra muscle.

So if all you care about is being ripped, then sure, take anabolic steroids. But you could end up dead.

And even if you don’t die, you’ll be aggressive, miserable, your testicles will shrink, you could have an enlarged prostate, and serious depression is often experienced. What’s the point in looking good if you’re too depressed to go out?

Benefits Of SARMs

 SARMs are not going to get you as ripped as anabolic steroids, let’s be upfront about that here.

But you’re getting results approaching anabolic steroids but without the side-effects and risk. Sure, there are risks, you will get testosterone suppression, and the long-term side effects of using  SARMs are not known.

But they are a lot safer than anabolic steroids. Your pack on muscle, your bone density can increase, your fat levels will drop, and the growth will be more measured. You also won’t get the side effect of putting a strain on yourself which can lead to physical pain because your body can’t keep up with the growing muscle.

SARMs Vs Steroids

 When it comes to standing up a fight between SARMs Vs steroids, I think you’ve probably already guessed that steroids are going to lose.

The only point they win on is the size of the muscles you can build, and the speed with which you can build them. You can still achieve those results with SARMs, but it will take longer and require more effort.

Other than that though, SARMs win hands down. You’ll be safer, and you won’t have to experience so many side effects to still look great.

Plus, anabolic steroids are illegal. So they are tough to get hold of, and you are taking a huge risk when you buy from a black market. Although SARMs are not legal for human consumption, they are legally available, which means you’re not running the same level of risk in buying them, as long as you get them from a retailer with a track record.

Now I’m not saying that SARMs don’t have risks. We simply don’t know what they are, because they were researching chemicals to address muscle wasting and bone wasting diseases in the elderly. So they haven’t really been completed, in terms of testing long term. But all the early signs were that they are generally safe.

But apart from that caveat, they are much better than anabolic steroids. We already have at least a decade of bodybuilders experience with SARMs out there in the wild, and you’re just not reading about people who have been taking then that long having serious health problems that can be tied down to using SARMs.

steroids side effectsSARMs Vs Prohormones?

 So now I’ve talked about the benefits and risks of SARMs Vs steroids, I want to briefly cover how prohormones compare to SARMs and steroids.

Prohormones introduce an artificial capability into the body for it to produce more testosterone. So in a way, they are like anabolic steroids, but they aren’t quite as potent. They are also more potent than SARMs.

However, they are also banned. The ones you can actually buy legally nowadays are weaker than SARMs and have more negative side-effects. For me, they are not even worth considering, especially as the ones that are legally available have an increased risk of putting pressure on your liver.

The bottom line is that SARMs are legal, whereas anabolic steroids and prohormones are not. Yes if you can find real anabolic steroids or prohormones on the black market you could achieve greater results than you can with SARMs, but the risk you are taking will be huge.

Where To Buy SARMs

So look, if you want to stay safe, have a sex life, not have mental health problems, and not take such a risk with unwanted ingredients, then SARMs a far better than anabolic steroids.

But the big problem with buying SARMs is still finding the real deal, that is lab-tested independently and guaranteed 100% pure.

The place for me that is always delivered is Umbrella Labs. They are based in the USA and have free domestic shipping.

In terms of buying SARMs from them, they sell all the main types, and they really produce stunning results. I’ve used them for a couple of years now, and they have transformed my body and capabilities.

The density is good as well, averaging 20 mg/ml, and you’re getting a 30 ml dropper bottle for about $60.

So it’s SARMs all the way for me, and I would never go near anabolic steroids at all. Prohormones also aren’t an option, as you can’t even really get your hands on the ones that are comparable to SARMs or steroids.

If you’d like to read more about using SARMs, then check out my guide by clicking here. If you’d like to read about the other SARMs online stores I use and recommend, you can click here for reviews.

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