YK 11 SARM Benefits: Everything You Need To Know

YK 11 SARM reviews often claim that this is the holy grail compound of bodybuilding. The reason is that it’s a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) that has no side effects.

But how true is this claim of no side effects? Well, in this YK 11 review, I’m going to tell you exactly what is, how it works, dosage, plus the side-effects that could exist.

Plus, I’ll explain the exact YK 11 results you can expect, including my own YK 11 before and after photo experiences. And I’ll finish this quick review of YK 11 by telling you where I found real YK 11 for sale, that hasn’t been adulterated, and that really produces the best results you can expect.


What Is YK 11: How Does It Work?

 SARMs were designed to combat certain health conditions that created muscle wastage. However, none of them have ever got past being research chemicals, which means that the formulas have not been developed and tested past initial human trials. In some cases, not even past animal trials.

But the formulas have been copied, because of how they have been found to really benefit healthy people looking to build muscle and cut fat. This is because they were designed for people with muscle and bone conditions, so the design was to retain and build muscle while stopping the build-up of fat in muscle, and tissues generally.

Selective androgen receptor modulators work by targeting androgen receptors in the body. However, as the name suggests, they do this selectively, mostly only targeting androgen receptors in muscle and fat regulating the messages these receptors carry, telling them to build more muscle and trim the fat.

So they work in a similar way to anabolic steroids. However, anabolic steroids simply target every androgen receptor they come into contact with, which is why they have so many side effects in the body. This is not the case with SARMs, because of their development to selectively target androgen receptors which deal with the growth and maintenance of muscle and fat tissue.

But to confuse you further, some SARMs don’t fully work by targeting androgen receptors. YK 11 is one of those SARMs the falls into that gray area.

YK 11’s mechanism of action is actually a myostatin inhibitor. This inhibition increases the production of follistatin in muscle tissue. Follistatin is closely linked to muscle development, which is why YK 11 seems to be one of the most powerful SARMs for muscle growth.

Myostatin inhibitors have undergone human research and concluded that they can help to build additional muscle in physically active men when compared to a placebo group.

YK 11 Dosage Guide

 Now trying to tell you what the correct YK 11 dosage should be is impossible. That’s the bad news. The thing is that because SARMs are research chemicals, there was never any dosage criteria finalized in humans.

So the only thing we have to go on is people’s anecdotal evidence of using this stuff in the real world.

What we do know is that it’s a very strong SARM. But we also know is that the effects do not seem to be linear and eventually plateau. What that means is that it’s not simply a case of the more you take the greater the effects, they seem to tail off until no more additional benefits are gained. But side-effects can still increase.

So in terms of a good dosage of YK 11 most people seem to start at a low dose of 5 mg, or 10 mg at a push. The optimal seems to be between 10-20 mg, with very few people going higher than that. I’ll be honest, I would never go above 10 mg, this stuff is so strong and you just don’t need it.

andraine dosageCycling & Stacking YK 11 SARM

 We’ve just spoken about the fact that YK 11 results tail off, so you don’t need a really high dose. A lot of YK 11 SARMs reviews don’t mention that though. They also don’t mention that if you are stacking YK 11 that you need an even lower dose.

If you’re going to stack it, I wouldn’t advocate more than 10 mg, and I personally never gone above 5 mg when stacking with another muscle building SARM (although I have stacked at 10 mg with a cutting SARM). I have stacked it with Ostamuscle and RAD 140 for some insane growth, but only at low doses of each.

In terms of a good YK 11 cycle, some people advocate as long as 12 weeks. But the consensus, and what I do, is eight weeks. My first cycle ever was eight weeks at 5 mg, and in the second cycle I did, it was 10 mg. And as I said, when I stacked it, I went back down to 5 mg.

For your first cycle, I would suggest you have as long off SARMs as you have had on them. So for eight weeks, give yourself a break of eight weeks as well. Some people push it as far as 12 weeks on and four weeks off, but for me that doesn’t allow testosterone level recovery, nor does it allow you to watch the side effects while maximizing the chances of getting them.

YK 11 Results

 So look, a lot of people will tell you that SARMs are like anabolic steroids without the side-effects. That’s not true. They will also tell you that YK 11 is the closest to and anabolic steroid you can get without taking one. That is true.

YK 11 is very anabolic in its effects. Don’t expect miracles though, it’s going to take you a couple of cycles, and a lot of hard work. But I packed on 6 lbs of muscle in one 8 week cycle, and I know guys who have hit 10 lbs of lean muscle gain in about 10 weeks.

So talk about YK 11 being the strongest SARM is true for me. The YK 11 results I experienced were superb, and you can get huge muscles really quickly using this stuff. Just make sure you don’t go too fast, otherwise, you could suffer muscle damage.

If you go steady, with a good dose, then the effects and results of YK 11 can be immense, especially after your second cycle, when the strength gains will allow you to work even harder, packing on even more muscle.

YK 11 ResultsYK 11 Before And After Photos

 If you’re looking for any type of before and after photos then you should always be skeptical. When it comes to looking for YK 11 before and after photos as evidence of how well it works, you should still take what you see with a pinch of salt.

You’re only going to see the best of the best, the guys who really packed on the most muscle, and who have really worked out, backed up by brilliant diet and dedication.

That’s a key point here as well, if you don’t have your diet and training under control, you won’t get the gains you should, and then you’ll be one of those people who thinks that YK 11 before and after photos are unrealistic.

I’m telling you that I’m a bit of a slacker, and even as an average user, I looked great with my before and after. I’m really proud of my YK 11 before and after photos. Some of the guys down the gym use it as well, and their YK 11 results are insane, especially compared to their baseline of working out naturally.

In fact, I would ask you to document your own YK 11 before and after photos, especially during your first couple of cycles. Take one a week. The before and after effect is subtle, especially until the end of the first cycle, so you might not notice the difference unless you do take before and after photos of the effects of YK 11.

YK 11 Side Effects

One of the main side effects of YK 11sarm is testosterone suppression. It’s very anabolic in nature, and although you won’t suffer side effects like steroids, you will definitely suffer testosterone suppression. So good quality SARMs PCT supplement is essential.

The other main side effect is muscle damage and pain. If you are not used to building muscle, then suddenly hitting an intense workout regime for eight weeks alongside bulking beyond natural using YK 11 can lead to real problems. That’s why I’m saying for your first cycle, take it steady on dose and routine.

Best Places To Buy YK 11 SARM

So look, if you’re looking for a SARM that’s great for packing on muscle then you’ll be delighted with the YK 11 results you can achieve. So my conclusion here is that yes, YK 11 SARM reviews that show you fantastic gains before and after are telling you the truth.

But one of the big problems that often isn’t dealt with is where you find genuine YK 11 for sale. Because they are not regulated, SARMs can be problematic to buy.

The only way to do it is to find sellers online that publish up-to-date purity tests from independent labs that you can contact yourself to prove they are a real lab.

Plus, you can go by the results people are stating online. You have to use a bit of common sense, but as long as you don’t literally just go by the YK 11 before and after photos, you look at the full results people are talking about, you should be okay.

YK 11 reviewsSo look, here’s a couple of recommendations from me. These are the websites I use to buy SARMs, and where you can definitely find pure YK 11 for sale:

  1. Science.bio is the best place I’ve ever found for buying SARMs. If you’re looking to find pure YK 11 for sale, with independent lab testing results published, then these guys always deliver. You can buy 30 ml of YK 11 for $49.99. The concentration is a generous 10 mg/ml, which is the highest dose I’d recommend you take under most circumstances anyway, especially as a beginner.
  1. Proven Peptides are another reputable company that you will see advertised in all the places you are researching SARMs. They do free delivery on orders over $75, secure credit card processing, and I’ve never had a problem with getting delivery in more than a handful of days. For $74.99 you will get 30 ml of YK 11. The density is 10 mg/ml, which is exactly the same as for Umbrella Labs, but as you can see, you’re paying about five dollars more which is really negligible
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