Where To Find High Quality TB-500 For Sale [TB 500 Peptide Review]

When you read any peptide review, you’re hoping that the person writing it doesn’t get bogged down in technical stuff you don’t need to know the details of. Well, I’m writing this TB-500 review in plain English to make it easy for anyone to understand the benefits, and risks, of using it.

I’ll tell you exactly what a peptide is, what TB-500 is, and what the effects of using it are. I’ll also tell you about potential TB-500 side effects, and if it’s possible to use TB-500 for muscle growth.

You will not be able to use TB-500 properly unless you understand how to dose it, so I will also cover the sort of dosage range you should be using as well. It may surprise you how small the dose should be.

In addition to all that, I’ll tell you where I found real TB-500 for sale, so you at least have a starting point for your own experiments.

What Are Peptides & What Is TB-500?

Peptides are short-chain amino acids found inside the body. The key point here is that they may not just be found in the human body, they might be also found in several different types of animal. In fact, they might not be in the human body at all naturally.

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins. So you have individual amino acids that chain together to become proteins. In the skin, it’s collagen, while in muscle it’s actin and myosin.

TB-500 is a synthetic version of a short-chain amino acid called Thymosin Beta-4. It appears in both humans and other mammals and was first discovered in the 1960s. But since then the synthetic peptide formed by creating the short-chain amino acid variant, TB-500, has been used mostly by veterinarians, especially in the horse racing industry.

TB-500 Peptide Effects

So what exactly does TB-500 do in the body? What are the TB-500 effects that can benefit people, and why does horse racing relies on it so much

In horse racing, it’s actually used for two different purposes, in larger doses when there’s an injury, and in smaller doses as an ongoing supplement to increase the horse’s abilities in the following areas:

  • Improved muscle gain and maintenance
  • Better endurance levels
  • Lowering of inflammation
  • Faster healing time from wounds
  • Faster tissue repair
  • Reduces pain levels
  • Can improve temperament

Those are the exact same reasons why bodybuilders are using TB-500 as well. People using it are finding that wounds heal faster, including muscle damage. This can also feed into increased muscle mass, which I will talk about in a moment.

TB-500 promotes blood vessel growth and stem cell growth, both of which can help to repair the body at the cellular level.

So you will recover faster from injuries. In trials on mice and rats, TB-500 delivered significantly increased recovery times. In some trials animals recovered completely from injuries that a control group not treated failed to ever recover from.

It works by upregulating the protein mainly responsible for building and repairing the body. Actin is the name of this protein, and TB-500 increases its production. Both TB-500 and actin are light, fast-moving structures that can pass through the body rapidly. That’s one of the reasons why recovery starts so rapidly.

On top of those benefits, it helps to lower inflammation levels in the body. Taken in response to an injury, it will help lower that inflammation specifically, or taken as an ongoing supplement, it can help to keep you more mobile after heavy stress on the body.

And added to all that, some studies have found that it also boosts stamina and mood. Animals were more likely to work harder and feel better after a reward.

Bodybuilding: TB-500 Muscle Growth

 So how does all of this translate into getting TB-500 muscle growth enhanced gains?

Well, let’s say you are using a course of SARMs and doing an eight-week cycle. You’re putting on significant muscle mass, but you’re also straining your body. You’re putting stress on the muscles and ligaments because you are growing faster than you naturally should.

Between cycles, you have to repair yourself. Your body can only do this at a certain rate, the natural rate.

But using TB-500 for muscle growth accelerates this natural healing. The micro-tears in the muscles and the strains on the ligaments will all repair more rapidly using this peptide. So your muscles will repair and grow quicker than they can naturally. Meaning at the start of the next cycle you are further forward you should be, and you’ll be free of inflammation and pain.

Plus, during a cycle, you’ll feel more energetic, motivated, and less likely to suffer from injuries which hold you back.

Tb 500 muscle growthPeptide TB-500 Dosage

Now we hit the big problem about TB-500, in fact, any peptide, SARMs, any supplement that can aid bodybuilding.

None of these supplements have ever been through proper trials for humans, especially not on fit humans using it for the purposes of gaining muscle and repairing sports injuries more rapidly. So our only benchmark for dosing TB-500 is to look at the doses administered to rats and mice in studies, and the doses administered in the very few human trials that have taken place.

But the problem with that is doses are usually much higher, because they are short-term, to see what immediate effects happen within the boundaries of the trial topic. So you can’t just translate the trial study doses into reality, because they will be incredibly high.

Anecdotally, bodybuilding community feedback over the past 20 or so years online suggests that 10 mg is the absolute ceiling you should be considering. At that level, you should only be dosed twice per week, and only for 2-3 weeks at a time.

You can use a lower dose more frequently, to deal with an ongoing injury, or as a maintenance dose. This could be as low as a couple of milligrams. So my advice is to start your dose higher, say at the end of your SARMs cycle, go for 10 mg for the first week, then lower it by a few milligrams a week until you get down to 2 mg.

Are There Any Serious TB-500 Side Effects?

Before I conclude this TB-500 review by telling you where you can find genuine TB-500 for sale, I want to talk to you about the possibility of TB-500 side effects.

There aren’t any side-effects from Thymosin Beta-4 in the body because it’s naturally produced and managed by the body. But that’s not the case with the artificial short-chain amino acid synthetic TB-500 version.

Side effects are often stated as being non-existent, and that’s a common trait you will see in dodgy reviews trying to sell you something. The truth is everything has side effects, no matter how minor, and no matter how rare. But what side effects could you realistically expect using TB-500 peptide?

Well, you could get an infection if you are injecting TB-500. Now you don’t have to inject it, but some people inject it directly into the area that they want to target. I would not suggest you do that unless you have guidance, or know what you’re doing.

Generally, though, side effects of using TB-500 are minor. Headaches and nausea are the most common ones, and even then only when using it initially, as the body gets used to it.

However, there has been discussion around whether TB-500 peptide could increase the proliferation of cancer cells because it can increase blood vessel counts. Well, it’s totally unproven, and there’s actually contradictory evidence through a study that was conducted, which found that it could actually help to control the movement of colon cancer cells, slowing it down.

So for me, as long as you keep your doses very low, only use it when you are recovering, and are sensible, then you should be fine. Obviously, if you feel unwell in any way, get checked out anyway, and discontinue use of any supplement.

Tb 500 dosage

Where To Find Real TB-500 For Sale

So let’s finish this plain English TB-500 review by telling you about the hardest part of actually taking this peptide. Finding it is the biggest problem. You’ll always find somebody trying to sell you it, but finding good quality TB-500 that guaranteed pure, is pretty tough.

I’ve only found one place that definitely sells genuine TB-500 that I’ve used for muscle growth gains well beyond those just on SARMs, both in terms of gains and time to gains.

Umbrella Labs sell TB-500 in a 5 mg vial container. It’s a liquid and can be taken orally, removing the dangers around injecting it, which is brilliant.

Is not cheap, it’s nearly $50 for a 5 mg vial. But $50 to recover several weeks faster from an injury seems good value to me.

You’ll also get free shipping in the USA, and they sell SARMs as well, which means you can buy everything from one place. Plus, Umbrella Labs publish purity reports, and the TB-500 you can buy from them is 99% pure.

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