White Vein Kratom: Everything You Need To Know

There are at least 10 different types of white kratom. Indo, Borneo, Thai, Maeng Da, the list goes on. But are they all that different? Well, in this white kratom review, I’m going to go through the basics so that you can get to grips with understanding the differences between the strains of white kratom.

I’ll also compare some of the major strains, so you can see if there are any subtle differences, or whether white kratom is just white kratom.

Plus, I’m going to tell you about a couple of places that I buy pure white kratom from. All the strains of white vein kratom you can think of, and in both loose powder and capsule form (perfect for beginners).

Difference Between White, Green And Red Kratom

 Kratom effects generally fall into three broad categories, depending on whether you choose white, green, yellow or red vein kratom.

The difference is partly about the color of the vein in the kratom leaf, but it’s also about the drying process, how the powder is made, which actually defines whether kratom is white, green or red in nature.

Red kratom tends to be relaxing, soothing, pain-relieving, while white kratom tends to be uplifting, energizing, at strong doses nootropic, while green kratom tends to sit in the middle of the spectrum, with some of the benefits of both in a more mild and balanced way.

White kratom effectsAre White Vein Kratom Strains Very Different?

 In truth, there isn’t a huge amount of difference between the different white vein kratom strains.

Yes, there are subtle differences, but a lot of it will depend on whether it’s genuine kratom from the regions stated.

What I mean by that, is that a lot of kratoms is from the same places, Indonesian kratom and Sumatran kratom can be exactly the same thing, because it’s all Indonesian. It depends on who sources it, and how it’s farmed and produced.

Borneo kratom can be even more confusing. That’s because Borneo is shared by Malaysia and Indonesia, which means that the same kratom could be called Borneo, Malay, or Indo.

And I’ll let you into another secret as well. White Maeng Da is just a marketing term. There is nothing as the Maeng Da strain. It’s reputed to be strong white kratom (or green, or red), which is labeled as such and is sometimes even a mix of green and red. So it could be from any region, and any type, it’s just generally stronger than normal white kratom, although that’s not always the case.

But if you can get pure white kratom from a seller who sources from the actual regions, then yes there are subtle differences. Bali tends to be milder than Borneo or Indo for example, as does White Sumatra kratom. Those differences can only really be appreciated, if they exist in the batches of kratom you buy, through experimenting with them though.

White Vein Kratom Effects 

If you get good quality white kratom, then white vein kratom effects can be hugely beneficial, but there can be a negative side to this as well, which I will go through in a moment.

But broadly, the positive white vein kratom effects you can expect to experience are:

  • Increased physical energy levels
  • Increased mental energy levels
  • A more positive outlook
  • Lowering of depression levels
  • Better mental clarity and focus
  • Euphoria and a kratom high/buzz

However, the levels you will experience all those positive white vein kratom effects at, will depend on the dose you take.

White Vein Kratom Dosage

 So white vein kratom dosage is crucial if you are going to experience the different types of positive white vein kratom effects.

For example, if you want to experience euphoria, and even a kratom high, out-of-control energetic happiness, then you’re going to have to take a large dose of white kratom. A handful of grams won’t cut it, you’re looking at getting closer to 10 grams.

At lower levels, you’ll get minor increases in focus, energy, and the lifting of mood, and the more you take, the more those will be enhanced, until it starts to move into an out-of-control energetic euphoria.

So it’s finding that sweet spot, that balance, at which you reach the effect you want, but without those effects being too minor, or to out-of-control.

For me, a low dose is anything up to about 3 grams, a medium dose is up to about 6-7 grams, and anything higher than that, especially with good quality white kratom, and you are heading into potentially being out-of-control, like being on a massive caffeine hit that goes on for hours.

White Borneo Vs White Thai

White Thai kratom can be quite caffeine-like, while white Borneo tends to be one of the most calming and sedating of white kratom strains, especially at higher doses.

So when it comes to deciding between White Borneo Vs White Thai, it’s really not a direct comparison.

If you get good quality Borneo or Thai kratom, then Borneo will give you white kratom energy, but not as strong as White Thai, and conversely, white Borneo will make you feel less jittery.

White Maeng Da Vs White Indo

White Indo can offer a lot of pain relief in comparison to some other white kratom strains. It’s slightly more sedating, but it also has high-energy, it’s a good balance.

On the other hand, White Maeng Da is very powerful, as long as you get genuine Maeng Da “pimp grade” kratom. That will give you really powerful energy, a strong cognitive boost, depression will wash away, and you’ll be ready to go all day.

But white kratom is generally not suitable for people who suffer from anxiety, because the jitteriness can feel out of control, and it can cause anxiety to rocket. Indo at lower doses can buck that trend, just like white Borneo can.

white kratom reviewWhere To Buy Pure White Kratom

So look, this white kratom review has to conclude that white kratom is brilliant if you want an energy boost, mentally and physically, you want to get more done, you want to get out of the doldrums, and you want to get moving.

Is not quite so good for chilling out, and relieving pain, as red kratom. And green kratom will give you a balance between the two. For me, any review of white kratom has to say that unless you take a crazy high dose unless that’s your purpose, then it can have significant benefits to your daily life, as long as you are responsible.

There are a couple of places I love to buy pure White kratom from, because they import directly from the source, and its quality guaranteed. That’s actually quite rare amongst kratom vendors, which is why I only by my kratom from a couple of places:

  1. Coastline Kratom offers the purest, best kratom powder I have ever experienced. If you’re looking to have the best white vein kratom effects at the lowest dose, then Coastline Kratom can help. They sell all the main types of white kratom in powder and some in capsule form. You also get free shipping and a moneyback guarantee.
  2. BuyKratom a less well-known than Coastline Kratom, but the white vein kratom effects you will experience will still be superb, as the powder is pure. They also sell capsules for all the main types of white kratom, which is brilliant for beginners, as you can get the exact dose anywhere you need it.


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