My Experience Using Toxin Rid 3 Day Detox

This isn’t one of that generic Toxin Rid reviews, more passing on my personal experience with using the Toxin Rid 3 day detox course.

Over the past two years my experience with different jobs, helping friends and family, and starting a website and the Facebook group around getting through drug tests, has led me into testing and using nearly every detox drink, pill and synthetic urine brand out there.

If someone wants to get properly detoxified, I’ll always point them towards Toxin Rid if they want to do it faster than naturally. So the goal of this piece is to help people who want to detox their bodies fully to do so, but faster than they can on its own.

I’ll tell you how to do a natural detox, how to use Toxin Rid, recommend the best length the course for you, and also explain the circumstances in which you might still need a detox drink just before you go and submit your sample.

How To Do A Natural Detox

 When you take in drugs through any means, your body converts them into metabolites, waste products which are then eradicated through your urine, stools, and in smaller quantities through sweat. Anyone who tells you can just in a sauna and sweat out the toxins is lying, you simply cannot work all the toxins out through sweat.

If you smoke a joint, within a few days there will be no trace of it in your system, and you would pass a drug test naturally. The problem comes with repeated use of cannabis, or any other drug, because the metabolites can attach to cells in the body, because they are carried around in your bloodstream.

The result is that metabolites build up in the body, and then gradually work their way out through urine and stools, sometimes for weeks. It’s not as long for most other drugs, but chronic use still extends the time that metabolites will take to work out of your system, in most cases taking up to 2 weeks before you clean.

So a natural detox aims to allow your body to get rid of the toxins fully. As you now know, this can take time. You can help your body by letting it work at peak performance:

  • Eat a low-fat diet, full of lean meat, whole grains, and vegetables
  • Exercise daily, sweat, and keep fit
  • Keep yourself mentally relaxed and in good shape
  • Drink plenty of water each day
  • Eat plenty of fiber
  • Drink diuretics like tea

That all sounds great, but what happens, like me, when you’ve got a drug test coming up, and you haven’t got enough time to get rid of all the metabolites, no matter how well you naturally detox. That’s where Toxin Rid comes in.

Toxin Rid instructions

What Toxin Rid Does

 Toxin Rid is a powerful detox pill, that helps to flush out toxins at a faster rate than your body can naturally.

It’s a combo of all-natural herbs, diuretics, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, that work together to draw out more toxins, and allow the body to work at absolute peak performance.

It comes in a range of course lengths, from the Toxin Rid single day course, through to the Toxin Rid 10 day detox course. The Toxin Rid 3 Day Detox is the absolute minimum I would ever recommend, and even then only for someone with light toxin exposure.

The 10 day detox is recommended for hard-core users, who would usually take 2-3 weeks to get clean. The seven-day detox is the happy middle ground, alongside the five days one, although that can be a bit short.

I’ll explain the full Toxin Rid instructions in a moment, but basically, you complete the course, and as long as you allow enough time before your drug test, it will have helped to flush out all the toxins, leaving you confident you are naturally clean. Of course, I would always recommend you take a home drug test kit before you go and submit your sample.

Toxin Rid Instructions

 Now look, the Toxin Rid instructions, whether it’s the Toxin Rid 3 day detox or any of the other course lengths, are pretty easy. But they are an investment in time, and you have to remember to do it.

On top of that, it won’t work unless you are doing a natural detox, exactly as I explained earlier. So it is going to be an effort. But the reward is that at the end of it, you can dance into the test center with a smile on your face.

So in summary, the Toxin Rid instructions are:

  • On each day of the detox, take three pills per hour, for five hours. Take each set of pills with 8 fluid ounces of water. I do this through the morning because that then gives my body the rest of the day to flush out toxins before I rest again.
  • Two hours after you have taken the last batch of pills, drink the included 1 fluid ounce of concentrated detox liquid. This helps to flush out additional toxins.
  • On the day of your test, an hour before you leave, mix the dietary fiber supplement with 8 fluid ounces of water. Drink that down quickly, and then drink another 8 fluid ounces of water.

You are then meant to urinate at least three times in that next hour. But I would also recommend you try and have a bowel movement as well because the fiber could draw more cannabis metabolites into the bowel.

My Toxin Rid Review: What Happened When I Did The 3 Day Detox Course

Okay, so now you understand a bit more about what a natural detox is, and what the Toxin Rid 3 day detox contains, I’ll tell you about my experiences with using Toxin Rid.

It was a while back, and I was going for a really important job. It actually was only important at the time, because after six months I was sick of it, and have since left! However, I didn’t want to fail a drug test, I really wanted that job, it was well paid.

So I decided it was time to just cut out the weed and detox naturally. However, I didn’t have long after making that decision, basically a week.

So with shipping time, I decided I would just have to give the Toxin Rid three day detox course a go, I bought one 3 days course for 69.95$. But as an insurance policy, I also bought a bottle of Mega Clean detox drink. I got them from, because you can get detox drinks, pills, and synthetic urine all at the same time.

I started doing a natural detox I was waiting for my delivery to arrive, so that was all through Monday and Tuesday I think. On Wednesday, the third day of the detox, the pills arrived. So I decided to take them on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The interview was on the following Monday, which left me the Sunday. When you buy from Test Clear, Mega Clean comes with six pre-rid pills, basically more Toxin Rid pills. So I took those on Sunday as well, basically making it a four day heightened detox, and a week in total.

As an insurance policy, in case of toxins were leaking into my urine still, as I was smoking every day before the detox, I drank the bottle of Mega Clean as well, a couple of hours before I left. I took a home drug test an hour later and passed.

It was a thorough 10-panel pre-employment drug test, done at LabCorp. So this wasn’t some really cheap pre-employment drug test, these guys invested a bit more money in testing me.

Just like the home drug test kit, I passed. That’s a miracle because I was smoking several joints a day up until when I started the detox. I just don’t think that Mega Clean on its own would have been enough, and Mega Clean reviews do tell you that if you’re really exposed to toxins, you definitely need the six pre-rid pills, and you definitely need some sort of detoxification beforehand.

Toxin Rid reviews

Where To Buy Toxin Rid 3 Day Detox

So look, for me, the Toxin Rid 3 Day detox is an emergency that you should only consider in such a situation as I had. I’d go with a five, seven, or Toxin Rid’s 10-day detox courses if you are thinking you might have had high toxin exposure.

I guess this is a bit of a Mega Clean review as well because that was the insurance policy. I’m not sure that helped, but for some extra, just having it handy in the case could be a really good strategy.


So Toxin Rid reviews that you might have read saying it’s brilliant, are true. If you’re a really heavy weed smoker, and you got a week, I would suggest you take the Toxin Rid 5 day detox course for 109.95$, rather than the three-day, or even the seven-day course if you’ve got it ready to go on day one.

I didn’t do that, but I got away with using the Toxin Rid 3 day detox course. Alongside Mega Clean, even as a chronic weed smoker, I got through.

Always buy it from TestClear is my other recommendations. They sell Toxin Rid at the best price, and you can buy home drug test kits, and detox drinks at the same time.

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