Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Review: Is It Better Than Quick Fix?

There are absolutely loads of synthetic urine brands on the market. But you’ll read more Sub Solution reviews than anything else. So what makes Sub Solution so damn good?

Well, in this Sub Solution synthetic urine review I’m going to answer that key question. I won’t spin you a load of rubbish, I’ll tell you exactly why it’s the perfect urine drug testing solution, compared to any other brand of synthetic urine on the market.

I’ll also tell you about new Clear Choice urine, called Quick Luck, the big brother of Sub Solution. I’ll explain the differences between them, so you can decide what makes the price difference worth it, or not, in your eyes.

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Clear Choice is a company who make several premium drug test avoidance products. They make two synthetic urine brands: Sub Solution, and the newer product Quick Luck.

They also make Rescue Cleanse, one of the best brands of detox drink you can buy. Plus, they also make Oral Clear, the only saliva neutralizing gum I would ever really trust in a live situation.

So Clear Choice products have a pedigree. That’s the first reason why I trusted Sub Solution and Quick Luck. But what is it specifically about Sub Solution that makes it the first choice for me and so many other people?

Clear Choice detoxWhy Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Works

There are a variety of good reasons why Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine on the market.

Clear Choice Sub Solution has the most complex formula out there, and it’s regularly updated. It contains urea, uric acid, creatine, and 11 other chemicals found in human urine. It’s also within the correct pH range, and within the correct specific gravity range for human urine.

Put together, unless you are facing some incredible level of drug testing, it’s going to pass validity checks.

It also doesn’t contain biocide. Biocide is an artificial preservative found in a lot of products. In 2018 is started to be rumored that people were getting found out using synthetic urine because of biocide.

It appears that the labs worked out that most of the brands of synthetic urine out there contain biocide, and that simply by testing for it, they could eradicate 90% of fake samples in a single stroke. In 2019, that’s all but been confirmed by anecdotal evidence online, including from people claiming to work at the testing labs who have confirmed that.

Sub Solution and Quick Luck don’t contain biocide, that’s been confirmed by the company for both Clear Choice urine products. On a more everyday level, Sub Solution is also the correct color, smells like urine, and froths like real urine. That means it will pass the visual check of a scrupulous lab technician.

clear choice urineThe Icing On The Cake: Heat Activator Powder

The other reason why Sub Solution is the best synthetic urine on the market deserves its own headline right here.

It’s the only brand that has heat activator powder, rather than using a heatpad. With a heatpad, you activate it, and it starts to generate heat. You then have to microwave the sample of fake urine, strap it to it and hope it stays within the right temperature range.

But as human urine exits the body within a very narrow temperature range, between 94°F 100°F, that’s a very small margin for error, especially when it could be a couple of hours before you submit the sample.

Sub Solution doesn’t use a heating pad, it uses heat activator powder. You pour some into the vial of synthetic urine, gently agitate it, and it causes friction that heats up the sample. If it’s not quite warm enough, simply add a little more.

Why this is brilliant is not only that can you do it anywhere, with just a few moments to spare, without the need for microwave and heatpad, but it gives you control right up until you submit the sample.

Imagine you’ve got a sample of synthetic urine to attach a heatpad, and you’re in the cubicle submitting it, you look at the temperature strip and it’s too cold. You’ve run out of options!

With Sub Solution, you’ve also smuggled in a little bit of an activator powder, which you simply pour in, agitate for a few seconds until it dissolves, and then you can watch that temperature comfortingly rise.

Clear Choice Sub Solution Instructions

So the instructions for using Sub Solution synthetic urine are pretty straightforward. Far simpler than using a heatpad, because of the heat activator powder:

  1. Mix the supplied synthetic urine powder and Sub Solution with the right amount of (preferably) lukewarm water to make the 3 fluid ounces of synthetic urine. Screw on the lid and then gently agitate it until the solution is clear.
  2. Using the temperature strip on the bottle as a guide, add about one-third of the heat activator powder and gently agitate it until it’s dissolved. Check the temperature strip to watch it rise in temperature to be within 90°F and 100°F. If it doesn’t, add a little more powder until it does.

And that’s it, instructions for using Sub Solution are really simple, and as you can see they can be discreetly done anywhere there’s a small amount of water available. Say you get caught out at work, grab the Sub Solution box in your locker, fill up the vial with locker room water, and then get yourself into a toilet cubicle to finish preparing the sample.

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

When it comes to a straight-up fight between Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix there really can only be one clear winner. Although Quick Fix is a decent brand of synthetic urine, probably the third brand out there, it’s formula isn’t as complex as Sub Solution, and even less complex than Quick Luck.

Plus it uses a heatpad instead of heat activator powder, which means you can’t prepare it quickly, and it’s more likely to have a variable temperature. The heatpad is always the problem with synthetic urine that relies on it. In my opinion, the heatpad failing is the biggest reason why people get caught out.

They then go online and rant, blaming the synthetic urine, but the sample will just be declared invalid, and my guess is that a lot of those samples were actually submitted too cold, because of a failing heatpad.

Sub Solution wins hands down because it’s a more complex formula, because it looks and smells like the real thing, and because it foams like it. It passes that smell test, and that visual test, should the lab technician be that way inclined. Plus the thing that makes Sub Solution, even more, the winner versus Quick Fix is the heat activator powder. It’s absolutely superb, untraceable, and works in minutes.

Sub Solution vs Quick FixDon’t Forget Quick Luck Synthetic Urine…And The Practice Kit!

Before I move on to tell you where to buy Sub Solution at the end of this Sub Solution review, I want to tell you about Quick Luck. Quick Luck is the bigger brother of Sub Solution. It’s a new formula, it’s more complex, and it’s just the most advanced synthetic urine out there.

Plus, it’s also premixed. Sub Solution comes as a powder that you mix with water, but Quick Luck is premixed, so you don’t even have to do that.

So if you’re looking for the ultimate in convenience, and being able to prepare a sample on the spot using premixed, complex synthetic urine, plus heat activator powder, then Quick Luck could be worth the extra $20.

I’ll also bring your attention to the fact that Clear Choice urine also has a practice kit product now. It allows you to prepare a sample in advance, to give you trial runs before you actually prepare the sample on the day. You get a heatpad and the activator powder, you also get a fallback method to trial as well.

Sub Solution Review: Where To Buy

So the conclusion of my Sub Solution synthetic urine review is that this stuff is genius. It takes all of the fear out of submitting a fake sample. It’s the most advanced formula on the market part from Quick Luck, but Sub Solution will still pass you almost any type of drug test.

If you’re looking for the gold standard in synthetic urine, premixed, then Quick Luck is a way to go, but you just don’t need to spend the extra money, unless you want that convenience and reinsurance.

My last drug test was in June, and I passed using Sub Solution, it got me a new job closer to home which was brilliant. I would have used Quick Fix in the past, but the two are incomparable, Quick Fix just doesn’t look as good, isn’t as complex, and uses a heatpad. For me, Sub Solution is the way to go.

If you want to buy Sub Solution I would always recommend you buy it from Test Negative. They are the authorized seller because it’s the Clear Choice company website.

You’ll get the best price, the freshest stock, and a guarantee of the longest shelf life. Plus you get combination deals with other products on their website you can’t get anywhere else.

Sub Solution costs $80. That’s not cheap, that’s double the price of Quick Fix, but $20 cheaper than Quick Luck, the other Clear Choice urine product.

But for just $80 dollars, Clear Choice Sub Solution offers you a 99% guarantee passing a drug test, without worrying about biocide, the complexity of the formula, and whether you are submitting it at the right temperature, or not.

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