Sulbutiamine Review: Benefits, Dosage & Recommended Vendor

There’s a good chance you haven’t heard much about Sulbutiamine, or what the benefits of it can be. So I put together this detailed Sulbutiamine review, so in layman’s terms, you can get the picture on what this stuff can do for you.

It’s becoming a popular supplement for boosting memory. It’s also reputed to enhance your mood, and increase your physical and emotional energy. But is it really that good, and safe?

So let’s take a look at Sulbutiamine dosage, effects, what it actually is, plus where to buy Sulbutiamine online, that’s safe, guaranteed, and worth experimenting with.

What Is Sulbutiamine?

Thiamine is otherwise known as vitamin B1. It is crucial to stop fatigue, both physical and mental.

Sulbutiamine was originally developed in Japan, to address the chronic deficiency of vitamin B1 in some people.

It was created in the lab very simply. It’s basically two molecules of vitamin B1 that have been bound together by a sulfur group. The result is a supplement that has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier more easily.

In people who don’t have vitamin B1 deficiency, the evidence shows that it can boost mental processes, through increased production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter.

Even better, it can increase dopamine and glutamate production, both of which have a strong influence on physical, and mental energy levels.

Sulbutiamine Effects

The problem with telling you about the effects of Sulbutiamine is that there is not a huge amount of human study material to look at.

Animal studies have confirmed that it does help improve long-term memory. This means forming them and recalling them.

A study with Alzheimer’s patients did find evidence of its potential though. Alongside the Alzheimer’s drug they were taking, for six months, they also took Sulbutiamine, with dramatic improvement in attention, episodic memory, and improved ability to carry out daily life.

So as a healthy person, how can you benefit from the potential Sulbutiamine benefits?

Well, the anecdotal evidence from people who are using it, suggests you will benefit from the following:

  • Improved motivation
  • Better mood
  • Feeling of wellbeing
  • Reduction of anxiety
  • Better memory retention and recall
  • Faster thought processes

So what we are looking at, is a simple supplement, that was created to combat physical fatigue and weakness, plus cognitive problems, such as memory loss, and speed of thought.

Putting that into a healthy person appears to bump all that up to a notch, giving you more energy than normal, and improving your cognitive potential. That’s why more and more people are using it to boost their mood, and their ability to focus on mental tasks.

where to buy Sulbutiamine

Sulbutiamine Dosage Advice

Sulbutiamine is very easily absorbed in the body, so after ingestion, which is through oral administration, it will get to work very quickly, often in as little as 15 minutes on an empty stomach, but more usually in 30 minutes.

It has a half-life of just five hours, which means it’s not going to last very long at an average dose, usually a couple of hours.

In all the clinical trials I’ve read about, a Sulbutiamine dosage of around 400 mg, sometimes as high as 600 mg, seems to be about average. I’ve taken 500 mg most of the time, and it’s certainly powerful.

However, it’s a supplement. You can take it on one day, but you’ll benefit more by spreading out the doses through the day, and taking it over several days, or weeks, and then having a break.

So my advice and the advice that seems to be pretty much universally out there is to cycle Sulbutiamine.

It’s sold under a brand-name sometimes, called Arcalion. The leaflet that comes with that version of Sulbutiamine suggests a maximum duration of one month, followed by a break, to stop the buildup of tolerance.

Any Side Effects From Using Sulbutiamine?

There are actually very few Sulbutiamine side effects of note. The long-term one is tolerance and emotional dependency, but that is not as strong as with many other similar smart drugs.

The Only short-term negative side effects appear to be headaches. If you stack Sulbutiamine with a Choline supplement, that can offset the headaches, which tend to fade after a few doses.

It’s not toxic, and other than some people reporting minor things like stomach upsets, it seems pretty safe.

Some people can have a high sensitivity to vitamin B1. I would start with a low dose because an overload of vitamin B1 through using Sulbutiamine could produce unwanted reactions in the body and mind.

where to buy sullbutiamineWhere To Buy Sulbutiamine Online

So look, Sulbutiamine is a pretty safe way to give yourself a cognitive, and physical boost. You’ll feel better on this stuff, and it will help you to think more clearly. I’ve used it quite a few times, and it definitely picks you up, not hugely, but you’ll notice the difference.

The problem, as always with unregulated supplements, is getting good quality ones. Although Sulbutiamine is pretty basic in composition, you still have to get your hands on pure Sulbutiamine.

So I’m finishing this Sulbutiamine review, by telling you the exact place I buy Sulbutiamine online, at a great price.

But before I do, I’ll just mention I would not buy it from X-nootropics. I bought my first batch from there, and it didn’t work. I thought it was just that Sulbutiamine isn’t powerful, but then I tried it from the people I’m going to now recommend, and it worked. is a great place to buy Sulbutiamine for sale and all sorts of nootropic supplements. They do bundle packs, and they do all the main types of smart drugs, that are legal, and safe in moderation.

You can buy 100 capsules of Sulbutiamine, each of 500 mg dose, which is a very good dose, for just $22.99.

That purchase is backed up by a money back guarantee, and you’ll get free shipping on orders over $75. I always take advantage of that, because it’s a brilliant offer, and it allows me to stock up on other smart drugs when I buy Sulbutiamine online.

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