Testolone RAD-140 Review: Dosage, Results, Where To buy

Everyone who has used SARMs will have your own personal opinion on which the best one is. The problem is with no research, it’s all based on anecdotal evidence from people using it. But in this  RAD-140 review, I want to talk about what many people are calling the best mass building SARM you can get your hands on.

RAD-140 is not meant to have bad side effects, it’s high-quality, easily available, and you don’t need a large dose to pack on immense muscle gain in as little as two cycles of eight weeks each.

But is that the truth? Let’s talk you through what Testolone RAD-140 is, what sort of RAD-140 dosage you should be looking at, and tell you the effects you can expect to achieve.

Plus, I’ll tell you three places I’ve bought guaranteed pure RAD-140 from so you can experiment with this potential game-changing SARM.

Testolone RAD-140 dosage

Testolone RAD-140 Review

RAD-140 is also known as Testolone. Its original purpose was as a potential solution for replacing exogenous testosterone in men who are suffering from hypogonadism. In layman’s terms, when hormones slow or stop, being produced and released from the testicles.

It’s also known to aid the prevention of muscle wasting, which can be through disease, or simply something that happens as we get older.

RAD-140 has many characteristics that make it positive:

  • It has the ability to reduce the size of the prostate
  • It has a selective action in muscle tissue only
  • RAD-140 affects the androgen receptors slightly differently to other SARMs
  • Side-effects are minimal compared to some other SARMs

RAD-140 has been shown, although it’s anecdotal, to produce physical muscle mass gains in line with weaker anabolic steroids. This makes it one of the stronger SARMs out there, and why it’s often referred to as “anabolic”.

On top of that, because it increases testosterone levels, it can also give you much more aggression and physical stamina for the gym.

Optimal RAD-140 Dosage

 As I just said, RAD-140 Testolone is one of the stronger SARMs, so you don’t need a high dose. In fact, great results have been shown at very low doses, but it will depend on who you are, how long you take them for if you stack RAD-140, and how hard you train.

Great results can be achieved with a RAD-140 dose of as low as 10 mg per day. However, for your starting cycle, you may want to try 20 mg a day. The upper limit I would ever suggest is 30 mg per day, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that for more than one cycle, or perhaps for the first half of the cycle.

In terms of RAD-140 dosage within a cycle, I would make the cycle eight weeks, with a four-week gap.

Some people find their aggression levels go up using RAD-140, which is why it’s so good for the gym. However, if you find yourself generally irritable, especially within the first couple of weeks of a cycle, then lower the dose by 5 mg, see if that helps. Always use the absolute minimum dose of this SARM, and be self-aware of how you are responding.

Testolone effects

Testolone  RAD-140 Side Effects

Nothing that can dramatically alter your physique, and trim fat, is going to be side-effect free. If it was, everybody would do it.

RAD-140 is a strong SARM. Don’t make the mistake of underestimating it, although side effects are minimal, especially in comparison to anabolic steroids. But they are worse than some other SARMs.

The major side effect I will mention is testosterone suppression. If you take a higher dose of RAD-140 then you definitely going to need a PCT supplement between cycles.

I cannot emphasize this enough, it’s really suppressive, so you will need support to stimulate hormone production again. In rare cases, it can shut down hormone production, so a good quality PCT supplement is essential.

Hormone suppression can also mean a range of side-effects such as hair shredding, nausea, and other minor side-effects.

Irritability, headaches, minor aggression, things like that, will possibly occur. If they are persisting, lower the dose slightly.

Ready For These  RAD-140 Results?

If you get the RAD-140 dosage right, then you can expect some significant RAD-140 results in a short space of time. It’s really good for building muscle mass, strength, and in a minor way, stripping fact, although that will be mainly as a byproduct of the increased performance levels. It’s definitely one of the best muscle building SARMs you can get your hands on, especially when the side-effects if you manage suppression correctly, are mostly minor.

So what exactly is it you achieve?

Well, for me, at 20 mg a day, with four in 10 sessions a week, after a couple of weeks, you will start to see a dramatic uplift in your energy levels, and your strength. Within four weeks, halfway through your first cycle, you will see visible muscle gains. I’m talking quite significant, as long as your routines hit all the core muscle groups the way they should.

At the end of the first cycle of eight weeks, you could expect to see around 10 lbs, possibly as high as 15 lbs of increased muscle mass. This will be alongside a lowering of body fat, making it visually obvious that significant changes are underway.

That’s all with one eight week cycle. You’ve then got a four-week gap, you’ll use your PCT, keep the routine going, but maybe ease off the training a bit.

The reason I say to ease off a bit is that muscle mass gains can be so accelerated that it can put pressure on ligaments, with some people snapping them because they aren’t growing at the same rate. So know your body, and take things slowly for maximum benefit.

RAD-140 Vs Ostarine

RAD-140 is a completely different type of SARM to Ostarine MK-2866, to be honest.

Ostarine is good for cutting periods. An eight-week cycle of it will help you to cut but maintain the muscle mass you’ve already built. It’s the least powerful SARM, with the least side effects, making it perfect for a gentle experience.

As you’ve already seen, RAD-140 is up another level completely. It’s a more aggressive SARM that can dramatically build bulk.

I’d say RAD-140 is the one to do after Ostarine. When you’re starting out, get into an exercise routine, and use it to cut the fat. Do it for a couple of cycles, and then use RAD-140 to start building strength and muscle dramatically.

RAD-140 For Sale

Best Vendors To Get RAD-140 For Sale

One of the biggest problems with using any SARM is getting pure, high-quality SARMs.

In some instances, it’s been found that 50%, and sometimes less, of the powder, or liquid, is actually SARMs, and the active milligram content far less than stated on the packaging.

So you could be getting far less potency, and it could be cut with God knows what, if you are buying from an unreliable source. Reliable sellers have lab purity test available to view on their website.

When you are trying to build muscle, do the right thing, you want RAD-140 to be working 100% for you, so that you get the maximum result, with a minimum possible risk.

For me, there’s only really been three places I’ve ever found that are truly recommended sellers. Don’t just take that from me, look around any RAD-140 reviews, and you will see the same online stores mentioned all the time:

  1. Sarms-for-sale.com is the domain for the respected USA research drug company Umbrella Labs. You get the full range of all the main SARMs. For $69, you get a 30 ml bottle of RAD-140, at a concentration of 20 mg per ml. two pretty similar, and almost literally the same price as from Proven Peptides, but you are getting a slightly higher concentration per milliliter, so it’s a great value. Again, they offer free shipping, good customer service, but they don’t offer a money back guarantee. But that’s such a great price, and concentration, I ordered, it arrived fast, and I’ve used it several times since.
  1. Science.Bio is another of the very few genuine SARMs sellers out there that I have ever found. I have only ordered from them once, about six months ago, but I intend to do so again very soon. In terms of RAD-140, you can get your hands on a 300 ml dropper bottle, that has a RAD-140 density of 10 mg/mL. You’ll pay just $39.99 for that, with a moneyback guarantee, and you’ll get free shipping on orders over $100. If you want quality guarantees, they provide those by the bucket load. Each product page has its own drop-down that shows you the latest purity certificates, which relate directly to the batches on sale at that time. I highly recommend if you’re looking to get started with genuine Testolone.
  1. Provenpetides.com is fantastic, high-quality resource for all types of SARMs, based in the USA. They offer pure RAD-150 for sale, and you can get 60 ml for just under $140. This gives you a great concentration of 15 mg/ml of liquid. To put that into perspective, that can give you 60 daily doses. You get a money back guarantee, free shipping, great customer service, and I’ve used them several times with no problems at all.
  1. SARMS4you.com is one of the most well-known SARMs vendors, especially in Europe where they are based. In terms of RAD-140, they sell capsules, 60 x 10mg capsules for $70. So depending on your dose, you could get up to 60 daily doses for a really great price.

They ship across Europe, have product guarantees, accessible customer service, and are based in Holland, where the laws around SARMs for human use is completely different from the USA. If you live in Europe, they are definitely the best place to be buying RAD-140 from.


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