Quick Fix Review: I Used Quick Fix Urine For A Lab Test

This Quick Fix review is a bit more personal because I had to go for a drug test recently and I was considering using Quick Fix synthetic urine. As a pretty heavy weed smoker, my only way through seems to be by using synthetic urine.

So this review of Quick Fix is really a bit more the story about how I used it, and what happened after that. If you looking for a detailed technical review, I’m sorry about that, but those things are just copied and paste articles anyway.

Times have changed, and I want to pass on my experiences with Quick Fix in this review, so you can see if it is good enough to pass a drug test now, or whether there might be some better alternatives out there for you to consider.

My Experience With Quick Fix For A Drug Test

So look, it was about four years ago when I used Quick Fix last time. At the time it was definitely the biggest brand on the market. Everywhere you did a search for synthetic urine, passing a drug test, all of those obvious searches, somebody was trying to sell you Quick Fix urine, it was being raved about on every thread on relevant, and on big community sites like Reddit as well. So it wasn’t just dubious review sites saying how great it was.

I remember it was a job interview for an insurance company. I actually didn’t really want the job, but it was good money, and very local to me, so I thought what the hell.

But I had a double problem. I was a heavy weed smoker, so I knew I would be dripping in THC metabolites. I could have done a  drug detox drink, but I thought I’d just go that extra mile in terms of safety, as I was feeling brave.

The other reason I needed to totally cover my tracks was that I had been using steroids at that time. I’d been bodybuilding, and the results were good, but using steroids, not good. I wasn’t sure if they would actually show up on a drug test, and information online was hazy, so I thought I’d just cover my tracks anyway.

Actually, I’ve moved on to using SARMs since then, which give me virtually no side effects apart from a drop in testosterone levels at the end of the cycle, so if you’re in that sort of thing, I would recommend those over steroids any day. But anyway, back to Quick Fix!

How To Prepare Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

So I got the Quick Fix from this webshop, and these guys are still going now, four years later. So they definitely are a safe, reputable reseller of Quick Fix urine.

The steps to using Quick Fix are really simple, as long as you do a bit of research, and use common sense.

  1. Activate the heatpad first, so that it’s at a stable temperature, emitting steady heat when you strap the sample to it. About 30 minutes will be enough.
  2. Microwave the ready mixed Quick Fix urine. You’ll only need about 10 seconds, shake it, look at the temperature strip, and if it’s not warm enough, just microwave it for another few seconds.
  3. Strap the sample to the heatpad, and monitor it for 15 minutes to make sure the temperature stays stable. Then strap the sample into your underpants (I wore two pairs of big old pants to keep the sample secure) and then off you go to submit your sample.

Quick Fix 6.2 synthetic urineNegative Quick Fix Reviews: Is It Still Safe To Use?

I read recently that Quick Fix failed a load of people, but my previous experience, as I just outlined above, turned out to be positive.

Look, I was a bit concerned. When I looked at the Quick Fix, it did look a bit unnatural. It had a slight green tinge to it, rather than the yellow one my urine has, and it didn’t smell. And when I frothed it, it didn’t really froth like it does when you look at it in the toilet bowl. Too much information I know, but you need to know this stuff.

But it was too late to go back, and I submitted the sample. I have a feeling it was Labcorp that I had to report to for that sample submission. Nobody checked me, I went behind the screen, poured it in, and everything was very casual.

So does Quick Fix work? Is it safe to use? Yes, I passed. The color problem was not an issue, the frothing wasn’t, I guess some of that comes down to how scrupulous the lab technician is, or what level of drug test you are facing. Mine was a basic pre-employment, so there was no problem.

Where To Buy Quick Fix 6.2 Synthetic Urine

 In terms of where to buy Quick Fix synthetic, the place that I ordered it from, these guys here, is still going, and they are reputable. You’ll get Quick Fix at the best price, it’s fresh stock, and it’s guaranteed.

So that’s where to buy Quick Fix as far as I’m concerned, and if you want to use Quick Fix for drug test success, then I think you can do it, as long as it’s a basic level drug test. The formula is updated regularly, is currently 6.2, so there’s no problem with complexity, but it’s not complex enough for advanced drug testing.

However, in terms of why Quick Fix failed some people, it could be the smell and look a bit, or it could be they are not submitting it at the right temperature. That’s why after a lot of research, in recent times I’ve tried other methods. Which means this Quick Fix review is a bit weird, because I’m saying it’s good enough, but it’s not your best option.

Other Ways To Pass A Drug Test

Using synthetic urine is the absolute safest way, but if the test is supervised, it’s not recommended to use fake pee. One other way I got through a drug test was to use a detox drink. The circumstances were a bit different, and I’d read a bit about Quick Fix failing people, and to be honest I also lost my bottle about submitting a fake sample, smuggling it in.

So I bought a detox drink called Mega Clean, and a short three-day course of detox pills called Toxin Rid. I did a three-day detox, and then I took the Mega Clean on the morning of the test.

I passed that drug test as well, even though I was smoking weed daily. So this stuff really does work. However, it’s slightly more involved, more hassle, and more expensive.

You’ll need the Mega Clean, the Toxin Rid pills, and to be safe, a couple of home drug test kits. That’s going to cost you about $150, you can purchase the combo here. If you don’t have the balls to submit fake urine, then it’s a great option, but for me, synthetic urine is the way forward now I found the brand that covers everything for me again.

Quick fix alternatives

Quick Fix Alternatives

I searched around the Quick Fix alternatives because I’d read that Quick Fix failed people in a few Quick Fix reviews.

Quick Fix 6.2 urine is good, and it only cost about $40, so if it’s a cheap pre-employment drug test, go for it.

However, one suspicion I have is that there are rumors that the big testing companies like Labcorp are now looking for something called biocide in samples.

Biocide is an artificial preservative used in a lot of products. A lot of synthetic urine brands use it. Some people may be saying Quick Fix failed them, more than before because it has biocide in it. I’m not saying it does, I’m just saying it’s a consideration.

So that’s why switched to Clear Choice Sub Solution, and I passed 2 drug tests with it in the past 18 months. It’s also now got an updated sister, a premixed and more complex version, called Quick Luck. But Sub Solution is plenty good enough unless you want gold standard security.

It’s about $80, but Sub Solution is the most complex brand on the market, far more complex than Quick Fix. It also reassuringly looks, and froths like real urine.

synthetic urine brandsPlus, it gets around that variable of the heatpad and losing heat. Instead, it uses heat activator powder. So you don’t even need a microwave. You simply pour some of it in, agitate it, and it heats the liquid up.

That gives me huge confidence because if I’m standing outside the lab and I check the sample and it’s cool, I can pour in a little powder, and watch that baby shoot right up. No chance of failure, and then you can stride into the testing center and submit your urine sample with confidence.

So the end of this Quick Fix review is really, sure you can use it, it’s good enough you don’t really care. And if you don’t fancy detoxing, or putting all the risk in a detox drink, then for me, Sub Solution is definitely the best of the Quick Fix alternatives out there.

Quick fix FAQ

Does quick fix urine really work?

The short answer is that yes, Quick Fix synthetic urine really does work. It will definitely pass a drug test. However, it’s not the most complex formula on the market, so it’s only good for the most basic type of drug test, the sort of cheap drug test you will face if you have to go for a pre-employment drug test.

It probably won’t be suitable for a more advanced drug test, one with more panels, say for example a 10-panel drug test for a management position. Those sorts of tests are more advanced, and it could be spotted as a fake.

Can quick fix pass a lab test?

Yes, Quick Fix can pass a lab test. It doesn’t contain biocide, and the formula is complex enough to pass a basic pre-employment drug test. However, for more complex inspection, a lab test for a more expensive the commission drug test, it could struggle to pass validity testing because the checks done on it will be more expensive, and it could be spotted as a fake sample.

How long does quick fix 6.2 last?

Quick Fix 6.2 usually lasts one year. However, there is always an expiry date on the box, and the manufacturer always guarantees that it will have at least a one-year expiry date. If you have bought Quick Fix with less than a one-year expiry date, then you should contact the retailer. Once it is out of date, I would not recommend you use it, because it can lose its chemical balance, and therefore not pass as a valid sample. But if you buy good quality Quick Fix from a reputable retailer then it should last at least a year.

How can labs tell the difference between real urine and synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine has to look, smell, and froth like the real thing. So it has to pass a visual test, and what lab assistants call the “smell test”. However, those visual tests, and maybe even smelling it, usually doesn’t happen if it’s a very cheap pre-employment drug test, because they just want to process the sample as quickly as possible.

They will also spot the sample is fake if it’s a poor quality synthetic urine that doesn’t contain all the basics of human urine, things like creatine, uric acid, and urea. On top of that, if it’s chemical balance is not right, the pH range is incorrect, and the specific gravity is wrong, then it could also be spotted. And of course, if it’s at the wrong temperature when submitted, then it will obviously be spotted as a fake.

How long do you microwave fake urine?

Most synthetic urine only needs microwaving for about 10 seconds. Human urine is around 100°F when exits the body, so you are only looking to achieve the temperature of the liquid to be between 90°F and 100°F.

So it’s not really about how long you microwave it for, it’s about achieving right temperature range gently, so you should only microwaving it for short bursts each time, so that you don’t overheat the sample. You also have to take into account the quality of the heat pad, and the temperature it’s at.

These are activated so they produce their own heat, so you may not need to microwave the sample for very long, it could be better to put it on the heatpad for 15 minutes after the initial heating to see if the temperature stabilizes within the correct range, and then microwave it for a little longer if needed.

How long quick fix stay warm?

It’s really tough to answer the question around how long Quick Fix will stay warm. It comes with a heatpad which could keep it warm for up to 6 hours, but that’s rarely the case. For a start, if you live in a hot climate, is going to last for far longer than if you live in Alaska and it’s winter. Plus, it depends on how well you warm up in the first place, what clothing you place it under, and how long the journey is to the lab.

But under ideal conditions, with a perfectly warmed heatpad and sample, in conditions that are not too hot or cold, then technically it could be within the correct temperature range for up to 6 hours, but that is rarely the case. Which is why you need to plan ahead to make sure that you’ll get there to submit it in the minimum time, and that you practice in advance.

Can you reuse quick fix synthetic urine?

Although you technically could reuse Quick Fix synthetic urine, I really would recommend that you don’t. Let’s say that you are meant to go for a drug test, and then it got canceled until the next day. Yes, you could technically let the sample cool, and then heat it up again the next day. But the problem is, just like human urine, is it starts to spoil in the atmosphere, because of bacterial infestation.

This will happen even if it’s kept in a fridge, or frozen It will start to discolor, and the composition will change, and it will be blatantly obvious that it is not human urine. I would always recommend you mix up a fresh batch and heat it only once. When Quick Fix is so cheap, what’s the point?

Does quick fix contain creatine?

Yes, Quick Fix does contain creatine. It also contains urea, uric acid, and several other chemicals present in human urine. It also looks and smells like the real thing, although some people say it has a slightly green tinge, and that it doesn’t froth as well as human urine. But it does also have the correct pH and the correct specific gravity human urine. The bottom line is that for a cheap pre-employment drug test unless you are unlucky enough to have a very scrupulous lab technician then it should pass.

Where to buy quick fix?

You should never buy Quick Fix from a head shop, or a non-specialist retailer like eBay or Amazon. These places are notorious for selling fakes, and products that have a short life, or that are completely out of date. You should only buy Quick Fix from a reputable online retailer that specializes in drug test avoidance products.

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