Does Stinger Detox Work?

This honest Stinger detox review is going to tell you the truth about this detox drink brand.

It’s actually a bit of a confusing brand because there are really four different types of detox drinks sold by the company, all referred to as “Stinger detox”.

So in this review of Stinger detox, I’m going to talk about all three types of Stinger detox drinks. I’m going to tell you what each is, the instructions for using them, and answer the key question for each: does Stinger detox work?

In addition to the details Stinger detox product reviews, I’ll also give you my own experiences with testing Stinger, as well as the experiences in live drug tests using Stinger from people I know.

And if you’re not convinced about Stinger detox, then I’ll also give some trusted detox drink alternatives to consider as well.

What Is Stinger Detox?

Stinger is a brand of detox drink whose main company website is It’s a very professional looking site, well-built, well presented and it certainly feels like a reputable company.

But my suspicions were instantly aroused when you look at the reviews. For example, at the time of writing this Stinger detox review, there were 44 reviews on one of the product pages, of which 43 were 4 or 5-star reviews with glowing comments.

That’s all fine if the product works. I then looked at the same product on Amazon, where Stinger doesn’t manage the publishing of the reviews. Those told a very different story, with many low ratings and negative stories being told.

So let’s take a look in detail now at the Stinger detox range, and I’m judging how powerful it is by its price:

  • Stinger whole-body cleanse a one-hour liquid is the most basic detox drink in the range, retailing at $21.95.
  • Stinger Buzz 5X extra strength liquid is the third most powerful, priced at $44.95 when writing this Stinger review.
  • Stinger instant detox regular strength is the next one up the ladder, priced at $49.99.
  • Stinger instant detox 5X strength is top of the tree, retailing at $55.99.

Now I think the first question you’ll probably want me to answer, and which I can’t, is this. How can Stinger Buzz 5X extra strength cost less than Stinger instant detox regular strength? What does that make Stinger buzz five times more powerful than?

So immediately, you have a suspicion. What is making them price the drinks as they are, and what does “five times” the strength actually mean?

How A Detox Drink Actually Works

A detox drink doesn’t cleanse your body permanently, that’s a common misconception. The more dubious detox drink brands will try and convince you, even if it’s only indirectly, that’s what they do.

What actually happens is you drink the drink and it flushes out your system, meaning your urinary system only. At the same time, the combination of ingredients in a powerful detox drink will maintain the natural balance of urine, leaving it free of toxins and balanced for just a few hours.

After a few hours, the toxins start leaking back into your urine and you will not have a clean sample again. So a detox drink actually only masks the toxins. If you can detox for a couple of days beforehand, then the effects of the detox drink will usually last a couple of hours longer, or increase your chances of it working at all.

Stinger detox drink


So let’s take a look at how Stinger detox works…

Well, it’s really as clear as mud because let’s look at the different detox drinks in the range, and the claims they make:

The most basic detox drink in the range, Stinger whole-body liquid one-hour cleaner, requires a 48-hour abstinence period, but it claims to cleanse all body systems permanently. We know that’s not possible with a detox drink.

Stinger Buzz claims to be five times more powerful, in fact, the site says “the strongest personal cleanse available”. It also says that it requires you to be clean from toxins for 48 hours previous to use.

Stinger instant detox and Stinger instant detox 5X strength both say that you don’t need to be clean of toxins for 40 hours before using these products.

So again, it makes you asked the question what is Stinger Buzz five times more powerful than if it requires 48 hours abstinence when the standard Stinger instant detox doesn’t?

Does Stinger Detox Work?

So look, I know that you want to know the answer to the question: does Stinger detox work?

Well, I’ve tested Stinger instant detox 5X strength for the purposes of this review. I’m a heavy weed smoker, and a big guy, but this product claims it can deal with anyone, and without 48 hours abstinence.

I drank the drink, refilled the bottle twice with water as instructed and drank that as well. Then I urinated frequently over the next hour. I waited 30 minutes and then took a home drug test kit. I failed.

So the strongest formula didn’t work for me. However, I have a friend who used Stinger detox buzz in a live drug test and he passed. So it could work, but he was a lighter smoker than me.

For me, does Stinger detox work? Maybe. Does Stinger detox work for probation? If I was facing something serious like that, I wouldn’t be relying on Stinger detox!

Where To Buy Stinger Detox

If you still want to try Stinger detox and are wondering where to buy Stinger detox, then I would recommend buying it from their company website.I wouldn’t recommend you buy it from places like Amazon and eBay, because it could be fake or not sold by the official seller, so could have a poor shelf life.

But really and honestly, I would not be buying Stinger detox at all. Sure, if you’re desperate, and it’s all you can buy, or you have got on you, then it’s better than nothing, but it is like tossing a coin.

Safer Alternatives To Stinger Detox

ultra eliminex for drug testI want to conclude this Stinger detox review by telling you about the detox drink brands I use. But not just me, people I know as well.

With these trusted brands of detox drink, you simply won’t see the negative reviews on neutral sites like you do with Stinger detox.

I have used Mega Clean, and Ultra Eliminex. I’ve used each of those at least once to pass pre-employment drug tests. If you can buy some good quality pre-cleanse tablets at the same time, and use those at least 24 hours before the test, alongside abstaining, then that will increase the power of the detox drink.

Even as a heavy smoker, a heavy guy, I’ve actually passed drug tests with all three of those drinks, but I have also used pre-rid pills for at least 24 hours before.



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