Where to Buy Tianeptine: The Most Underappreciated Drug in America

If you’re asking yourself where to buy Tianeptine, you’ve come to the right place as we’ll reveal it all in this article.

Now before we do that, we’ll first talk a bit about the compound in question, so that we can all better acquaint ourselves with its effects, the dosages one should take and so on and so forth. The thing about Tianeptine is that it is a very versatile drug that has many positive effects on the human body, yet in the US, it is not even recognized as an antidepressant.

Instead, it’s branded as a nootropic (which it is, among other things) and it’s sadly not very popular among our American citizens. We’re aiming to change that notion with this article and we hope that more and more people find out about this wonder drug and the awesome effects you get by taking it.

What is Tianeptine

Tianeptine is a drug that has a variety of effects on the human body, such as alleviating depression, suppressing anxiety, enhancing mood and providing a cognitive boost.

In Europe, it’s mostly used to treat the major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder but in the US, it is classified as a nootropic where it is praised for its enchanting effects on mood and cognition.

The only country so far that has banned it in the UK because they claim that it has a high potential for abuse, an assertion that has been disproven by the following study. Tianeptine cures depression in users by increasing serotonin uptake, leading to a change of thoughts in the mind.

Tianeptine also regulates glutamate levels, leading to less stress in users and lower stress response to outside stimuli. The most popular brand name of Tianeptine is Stablon and you’ll find it sold under that name in many places in Europe.

what is TianeptineEffects of Tianeptine Use

 As we’ve already mentioned, Tianeptine is very versatile when it comes to the effects it has on the user and that’s why there are so many of them!

  • Treats Major Depressive Disorder: Tianeptine’s major role and the reason why it was invented in the first place was to treat depression. Since it is an atypical antidepressant, it prevents depression from reappearing once you have successfully subdued it. That is one of the reasons why people use it to treat MDD and studies show that Tianeptine is one of the better drugs for the job.
  • Enhances Cognitive Function: Because it has neuroprotective properties as well as stimulative effects, it increases focus, concentration, and motivation in users taking the drug. This was all confirmed by a study that used the Vienna Test System to measure cognitive performance during a three month period. The results those twenty test subjects showed were amazing, the patients had improved their short term memory, attention span and reaction time.
  • Gives you a High on Larger Dosages: If you take Tianeptine in higher dosages, you will experience sedation and a sense of euphoria. That is the reason why some countries believe that it has a high risk of abuse. It only poses a problem to those that have had similar issues with substances in the past and moreover, it can be used as a substitute for the stronger and illegal stuff out there, helping out addicts in recovery.
  • Treats Anxiety and Stress: A twelve-week study revealed that Tianeptine successfully combats anxiety in those afflicted with it. Its mode of action was similar to that of a benzodiapene but the effects lasted a lot longer than that of a typical Xanax pill. People also reported no drowsy feeling after taking Tianeptine, something many benzodiapene users have a problem with.
  • Works Great For Asthma Patients: Over 25000 people had the pleasure of witnessing the amazing effects Tianeptine has on asthma. They simply had their attacks vanish after taking the drug and it’s all because of the suppressive effects Tianeptine has on free serotonin in the blood, which is a major contributor to asthma attacks.
  • Acts as an Analgesic: Studies have repeatedly shown that Tianeptine works great against pain and inflammation experienced by the end user. There is one caveat, that being that it doesn’t help out much against chronic pain, it merely makes you feel sedated in that instance.
  • Works Great for PTSD Symptoms: Patients that took 37,5mgs of Tianeptine a day saw their PTSD symptoms reduced, as shown by this study. It was especially effective when chronic PTSD was considered, which is an accomplishment not many medications can adorn themselves with.

The Proper Tianeptine Sulfate Dosage

The proper Tianeptine sulfate dosage is 12,5mgs taken three times a day. That’s what most studies we’ve mentioned before have used and it’s been consistently shown to work, without the end user experiencing any side effects.

Tianeptine has a very short half life of just three hours, so if you’re taking it for concentration or studying, we recommend redosing every couple of hours or so. Don’t redose more than 15mg at a time, as the cumulative dosages could lead to side effects.

We know that some of you out there want to experiment with the drug and possibly reach a Tianeptine high. For that endeavor, you will need a larger dosage which does carry some risk of side effects such as headaches, nausea, insomnia, dry mouth and constipation. While they don’t look like anything serious at first glance, one should still be careful and avoid them.

You should take 50mgs in one sitting if you want to experience a Tianeptine high and we don’t recommend redosing after that.

Tianeptine Sulfate DosageWill I Experience a Tianeptine High

You will not experience a Tianeptine high if you stick to our recommended dosage of 12,5mgs taken three times a day, even if you’re a first time user, you’ll still be completely in control of your surroundings.

You will only experience a high if you take it larger quantities, like 50mgs per sitting as we’ve mentioned above.

If you do start feeling high, expect music sounding better, sedation – some people even nod out, intense concentration and focus on the task at hand and a jolly mood.

Tianeptine Withdrawal – Will it Happen to Me

Many first time users are afraid that they will quickly develop a tolerance and experience Tianeptine withdrawal which some have compared to opiate withdrawal.

If you take it in the recommended dosage of 12,5mgs three times a day, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It will not cause any withdrawal and you can stop taking the drug whenever you please.

However, if you’re only chasing the high of Tianeptine, you will quickly see your tolerance shoot up. It is at this point many users make the mistake and taken even more than 50mgs in one sitting. Once that happens, Tianeptine’s withdrawal becomes a very real thing.

Don’t ever take more than 50mgs in one sitting unless you want to experience horrible withdrawal symptoms. If you stick to our guidelines and dosages, you will not experience withdrawal so you have nothing to worry about if you’re careful.

If you’re still concerned, we recommend cycling it and taking it every other day, but that’s not necessary.

Tianeptine Drug Test – Can You Fail One After Using Tianeptine

The great thing about Tianeptine is that it doesn’t show on any drug tests out there. Your employers will not find any traces of it in your urine, blood or saliva so you have nothing to worry about.

The funniest thing is, we’ve read about stories from some Reddit users dosing just before a drug test and still testing negative, meaning that there is no chance of it ever being detected, despite its half life of three hours.

Drug tests simply don’t search for Tianeptine so you’re completely safe in using it for improving your performance at work.

Tianeptine Drug TestTianeptine Sulfate VS Sodium

We wholeheartedly recommend our readers to opt for the Sulfate version of Tianeptine for a couple of reasons.

First of all, the Sulfate has no taste and it doesn’t leave any bad aftertaste in your mouth after taking it. On the other hand, the Sodium is quite bitter and has a terrible aftertaste.

Secondly, the Sulfate has a much longer half life when compared to the Sodium. You only have to redose the Sulfate three to four times a day, but with the Sodium, that number jumps up to six times a day which is just ridiculous.

Thirdly, the Sulfate has a much higher bioavailability, meaning that it gets absorbed into the body a lot better than the Sodium and not much of it will go to waste.

While the two might have similar effects on the body, the Sulfate is simply the better option for the three reasons listed above.

Avoid the Sodium and especially the free acid derivative of Tianeptine like the plague!

Tianeptine Reviews Online

It’s very important to have at least a cursory glance at the Tianeptine reviews posted online as they can give us first-hand insight into how the drug affected the users taking it. You can have millions of trials and tests, but nothing beats real users taking the drug on their own accord. This is where it’s truly at.

Our first story arrives straight from Reddit where the original poster used Tianeptine to get himself a smooth high. He first took it in 30mg increments where he felt the onset in five to ten minutes. He claims that the effects were slowed speech, lessened anxiety, brighter mood, a positive outlook on life and deep relaxation. He says that Tianeptine helped him through his depression but that he had to take higher dosages to get the same effects. It seems like this poster is on the path to abuse as he keeps increasing the dosage, not even considering cycling it as we recommend.

We have our second experience also from Reddit that teaches what NOT to do with Tianeptine. The user first took a 25mg dose, felt the sedating effects and his anxiety washed away, but then proceeded to drink alcohol. Remember that alcohol and Tianeptine don’t make for a good mix. Luckily, nothing bad happened to the user and the only got mild lethargy and restless legs from the endeavor. He reportedly didn’t like his experience, but who would after having so many drinks mixed with Tianeptine?!

Our third and last anecdote comes from Quora where the user Harrison talks about how Tianeptine was the only antidepressant that helped him out. All the other ones simply didn’t work for him.

He says that Tianeptine holds a special place in his heart as it’s different from all the other drugs that he tried. It beats anxiety, stress and enhances mood, something which no other drug did for him.

What can we learn from this? Don’t mix Tianeptine with alcohol and don’t overdo it with your dosage!

Tianeptine is a great tool in the hands of someone that can be responsible for it, but if you’re careless, bad things can and will happen.

Tianeptine ReviewsDoes One Buy Tianeptine Locally or Online

If you want to buy Tianeptine locally, be prepared to get a bunk product. This is what happened to us: We bought a bottle of Tianeptine Sulfate from our local market and the quality was terrible. This was our first and last time buying it locally because we couldn’t even research the reviews or find any sort of reference to the product whatsoever. The worst thing of all? Our local shop didn’t even issue us a refund!

That is why it’s best to buy it online, where you can glean on the reviews users left on forums and other discussion boards. You can take as much time as you want to research the company you’re buying from and you’re not pressured into buying anything. On top of all this, you’re dealing with businesses that have a steady reputation and that actually care about their customers.

Where to Buy Tianeptine Online

Where to buy Tianeptine? That’s a question many of our readers have and today, we’ve decided to share with you two shops that sell the best Tianeptine out there.

These two shops have been in the business for years and know how to handle their stuff.

  1. https://www.sarms-for-sale.com/

This place is run by Umbrella Labs, a US seller of nootropics, SARMs, peptides, and PCT supplements.

They sell Tianeptine as a powder. You can select between five to twenty grams during the checkout process and you pay between $46.99 and $151.99, depending on how much of the compound you chose to buy.

Their Tianeptine is very pure and of the highest quality, we tested it multiple times and always got great results.

Umbrella Labs has fast shipping times, you will have to wait for between two to five business days for your Tianeptine to arrive.

  1. https://nootropics.com/

This shop is known as the most popular seller of Nootropics online. They got them all and they show no signs of faltering any time soon.

Their Tianeptine comes in pill form and you will have to pay $69.00 for 1500mgs worth of Tianeptine. You get 60 pills with your order, which should be enough at least for a month – if you decide to stick to our recommended dosages.

This vendor gives out free shipping for all domestic orders over $50.00 so if you buy the Tianeptine pills, you will get free shipping. You’re also entitled to a refund if you don’t like the product in question and they issue it in-store credit so you can select another product without any hassle.

Their shipping times are insane, we got our package in just two days of waiting!

All in all, now that we have learned everything there is to know about this drug, as well as where to buy Tianeptine of the highest quality, we can start enjoying the pleasures of this wonderful compound!

Remember to take it easy and stay safe out there!


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